Wednesday, November 28, 2012


          After months of giving away gift Certificates, I toyed with the idea of doing a giveaway with The Pickiest Eater In The World T-Shirts. The only thing holding me back from pushing through with it, was the thought that no one would actually want it. I'm not trying to be humble or whatever, but I was worried about coming off like an ego maniac or something like that.. "Who the hell are you and why do you have a T-shirt?". 

        I asked Rina's advice, telling her my concern about looking like I'm so full of myself, and she said, "Do it. The logo is cute. Besides, you're not promoting yourself, you're promoting your blog in a different way. There's nothing wrong with that.". 

       I guess I got myself too immersed into my blog that I didn't realize the obvious. Rina was right. The shirt is emblazoned with my blog's logo. It doesn't say "Richie Zamora is a Sex God" on it (But wouldn't that be awesome if it did??) .

       Just to be safe, I asked my readers on The Pickiest Eater Facebook page for their thoughts on the shirt, and the response was overwhelming! 

      So here it is! The Pickiest Eater In The World T-shirt Giveaway has begun! 

       I'll be giving away at least five of these shirts, and if shipping costs are too killer, I could add a few more!  

        The Sizes are Small, Medium, XL & XXL (There's barely a difference between Large and XL , so I skipped Large). 

         Thank you to everyone for their continued support of my humble little space on the web, and I hope you're ready for the holidays because I've got more Christmas Giveaways coming up! 


  1. I came upon your blog thru a friend! She said that I would love your blog because its fun and entertaining! She did not fail me! The best blog post for me would be the one about the 2nd Best Food Forward event. It's a personal favorite because not only did this launch our product, the Crunchy Belly, this was also the first time I met you and Rina! You guys are awesome!

    Katrisha Reantazo, Size XL (Andree is a Small LOL!)

  2. i read thru a facebook friend whose addicted to online contests! and i saw and read lots of ur post about food and resto.. i am amaze na talagang u love what ur doing and you're doing it perfectly! i love you're post about baby rain's first bday giveaway! coz i joined that contest, unfortunately i didn't win, but it's okey..
    keep this blog healthy with great foods and resto! more power! merry xmas!

    Josephine Soliman Gregorio
    size : Medium

  3. 1. Someone recommended me and some promotions.

    2. Well, I am not making "sipsip" but my favorite is your blog post about your angel " I love you Baby Rain" I honestly admit I was teary-eyed after reading that cause I can feel how much you love your daughter and the how proud father you are, congratulations and having a child is the most wonderful gift for every parent like us. Just like you it took me years to have a baby daughter.

    medium size please :)

  4. syempre and birthday ni baby rain. She's so cute. I have a daughter too.Kaya ramdam ko yung love and care ng magulang sa anak nila. The best yung blog na yun.

    Crystal Cruz
    size: medium


    I found your blog when i was looking for good places to eat at. :D ... Anyway.. one of my fave posts would have to be when you featured yabu. The picture with you imitating the cartoon character was awesome. :D it made me laugh!!!!! more power and God BLess :D

    Jr del rosario , xxl :D

  6. 1. Came about you blog through Astro Boy's Blog
    2. I'd say my favorite is when you posted Baby Rain's video especially of how you announced to your parents that your wife was pregnant.

    Ruby Ann Beraquit
    XL please

  7. 1. How did you stumble on to my blog?
    I learned your blog thru a friend who is a known wide blog reader in the office, I was then looking for a nice restaurant in Tagaytay where me and my family can try on a weekend.

    2. What's your favorite Pickiest Eater Blog post? (Name of place/resto and a short reason why would do)
    I consider your post PAMANA: FAMILY TIME AT TAGAYTAY as my favorite because if my friend did not send the link of this post, I would not get hooked to your other entries. Since then, whenever I access internet, I check if there’s a new blog entry that I can read on. It keeps me entertained and your blog is very informative.

