Sunday, July 14, 2013


                    Even though tomato sauce is my waterloo (hyper acidity), I find myself unable to resist the charms of Italian food. I'm a huge fan of Pizza, pasta and the like. Quite surprisingly, I don't have very many posts on Italian food.. Something I must rectify immediately. Although our blog's most recent Italian food post was one that Rina enjoyed very much.. Lomabardi's Authentic Italian. 

            Already having established itself with their first branch at Robinson's Magnolia, Rina and I (Although I was two hours late.. darn day job.. got bills to pay) joined a small gathering of bloggers that were invited to check out their newly opened branch at the New Wing of Shangrila Mall. 

         We had a wonderful time, and now I want to give one lucky reader a chance to try what Lombardi's has to offer! 

             Lombardi's is the brainchild of Chef Davide Lombardi, a Chef raised in Milan and took his authentic Italian recipes to our shores. Chef Lombardi is also an instructor in the renowned Center for Culinary Arts. So in layman's terms.. The dude knows his stuff. 


          The Pizza Aisalumi (P500) is a tomato based pizza, with mozzarella cheese, and a number of Italian hams such as prosciutto, mortadella, salame milano, and coppa.

The Quattro Formaggi Pizza (P420)

The Spaghetti Frutti De Mare (P400)
 a seafood pasta that consists of prawns, clams, mussels, and squid. 

The Lasagne Della Casa (P310) 
lasagna with stewed tomato, layered with Bolognese sauce and then creamy béchamel sauce.

          Seen enough? Here's your chance to visit Lombardi's Authentic Italian, armed with a P1,000 GC! Just follow the instructions on Rafflecopter!


  1. I'm taking my boyfriend because we love Italian food! :D

    Reg Dominguez

  2. I am taking my husband because he is not into Italian food but I know once he tries Lombardi's, he will definitely change his mind.

    Ma. Clarice Lao

  3. I'm taking my sister cause it's payback time! She had done enough to provide us everything and I think this is one of the simpliest ways to give back :)

    Charlene Clara Dominguez

  4. I'm taking my boyfriend. :)

    Mina Manalang

  5. Id like to take my Mom with me at Lombardi's because we love food trippings and this resto's is one perfect in the line.

    Francis Falucho

  6. I would definitely take my older brother there, he's a certified food junkie and Italian food is his favorite.

    Chona Gomba

  7. I will be taking my Mom because I want her to experience how good the food LOMBARDI'S has. Please let me win this time.

    Dana Belle Quiambao

  8. i would like to take my tita there because their home is near magnolia and i've been wanting to visit her again.

    leyanna fortes

  9. I would love to take my husband, my mom, and my daughter to Lombardi's Authentic Italian! We all love pasta and Pizza and other Italian dishes, this will surely a great bonding for all of us!

    Mary Louise Sanchez

  10. Taking my friend Abi because we are both foodies

    Rose D.
    rose 218 at gmail dot com

  11. I'll be taking my hubby to Lombardi's because we love food trips.

    Karen Anne Rosario-Conti

  12. I'' be taking my family :) Its fun sharing and discovering new food together with them :)

    name: Darylynn Cates Dajao

  13. I'd like to take my husband to Lombardi's Authentic Italian because we love pasta and we want to celebrate our wedding anniversary at Lombardi.

    Regina Cruz

  14. Got no plans yet for my girlfriend's birthday this coming August. This will be perfect. She'll surely love this especially Lasagne Della Casa. Hope to win this! (crossing fingers...)

    Raymund Mission

  15. i'd like to take my friends at Lombardi's Authentic Italian because all my friends love Italian food,we will have our food trip moments @Lombardi's
    joy pineda

  16. I would take my mom because 1 of my sister is abroad and the other is already married so my mom is lonely at home

    Robert Jonathan Chan

  17. I'd like to take my husband to Lombardi's Authentic Italian because we love to eat out, and love pizza and pasta!!

  18. My sister! Because we both love Italian food and should we want to eat more, I'm pretty sure she'll pay for the excess.

    Matt Pua

  19. As always, I will bring with me my food buddy, my husband!

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  20. My husband! :)


  21. My son who is always helpful and never complain for every task being ask him to do.

    Margaret Chan

  22. Hubby and I are always on the look out for the next big thing in Italian cuisine... =)

    Paula Rodillo

  23. I'm taking my boyfriend :)

    Wayne Rivero

  24. I would like to take my friends with me here before I leave the country to study abroad :)

    Ariela Badenas

  25. Our whole family; me , my husband, & the 2 kids, we all love Italian dishes and Im sure we'll be having a great family bonding at Lombardi's!
    Clarinda Santiago

  26. Im going with my friends because we want to try Italian cuisine.

    Aidan Herrera

  27. I’ll take my best friend so we can both try Lombardi’s spaghetti frutti de mare.feeling excited already!! ;)

    Jane Baylon

  28. I will treat my Mom to lombardi's because we both love pizza and pasta! :)

    Name: Kim Capala
    Email address:

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. I will take my kids with me because they are such pizza & pasta lover.
    Abigail Sy

  31. I'm taking my friend, Anna Adona to Lombardi's because we both love to eat haha! :D
    Ging Aquino

  32. I would like to take my girlfriend with me to Lombardi's so that we can enjoy Italian Cuisine and spend a romantic together.
    June Real |

  33. I'm taking my 2 boys(hubby,and kid) to Lombardi's to celebrate my kiddo's birthday. I'm sure they would love it since they also enjoy eating Italian dishes. :)

    Rica Rodriguez

  34. maricel p. villanueva

  35. I am taking my partner to Lombardi's to celebrate our special day and for a chance to try the dishes in the middle of our busy schedules :)

    Katerina Hernandez

  36. my mom because I rarely get a chance to treat her.

