Monday, October 17, 2016


      I remember the first time I had heard about Julie’s Biscuits. It was a few months ago, when I visited my parents at Antipolo. As soon as I arrived, my mom rather excitedly pulled Rina and I to her room, to show me her newest grocery discovery.

 Lo, and behold, it was Julie’s Cheese Sandwich Biscuits.

        There’s a very big chance that my first thought was exactly the same as yours when you heard the brand name, “Julie’s Biscuits”. I’m guessing you thought to yourself, “Is this the same as Julie’s Bakeshop?”. The answer is a resounding NO, the Malaysian-based Julie’s biscuits has absolutely no connection with the homegrown Julie’s Bakeshop. The name is a mere coincidence.

During the end of August, I was very fortunate to be among the group of Filipino Bloggers selected by Julie’s Biscuits to fly to Malaysia and take a tour of their factory, and see for ourselves what sets Julie’s Biscuits apart from it’s contemporaries. What I discovered was a world class company that is emerging as a major player in the snack food industry, whose claim to fame is their products is not only delicious, but baked with love.

This is my Julie’s Biscuits experience.

        The moment we set foot on Malaysian soil, the Philippine contingent felt like celebrities, as representatives from Julie’s Biscuits were there to receive us, with the official Julie’s banner in tow!

The warm welcome would set the tone for the remarkable hospitality that we were shown by our gracious hosts.

       After a delicious Ba Kuh Teh Dinner (On the blog soon), we headed off to the City of Melaka via our private bus.

        After a sumptuous breakfast at Holiday Inn Melaka, our group made our way to the Perfect Foods Corporation Factory. Much to our surprise, we were received with a Rock Star welcome by the incredible staff of Julie’s Biscuits! The prepared a Malaysian welcome song and dance for us, with the Julie’s Mascots making an appearance!

        Something that stood out to me, was how incredibly sparkling clean the factory area was, which was a very reassuring, considering they are in the business of handling food.

        After the short presentation and pictorial, we headed for the conference room, where we were going to be oriented about the day ahead of us.

        After opening in 1981, the Julie’s brand has continued to grow having expanded its line to more than just biscuits. Julie’s Biscuits now includes products such as Oat Cookies, a Cookie lineup created in collaboration with International Chocolate Titan, Hershey’s, Wafer Rolls, Biscuit Sandwiches and a whole lot more!

        I picked out my favorites (Cheese and Peanut Butter Biscuit Sandwiches) and settled down for the presentation.

       It was none other than Perfect Foods Director Martin Ang who gave us a a brief background about the manufacturing company, Perfect Foods, and the Julie’s Biscuits line. Something that really resonated with me, was how their mantra was, they would never serve to the public something they would not eat themselves.

        Before embarking on our factory tour, we were given the safety and cleanliness guidelines that we needed to adhere to. Julie’s Biscuits has earned its sterling reputation for product excellence by ensuring that their product is handled with utmost care, and to the highest possible health standards. We would not be allowed entrance into the production area without the regulation coat, face mask, hair net, and shoe covers.

      Leave it to me to find a way to make my Julie’s #OOTD look sexy. Also, leave it to me to totally fail in my attempt.

After we were all geared up, I joined my friends for the tour. Joining the Nuffnang group was none other than The Food Scout herself, Jill Bantang, and the lovely Sam Oh!

         Unfortunately, photography of any kind was not allowed in the production floor, however I can assure you that it was really quite a fascinating experience watching what the biscuits go through.

       We watched from the kneading of the dough, to the shaping of the biscuit, to the baking in the scorching hot ovens, all the way down to the wrapping into the foil packets! With the blessing of Mr. Ang, we were allowed to take a biscuit off the assembly line, fresh out of the industrial sized oven!

     The tour ended where the biscuits were packed, and we were given a couple of packs each. We opened the peanut butter variant, and was blown away to see the filling still hot and moist, and absolutely delicious!

       After a short discussion with Mr. Ang about our thoughts regarding the Factory tour, we were led to the commissary, for our next activity.. Creating a delicious dessert with Julie’s Butter Crackers and Cookies!

       Our new friend Cathy Hoo of Julie’s Biscuits prepared a recipe for a Fruity Layer Cake that was incredibly easy to follow, and showed off the versatility of Julie’s Butter Crackers!

      We began by dipping a Julie’s Butter Cracker into milk, and and smothering it with the chocolate paste Cathy made using the Julie’s Hershey’s Chocolate Cookies.

       Using your Julie’s Butter Crackers dipped in milk, followed by a healthy slathering of Chocolate Paste, you can create layer after layer of chocolatey goodness!

      You then top it off with a selection of fresh fruits and Cookie Crumbs!

        I have to admit, mine wasn’t as pretty as the others. Maybe I shouldn’t have focused too much on eating that delicious chocolate paste and instead, concentrated more on making the cake.

     The Staff of Julie’s gathered all of our creations together, and selected the top three!

      The top three was Mhel Ignacio of Certified Foodies, Yen Dreyfus of The Tummy Traveler, and the Grand Prize went to Camie Juan of Wild Spirit!

      After the tour, we posed for a quick photo op with our new friends from Julie’s Biscuits!

        Our third day in Malaysia took us on a quick day tour of the beautiful city of Melaka, We got to see some of the amazing sights the city has to offer, just before we headed back to Kuala Lumpur.

(Don’t worry, I’ll be writing my food adventures in Malaysia on a separate blog post!)

        I’ve been to Malaysia twice this year, however this was the first time for me to leave the airport of Kuala Lumpur and see the beautiful city for myself. 