    Ellen Joy Fajardo

  8. I found your blog by just surfing the net looking for a blog that talks about food, coz that time I'm looking for good restaurant that has a very affordable price to celebrate my birthday. That's also the time I tried joining your giveaways, trying my luck to win. And God is really good I won to one of your giveaways :)
    My favorite blog post is "I LOVE YOU, BABY RAIN :)" watching the video got me teary-eyed, it's very touching. This really shows how much you love her & how good you are as a father.

    Jill Roque
    Size XL

  9. This shirt has a neat design and looks really colorful and amazing. I like how it has all the foods scheme on design, on my wish list:)

    At Gildan Wholesale

  10. I stumbled upon your blog while food blog hopping. I found it funny and very entertaining and since then, I was hooked!

    My favorite would have to be "I love you, Baby Rain". It was the first time I got teary-eyed from reading your blog, when it usually brings bouts of laughter otherwise. :)

    Guia Obsum
    Size M

  11. I came upon your blog through the Buddy's GC giveaway... :-) The post I love the most is the article regarding Chef Tatung's Restaurant... :-) I like it because I have read many of my friend's about his resto and I am finally going to give it a visit this december... :-)

    Paul Regi R. Magdadaro

  12. 1) How did you stumble on to my blog?
    thru one of your giveaways. but ever since I stumbled to your blog..i regularly check your fb page, bookmarked your page on my phone and read your blog posts thru my email subscription.. your blog always amuses me.. not your ordinary food blog.

    2) What's your favorite Pickiest Eater Blog post? Yabu post because until now, I haven't tried eating there! Hahaha. but i love your resto reviews like dimsum break, zarks.. just looking at your photos makes me hungry.. i love it!

    Maria Christina Gumatay

  13. 1. I saw it in Facebook and the promo blog site.

    2. My favorite Pickiest Eater Blog post is the Yabu because the food is great and delicious.

    Rhozallino Ramones

  14. sister always read your blog at facebook pickest eater blog is i love you rain because it's show how you love your daughter rain and celebrating it by giving giveaways

    name:sherry ann gole cruz
    T-Shirt Size:large

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. How can I not join???

    1) i'm chismosa by nature, so when there was this major hullaballoo about margaux salcedo's "pasabog" about this major food blogger asking for money, i had to use all my mad googling skills to verify who i thought it was. and i found myself here, and the post had a pic of the big bad wolf. then i started reading, and you replied to a comment (i'm KSP so i like it when bloggers reply to a comment), and i was able to verify for myself that you are my culinary twin and that i could fairly trust you for food choices. well, except for the eat my GF post ... that was the only thing you and i didn't agree on.

    2) too many to mention (naks!) seriously, the cebu posts were my favorite cause they brought me to places i wouldn't have otherwise gone to. and my favorite non-food post was when you posted about telling your mom that rina was finally pregnant with rain. that was priceless!

    and I am your food twin, Rosa, who you can email at, and my tshirt size is one size smaller than yours ☺

    amazing give-away, btw ☺

  17. 1) It started with your first promo, the one with the Cathy Valencia GCs! One of my friends joined, and I checkout your blog first before joining! Hahaha! And now, you're one of my favorites, not just because of your posts, but also because of BABY RAIN! <3

    2) Yabu and Dimsum Break because they're now my favorite restaurants! Especially YABU!!!! Great food, great service!

    Kristine Concepcion
    hmmmmmmmmmm XL na lang para sure haha!

  18. 1. I'm a contest junkie, one of your contest brought me here :D. Nanalo na nga rin ako sa isang contest mo (I am lucky but not so lucky hehehe), kasi I won a yabu GC but unfortunately wala pala Yabu branch d2 sa Davao kaya i just instead gave it to a friend ;D

    2. Lahat ng blog post mo super like ko hahahaha, I love foods (i don't cook, lumalamon lang ako nyahaha) nakakagutom kasi mga post mo ^_*. But of course! mas fave ko yung my blog post title na "I love you, Baby RAIN". I also have kids (3 na actually), kahit na sobrang mkukulit it still amazed me in every milestone na achieved nila. Kahit yung simple smile lang, nakakawala ng stress =). You are so lucky you have a cutiest and lovely baby. =)

    Leizle Demaisip
    size: Small

  19. 1. Stumbled upon your blog while searching for blogs about The Old Spaghetti House since T was interested in trying it out and I saw your post and it was a really funny story and I've been a fan ever since.