    Stacy Liong

  37. I will take my parents for the upcoming birthday of my mom

    Jezreel Joy S. Nicolas

  38. ill take my Mom with me because we love pasta!!

    czes rivera

  39. I will take my sisters with me because we love Italian food.

    Marizen Villamora

  40. I'm taking my wife and kids to Lombardi's.
    Hope I win.

    Nelson Guevara

  41. I'll take my food buddy because this is Lombardi's we're talking about!!! :)

    Desiree Liwag

  42. Well...we (boyfriend and I) have never tried Lombardi's before. Would give this a go since we both like Italian :9

    Iona Lacson

  43. I will be taking my boyfriend with me. We love to eat. We love discovering new food/resto/place to eat.

    Lea Marie Lauzon

  44. I'd like to take my husband with me beacuse it's been quite awhile that we haven't got the chance to have a dinner or a lunch date together...

    jeraldine tolentino

  45. I'm taking my boyfriend with me in celebration of our anniversary :)

    Roselyn Francisco

  46. My boyfriend. :) i just said yes and i want this to be my first surprise! :)

    Vanessa Nicole Niedp

  47. I'll be taking my wife to be and will be trying the Lasagne Della Casa

    Lee Ian Magpantay

  48. im taking my mom , its a perfect treat for her bday this aug 23 !

    ralph adversario

  49. I'll be with my friend who also loves authentic Italian food.

    Jo Tuason

  50. my mom, because she loves foods.

    mary cheyzerr hundana

  51. Who would you like to take with you to Lombardi's and why?

    I would love to take my parents with me to Lombardi's because they deserve to eat in a special resto like Lombardi's. It would be a simple and at the same time special way of saying thank you for everything they have given and done for me. :) P.S. This will not be the only gratitude gift I'll give to my parents of course :D

    Sarah Angela Malory A. Peralta

  52. I'll take my bestfriend :)

    Nerissa Marin

  53. I'll take my family because they only deserve the best!

    Xandra Mae C. Alcantara

  54. My mom, so that we could chat and relax while enjoying good food.

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  55. My eldest son,we both love itallian food.

    Marlene R. Yanga

  56. I'm going to bring my hubby he love's Pasta and Pizza!!

    Mary ann M. Cuer

  57. I am going to bring along my two kids and my mother to pay for the extra bill.. haha joke. My kids loves pizza and pasta so the visit will be a great treat for them.

    Maria Christina Gumatay

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  59. I would like to take my girlfriend. I want her to be happy and surprise this giveaway.

    Brian B. Bigueja

  60. I would love to take my boyfriend because we both love pizza and pasta and it would be a big deal if we could try lombardis dishes.. :D

    Melissa Ong

  61. I would want to take my mother to this kind of restaurant because I saw and know her hardships in raising us and providing us everything we need. She rarely go to a fine dining restaurant since it costs too much. Since I'm still a student, if I win, I would be able to treat her in this restaurant and can tell her how much I want to thank her for everything.

    Sofia Juline Rico

  62. I would like to take my boyfriend. He love pizza and pasta and maybe it would be our last date. :( coz' I'll be leaving soon.

    Crissy Sherlaine Sayo

  63. I would like to take my friends and family becuase we all love to eat specially pasta and pizza its all our favorite.

    Rhozallino Ramones

  64. I would take my boyfriend with me! This is perfect for our 2nd year anniversary on the 4th of August!

    Theodosia Musni

  65. Hubby and the kids because we love, love, love pasta and pizza.


  66. my bff, I miss our chika bonding!
    Rica Sicad

  67. I'll bring my hubby with me. I'd love to experience a romantic, authentic Italian dinner date with him. It's been a long time :-)

    Vivian Aguilar

  68. Definitely taking my hubby and my daughter with me to Lombardi's. :) We value every chance we get to spend with our little girl, since time flies so fast, and we know we'd wake up one day and she'd no longer be a baby girl --- haaaay emote. :D So I'd definitely love to spend such a wonderful dining time with her and my loving hubby if I do win the GCs - would definitely make a mark in our list of best family moments! :)

    Christine A. Guinto

  69. I would like to take my hubby with me to Lombardi's because it's been a long time since we had a date as we just moved in to our new home. This would be an awesome treat for him as we had been super busy these past few weeks now.

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  70. I'd love to take my bestfriend with me 'cause we both love italian food. :D It's been ages since we last shared authentic italian and i'd like to reminisce college life with him over some delicious food in Lombardi's!

    Rizza E. Licayan

  71. I would like to take my boyfriend with me. It will be special of we celebrate our 9th year anniversary in Lombardi's.

    Maria Angelica Riego

  72. I would like to take my husband with me because were not often go out because of work

    carla venice relayo

  73. I would take my girlfriend cause we just love pizza's and italian food

    Lawrence tseng

  74. I'd like to take my 4-year old son with me to Lombardi's, because he's the only guy I know who loves Italian food (& carbs) as much as I do! :)

    Jennifer Cua



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