       Naturally, the first stop we made before dinner, was in front of the famous Petronas Towers

For our last day in Kuala Lumpur, we did a courtesy call at the Philippine Embassy, to meet Ambassador Eduardo Malaya, together with the Julie’s contingent from Malaysia.

         Ambassador Malaya shared the plans of the Philippine Government for our hard working fellow Pinoys based in Malaysia, and it was heartwarming to see Mr. Ang of Julie’s pledge the full support of Julie’s, any way that they can.

       After our visit to the embassay, our hosts took us straight to a popular restaurant in Kuala Lumpur’s Pavillon Mall, Called “The Press Room Bistro”, for our final lunch together.

        Our host, Mint of Julie’s, randomly selected five volunteers from the audience to join her for a short game. Joining Mint on stage was Chuckie Dreyfus, his wife Yen Dreyfus, Jennie Epperson, Mr. Martin Ang, and Rochelle Rivera.

       After dancing to a popular Malaysian Welcome Dance, the volunteers were then blindfolded, and something to hold. They were then asked to guess what it was in their hands, by using ever other one of their senses apart from sight.

        Just before the blindfolds came off, it was revealed that the “volunteers” weren’t so randomly picked after all! All of them were Birthday celebrants of August and September, and The staff of Julie’s surprised them (including Mr. Ang!) with a simple blowing of the “cupcake”! We had only known these people for a couple of days, be we truly felt the love all around!

        Then came the meal! We started off with the Waldorf Salad. I ate the Croutons, apple slices and Candied Walnuts.. Does that count?

We were asked to pre-order our meal in advance, and were given a choice between Chicken and Beef. Those who chose chicken were served the Josper Roasted Spring Chicken with Mashed Potatoes and a creamy Mushroom Sauce.

“Team Beef” such as myself, were served a Grilled Striploin, with a side of vegetable skewers and a robust Black Pepper Sauce.

           As much as I enjoyed the steak, it was the Dessert that turned out to be the main attraction. We were served a delicious “Julie’s Strawberry Cheesecake”, which was made with a fruit topping, and a crust made of Julie’s Oat 25 Strawberry Cookies!

          Our second dessert turned out to be the Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, which was mixed in with real bits of Julie’s Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies! This was nothing short of awesome!

        In the end, the Philippine group and the Julie’s group were able to exchange how we felt about each other, and how thankful we were to have met. It was pretty amazing that two groups of strangers can be brought closer together, by a simple biscuit.

         If that’s not proof of being “Baked with Love”, I don’t know what is.

All that love got me missing my family, so I was really excited to see my wife and daughter back in Manila, and tell them about three important things I learned about Julie’s Biscuits during my trip to Malaysia.

The first was that Julie’s Biscuits has absolutely no relation to Julie’s Bakeshop. The second was that their selection of products was very wide, ranging from various biscuits, assorted cookies, and even baked waffles!

And the third important thing I discovered was that their products- well everything I tried, at least, was absolutely delicious. You could truly feel the love in every bite!

But don’t just take my word from it! 
I want you to experience Julie’s Biscuits for yourself!

Enter my giveaway for a chance to win a special Gift Pack from Julie’s! 

Three Lucky winners are going home with a prize!! 

Good Luck!!!!


  1. Donna Rose O. Juezan

    "Dear Rain,

    Happy Birthday! I pray on your birthday and everyday in your life that Papa God bless you with good health alongside your Dad and Mom. That growing up may you find Papa God present in your life always and may you become a source of joy and inspiration to your parents. Shine as Papa God wants you to be."

    I'd like to share my Julies Biscuits to my kids because happiness for them is trying out something new especially that it is a food.


  2. Hi Baby Rain,
    Today is the beginning of another great adventure.Happy birthday to you,Enjoy your special day,StayBlessed! ♥
    I'd love to share Julie's Biscuits prize with my kids,i want them to experience the tasty biscuits of Julies products!

  3. Happy kaarawan, Rain!
    I will be sharing Julie's biscuits with my 3 kulilits, Edmond, Armand and Ricka as we watch and do a movie marathon come semestral break. Wohooooooo, excited here!

  4. Hi Pretty Rain,

    Have Fun always, may all your wishes come true! Happy Birthday.

    I would love to share Julie's Biscuits to my family of course, we all love to eat!

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  5. When it rains it pours!!! of happiness!! Happiest Birthday Baby Girl! Keep raining of blessings and happiness to you and your family! Good health and grow to be a genuine and beautiful girl.

    I would love it to share with my baby boy Kellin he's 2 years old and loves biscuits!!! He would be so happy if I win this one. :)

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  6. Allan Reyes
    Happy bday rain.You're as old as my daughter Julia.May you enjoy your youthfulness and stay cute as your parents. I wanna share this prize with my daughter Julia.

  7. Rain :)

    Wishing you love, sunshine and laughter. Not just on your birthday but all the days after ❤
    I will share Julies biscuits to my kindergarten nephew if I won.. because I love him the most ❤

    Jeda Gonzales

  8. Setdian Siu Sy Tan

    Dear Rain,

    Happy Birthday! I pray on your birthday to become successful blogger.

    I'd like to share my Julies Biscuits to my kids because sharing the foods is the happiness.

  9. Hi Rain,
    Happy Birthday!! May all your wishes come true!

    Kathryn Yau

  10. Happy Birthday Rain! May God bless with wisdom, knowledge and understanding as you grow older. I wish you good health and more blessings to come for you and the rest of the family. :)

    I will share the Julie's Biscuits with my kids.

    Maria Christina Gumatay



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