    2. My favorite has to be The Old Spaghetti House post still. In what seems like a looming bad day because of the bad service, you guys were able turn it around and ended like a fun day for everyone.

    Jay Noble

  20. daughter recommend you,said its true not spam hehe,and im a little bit addict to give aways too..

    2.telling you frankly,this is my first time on your blog and i think we will be partners kasi mahilig akong magluto and im always looking a new dish,and this is the perfect for me,,,especially my hubby love to eat my prepared food,masarap daw akong mag luto hehe..

    Nannette Magaway

  21. I found your FB and blog through a fellow food blogger and Best Food Forward.
    My Fave blog is your US food tripping where you won as Oreo Ambassador. T-shirt size XL for my son

  22. I found this blog when I googled JCO Donuts and Coffee! I really loved their best seller Alcapone and wanting to try the pickiesteater's recommended donut "Mona Pisa" next time. :))

    I did some backreading on your blog posts and I really really liked the post about Rain's first birthday! The video is so heart warming, that even though I do not know anyone in it personally, I feel like I was part of the family. Rain's such a cute girl! :)

  23. I stumbled upon this blog after I began joining almost all these online giveaways that I see on facebook/twitter. Since then I look for new (and accessible) places that me and my friends can dine on a casual weeknight. My favorite post of yours is of this place in Cebu called Fudge. I have relatives in that part of the country, yet I have not visited them once in 23 years. I would definitely ask them if they're familiar with this place once I finally set foot in Cebu

    Alston Cue

  24. I stumble upon your blog through Best Food Forward where you were telling the best food that will be on exhibit there.

    My favorite blog is the pepita lechon

    T-shcir size - XL

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. my sister told me about this blog and ever since that day i've become a fan. i wanted to keep updated of your blogs that's why everyday my mom and i always seek your page to see if there's a new blog..
    i love the I LOVE YOU, BABY RAIN :) post. i read and watched the video like 3 or 4 times. it's really a heartfelt post.

    Chilzen Mae Cao
    shirt size: Medium(it'd be great if my mom had one too, she's XL)...=)

  27. 1) I stumbled on to your blog through an FB friend. I think you were having a giveaway at that time and I joined. From then on, I kept on joining & joining on your giveaways & luckily I have already won two! Lucky me!

    2) My favorite Pickiest Eater Blog post is I LOVE YOU, BABY RAIN post because it looks like we're on the same boat. It also took us years before having our little princess "ER". It reminds me so much of the pain we get from other peoples' kantiyaw. But with the help of prayers, we finally had ER in 2009. Thanks God! :)

    Ma. Elinor Semira
    elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com

  28. I was looking for a review about Zark's Burger when I stumble upon your blog. Since then, I've been hooked. Most of the foods that you love are the ones that I love eating too. I'm such a burger, pizza, and bacon freak lol. I always check on your blog for restaurant ideas as well.

    The best Pickiest Eater blog I have read so far- the Singapore Chronicles. My family and I are planning to go to Singapore early next year and having an idea where to eat, I guess, will make our trip easier and more convenient.

    Thanks Rich for all the great food reads :)I'm such a fan :D

    June Alonzo

    1. I just re-read your post again, I'll go for medium :)

  29. I did stumble on to your blog by surfing the net for giveaways and i saw you have the 1st birthday of rain's!
    My favorite Pickiest Eater Blog post are the food reviews of Yabu because i haven't tried their dishes and want them badly!

    Vanessa Rose Palacio

  30. 1) How did you stumble on to my blog? (can be as short or long as you want)

    from a friend who's also joining your giveaway.

    2) What's your favorite Pickiest Eater Blog post? (Name of place/resto and a short reason why would do) Please leave your Name Email Address T-Shirt Size.

