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Samantha and Paola of Breakfast Magazine, Food Bloggers Allen and Peachy, Breakfast Magazine's Chef Sheilla and Kim, Food Bloggers Yedy, Rochelle, & Abet, Me and a very Happy Rina, Jana of Breakfast Magazine, and Bien of Pepper Lunch.
It was nice of the tallest guy in our group to stand right beside me for the picture.
Thanks a lot, Abet.

     For some reason, I get a lot of surprised responses when people hear that I haven't attended very many events. Not counting last year's Blog Awards held in December, I only actually started becoming active in Blogger events this year.. and one of the first ones I attended was the launch of Breakfast Magazine, and the very first Breakfast Club meeting.  
     A day after my meeting with Mr. Jeroen Van Straten of Pepper Lunch had been set, I got an email from Kim, Editor in Chief of Breakfast Magazine, inviting me to the latest Breakfast Club event. I had missed the previous two because of the recently resolved episode in my life known as "The case of Baby Rain's Missing Yaya". But I was really kicking myself after I had seen the blog posts of other people from their events (And for a guy with short legs, believe me, its not easy to do!).

      So after seeing that the invitation was for Pepper Lunch, It was a no brainer for me. And I knew Rina wouldn't forgive me if I didn't bring her along. Literally within seconds of getting the email, I replied, telling Kim that Rina and I were game.. even though we were already scheduled to have Lunch there the very next day.

      Yes, Pepper Lunch really is THAT good. 

        We started off the very casual and relaxed event with Bien, Marketing Officer of Pepper Lunch, giving us a short background on how Mr. Van Straten brought Pepper Lunch to the country. 

    In Rina's mind, Jeroen's journey in bringing Pepper Lunch to the country was probably the equivalent of an epic Harry Potter series. She most likely imagined him flying on a winged unicorn whilst being chased by vicious dire wraiths and the evil sorceress in his quest to bring the magical Sizzling Plates to the Philippines, and vanquish hunger. 

"Jeroen Van Straten and the Sizzling Plates of Glory", sounds like a kick ass movie, don't ya think?

Just another ordinary day at a food blogger dinner

        One of the best things about my blogs' setup, is Rina is the Photographer and I'm the designated eater and writer. I can sit back and relax while Rina and all the other bloggers scramble for the best shot of the food. (I'm spoiled like that, I know). 

    This was my first time to see Pepper Lunch's "Shake! Shake! Salads" in person. 

          Umm.. Hehe. I honestly don't know what to say next. 

       In my opinion, Pepper Lunch's Flagship product is the Sizzling Pepper Beef Rice. If you haven't been to Pepper Lunch before, this should be the first dish you should order. It will be the barometer in which you'll judge everything else in the menu. Only after you've tasted this should you explore the other items in the menu. 

         When it was my turn for the waiter to take my order, I ordered the Teriyaki Beef once again, which is currently my favorite. Wanting to leave myself with a little dignity, I discreetly whispered to the order taker, "Can you make it double beef, please?", which he politely obliged. 

     So you can imagine my horror when my attempts to spare myself from the embarrassment of being known as the only guy who ordered "Double Beef" was thrown out the window when the waiter bringing my order yelled out at the top of his lungs, "BEEF TERIYAKI...DOUBLE BEEF!!!!", just before placing it right in front of me.  

     Everyone was looking at me with a smile, so I just said, "Wow, they made it double beef for me? That was really nice of them!". 

     I have an eerie feeling no one believed me though.

As I expected, Rina ordered the Beef Yakiniku

Some of the dishes the other bloggers ordered were
 the Chicken and Hamburger Combo.. 

And the Double Salmon Steak

         Since we were in a restaurant that we've been to more times than I could shake a stick, Rina and I somewhat felt like we had "Home court advantage". It was funny how everyone kept asking Rina and I for advice on what to order. 

         While we were talking, I didn't notice that.. Well.. I think someone was taking from my plate! I turned around for a few minutes and BAM! My sizzling plate was sparkling clean! 

         I'm not sure who exactly it was.. but I was sitting beside Yedylicious and Rachelle of "Hearty's Haven"... Not to mention Allen of Silken Hut was right in front of me.. Hmmm... I'm not saying it was them, but.... 


The Breakfast Club had an amazing time with The Breakfast Magazine crew, 
together with Bien of Pepper Lunch!

Thanks for the invite!


So this is the moment we've been waiting for...
 The three winners of the Pepper Money!! 

              First name drawn for P500 ------------ Jovhelle Macabata-Ricafrente

Second name draw for P1,000 ---------------------- Sumi Go

                     Third name drawn for Grand Prize of P2,000 is....

                     Jill Roque

      Congratulations Jovhelle, Sumi and Jill! 

I'll be getting in touch with you all so we can coordinate
 how I'll get you the prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For those of you that didn't win, 
don't worry Anniversary Giveaway #4 is still ongoing!

And stay tuned because we've got a few more giveaways coming up!


  1. Congratulations to the winners!

    1. i have another giveaway coming up, patty! Stay tuned :)

  2. Darn! I didn't win! I demand a recount... hahaha... Congrats to the winners! =) Suwerte niyo mga tol! =)

    1. haha linuto ng rafflecopter!!

      There's still Yabu, Noel! And I've got at least two more after that, so don't worry! ;)

    2. Yey! Hope I win the Yabu GC, hehehe... Congrats again to all the winners! =)

  3. Wow, Sumi won! Congrats to Sumi and the other winners! :) I want to join events too. How can I join? :)

    1. I know, swerte ni Sumi diba? Not sure why I got invited! Maybe it was my dashing good looks or chiseled physique? Haha Kidding basta I was emailed lang! Trying joining the Breakfast magazine fb page.. they're really cool!


  4. congrats to the winners!!! congrats sumi!! :) Yey foodtrip to pepper lunch na to soon hahaha! :)

    1. haha on saturday after damaso! libre tayo ni Sumi!!

    2. Hahaha.. Direcho dinner na ba after ng lunch this sat? XD

    3. Pepper Lunch for dinner this Saturday.. booked! :) hahaha :))

  5. Yay!!!! :D Thank you so much!!! Congrats to myself and to the other winners.. At last, I won!!! Hahaha.. =D

  6. congrats to the winners! :) if i'm going to have a twitter account it is solely because of food blog giveawaysss! haha

    1. No complaints from me, Zaela!

      Although I think you'll find twitter enjoyable once you get used to it!

      (That's what happened to me hehe)



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