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             Best Food Forward has a very special place in my heart because their 2012 "Taste Test" is the first actual "Blogger Event" that I ever attended (not counting the launch of Breakfast Magazine, in which I attended as a guest). Prior to that, I never accepted any invitations, but my 2012 resolution was to be involved a bit more in the blogging world, and I think it worked out for me well. 

        Even before I opened the email, I knew I was going to say yes when I got invited to the 2013 Best Food Forward Taste Test. I just loved the vibe and feel of Best Food Forward 2012, that I just had to be a part of it once again! 


                I knew I was in for an amazing afternoon when I entered the event area and saw this man. Kim Cariaso, the man behind Eat My GF, brought something special for everyone. And this time, it was more than his famous Garlic Fries..

       And boy, did he have my attention. The Big Ohhh Burger (P380) is a burger made with 50% Ground Beef, and 50% wait for it... SMOKED BACON. Yes you read that right.. SMOKED BACON. Topped off with a fried egg, cheese, and even more bacon. 

      One look at this alone was enough to make me want to set up a tent and camp out at the NBC Tent and wait for Best Food Forward to open.

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         I sincerely wish "Our Kitchen" by Manila Catering had their "ready to heat" meals when I was a bachelor, living all by my lonesome. "Home cooked" without the hassle of having to do the actual cooking.

        I got a taste of the Beef & Mushroom, as well as the Spare Ribs with Tausi, and I was very impressed with how it didn't seem to taste like anything processed. 

        Come to think of it, we haven't had household help in a while, so these "Our Kitchen" meals could still come in handy for Rina and I.      


           Deli Cakes by Joly has garnered a name for themselves by concoting tea infused pastries. Unfortunately, they weren't able to bring any for the Best Food Forward Taste Test, but they more than made up for it with their Flavored Macaroons. The macaroons were soft and moist, and had the distinct flavor of its variant. Rina enjoyed the Dark chocolate flavor that I took home for her, while I kept to my old school roots and was more particular to the original. Looking forward to checking out more of their specialty cakes!

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           If you've read my blog with any form of regularity, you might be aware of how I have an aversion to vegetables. Not for anything, but animals eat plants, right? I don't have the heart to take away the food of our beloved animal friends. :) 

          AAAAAAAAAAnywayyyy... I really like Japanese Mayo with food.. Not so much on salads and stuff. And to me, It ain't real Japanese Mayo if it doesn't have a naked baby on it with a funky hairdo. Apparently, the brand name is "Kewpie". I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Kewpie makes more than just Japanese Mayonnaise. THey also make Sandwich Spreads, Thousand island sauce, and for the salad loving folk, even Roasted Sesame sauce. 

         My cover photo was actually supposed to be me copying the pose of the naked Baby, but the guard stopped me before I could pull my pants down (Kill Joy).


           Casa Angeline offered an eclectic selection of sweet treats, such as Sticky Toffee pudding..

An Assortment of French Macarons..

And the very intriguing "Flan Pots", which comes in Leche Flan, Mango, Strawberry, and Coffee Caramel variants.


       I was ecstatic to find out that my favorite young entrepreneurs, Lileya and Liyora were back in Best Food Forward! During last year's Taste Test, Lileya stole the show with her version of Harry Potter's famed "Butterbeer", while Liyora was the talk of Best Food Forward, with her heartwarming effort to buy wheelchairs for under privileged children with the sales of her invention, "Chocolate Happiness".  

            I almost did a quadruple back flip when I saw that they were serving Butterbeer once again...  

         And had some new, Speculoos based treats, such as the Speculoos Polvoron, and Speculoos Milkshake! Can't wait for that! 

         Adorable Little Pepita even gave me some extra "Speculoos Happiness", saying it was "For your Wife and your Baby!". 


             If Casa Angeline offered the more classic flavors of French Macarons, Mrs. Graham's Bakery offered a modern twist to their goodies. 

            Their Amazing flavors included, S'mores, Cookie Dough, and the very unique, "Maple Pancake", which had an actual mini Pancake in it! Sorry I wasn't able to take a pic of it.. I was too busy eating it. (Rina wasn't with me.. go figure hehe)


           Kalookies was perhaps the best thing I tried at the taste test. And Mind, you I ate a burger made of 50% Smoked bacon, so that's saying a lot. At first I thought the name was a spin on the parlorista term, "Kalerkey", and then I found out that the name of the owner goes by the name of "Kal", so it made more sense. 

         These were fantastic. Forgive me for the lack of a better term, but it felt like a MAN'S cookie.. And yes, even if one of them was in the shape of a heart. It was thicker, and slightly denser than your ordinary cookie, but it crumbled ever so delicately in my mouth. 

         My personal favorite was Chocolate Chip with Nutella and REESES PIECES. Three amazing ingredients which no one seemed to have the cojones to put together into one cookie. As a married man, I've come to terms with the fact that this could very well be the closest thing to a foursome I'm ever going to get, and i'm ok with that. (Sniff)



          Although the aircon was blasting throughout the event area, the summer heat nearly rendered it useless. I was handed a glass of Chilled "Fiesta" Iced Tea, by that nice elderly lady in red, and it immediately quenched my thirst. She asked me before hand if I wanted it with Sago and I politely declined, but that delicious sweetness hanging on my tastebuds seemed to tell me that sago was the way to go. Thankfully, Manang  

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Met up with Chef Ed Bugia of Pino/Pepino/BRGR Project fame!
Can you believe after we ate everything you just read, we went to Podium and ATE AGAIN!?

Finally met the stunning mommy Blogger GoJackieGo
It was also nice to see lovely ladies Trixie and Yen again! 

Best Food Forward
 iApril 20-21, 2013 at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City. 

For more info please call: 0917 887.1933, 2119644 or email

Want tickets to Best Food Forward?

I'm gonna giveaway two tickets to Four Readers! 


Make me a fan sign, that says:

"Pickiest Eater In The World, I want to go to Best Food Forward!"

(Doesn't have to be fancy, but your creativity/humor would be appreciated)


          Share the pic on The Pickiest Eater In The World FB Page With the same caption, however please tag "Pickiest Eater..." and "Best Food Forward".
I'll "like" the pic when I see it, but in case I don't, you may email it to me as well at, or private FB msg me the link! 

          The Four Winners will be announced by Thursday, April 18! 

          (Winners will be guest listed at Best Food Forward.. I'll leave your tickets and names at the registration area entrance)   

The tickets were given to me by the wonderful organizers of Best Food Forward, Miss Gwen & Miss Timmie :) 



  1. See you there Richie! :)

    Uhm, isn't that Khalil Kaimo (owner of Kalookies)?

  2. Yup thats him and his lovely girlfriend :)

    1. Now I realized I read a lot of Candymag during my teenage years.hahaha!

  3. How much is a ticket if we just go there? :)

  4. hey Richie, great seeing you there bud!



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