    Truth is I'm just a new reader of your blog. To answer your Question, I chose this post "The Secret to A Happy Family" -- the best place would be our dining table because the family that eat together, stay together.

    Julieanne Francis Abayan

  31. I red from a contest blog site and immediately joined after.

    Yabu : House of Katsu, maybe because they serve new foods that I crave and really love, Katsu lover.

    Francis Falucho


  32. 1)I saw one of my fb friends shared this link as a giveaway. Im a contest addict and i grab the opp. to join hehehe

    2)I like this one The Secret to A Happy Family - because it is the best thing to do together with your family. Living healthier inside and out.

    hazel dela victoria

  33. 1.) I stumbled upon your blog while actually reading a friend's blog, you were on her list of recommended blogs, the name was really catchy so I gave it a go and I can honestly say (with no motive of sucking up) I was really amazed and entertained on how you do your reviews :) reading your entries made me hungry and try all those places you've been to. I'm actually looking forward to more blog posts from you.

    2.) My favorite post would have to be the one about Katz Delicatessen :) I saw this one on Man Vs. Food and added it to my bucket list, also the fact that the most famous scene in When Harry met Sally was shot there was also another plus factor. I was really happy that you got to try the place and was able to prove that it did not disappoint in any way.

    Kristela Anna G. Cruz

  34. 1. I love foods! I happen to stumble on your blog while looking for a good grub.

    2. I love your post about Yabu. I always wanted to try it out. :)

    Jonah Micah Macabuhay

  35. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for "The Stock Market Cafe" around the internet, checked your entry about it and explored your blog more. Your blog made me so hungry while I was exploring it, at the same time amazed with its content and the food adventures you've been doing for I don't know how long. Your blog never disappoints me whenever I visit it! :)

    Iana Coloma

  36. 1) A friend joined one of your giveaways and was tempted to try my luck as well. Then I got curious about your blog and read some of your food expedition and was amazed of the delicious foods you had pictured.

    2) Actually all your post were great. All the foods seems awesome and would like to try it someday (Not now since it's kinda off the budget. Hehehe...). But mind you! Because of you I started trying out other resto besides McDonald, Jollibee and Mang Inasal. So far, I tried Don Henrico's, Super Bowl, and Burgoo. The experience is priceless! Thanks for everything...

    Raymund Mission

  37. Since I am a travelling foodie, I am always in search of a blog that will help me in discovering new places and new foodies. I am also a Digital Marketer; I am always online, searching for blogs and websites to read and to follow:) That's when I stumble upon this lovely blog:)

    My favey post is all about Cebu's Zubuchon. I haven't been to Cebu (sad but true) and I love any porky food!!! Your post almost made me pack my things at an instant and fly to Cebu:) And oh, the post also about your dad and boating:)

    Dyza portugal

  38. I was looking for a great food blogs and I found The Pickiest Eater in the world is one of the best. Your love for bacon and a great food explorer makes me always hooked in your blogs :-)

    I have a lot of favorite blogs of yours, the latest fave was The Secret to a Happy Family it's like you paused for awhile about blogging on foods and resto to give us words of wisdom. it also shows that you are an ultimate family man. Thank you, looking forward for more great blogs ahead.
    God bless you and your family.

    Jezreel Joy S. Nicolas

  39. I came to know of your blog because i love reading blogs(i'm a bloghopper you!!!) and i'm a bit of a foodie too!!!! Once i visited your site, i knew i've found the site i'd want to go whenever i feel hungry---hehehe kase piccies and descriptions pa lang busog na ang readers mo...!!!!!

    Also whenever friends would ask me of places to dine in fail-proof kase galing sayo yung recom:)

    Fave ko na post is when you ate at Chef Laudico's Bfast just before Ms. Rina was about to give birth to Baby had all the perfect ingredients kase...may comedy...romance..syempre ang food porn di mawawala...hehehehe!!!

  40. Thank you to everyone that joined!! I really enjoyed reading your comments on how you stumbled on to my blog!I really hope ya'll stick around, cuz there's a whole lot more coming up! :)



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