Monday, October 20, 2014


       When I first visited Osaka Ohsho, I was expected to be blown away by what they claimed to be "The World's #1 Gyoza". No doubt about it, it was very excellent Gyoza - definitely among the best I've ever had-, but to me, it wasn't really mind blowing. I realized the problem wasn't in their version of Gyoza.. It was Gyoza itself. I mean, as much as I enjoy Gyoza, how exactly do you elevate ground meat and cabbage in a pan fried wrapper, to the next level?

      Rina joked, "I'm sure you'd say it was "Mind-Blowing" if it had bacon in it, right?". I smiled back at her and winked, "Right". 

     I don't know if someone from Osaka Ohsho was listening, but months later, Osaka Ohsho has gone and done it. They made a Bacon Gyoza. Call me biased, but now, I'm on board. 

     To me, THIS truly is the World's Number 1 Gyoza. 

Friday, October 17, 2014


Niu by Vikings

        NIU. Pronounced Nee-uh. It means 9 in Viking language which is a significant number in Norse mythology. But aside from all these facts, what I can say is that NIU by Vikings, is probably one of the classiest non-hotel buffets I have been to!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


             Everyone knows that I'm a burger fanatic, right? And I never hid the fact that I'm a big fan of McDonald's. Back in 1998, I was in a trip with my cousins, and we did a tour of United States. During one of our stopovers, I was so famished that I decided to grab something from the nearest McDonald's to tide me over till dinner time. It was then that I tried the somewhat mythical "McRib". 

       I say "Mythical" because it never stays in the menu for very long. Much like a Unicorn, everyone talks about how beautiful and wonderful it is, but no one can actually seem to grab a hold of it. I recall going back to McDonald's a few days later and to much my utter disappointment, discovering that it was gone. I swore to my cousins that I was with that it was true. 

       Whenever we would talk about the McRib, I would drift off, and tell a tale of love found, and then lost in a one fleeting moment. I asked myself, when would I be able to hold that delectable sandwich in my hands again.. Maybe it was never meant to be.. Or maybe it was just a dream. 

    Well it's time to wake up and smell the BBQ Sauce! 

       I'm writing to you with tears in my eyes, and I am proud to announce that the McRib is finally available in the Philippines!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


          A couple of years ago, the sister company of the company I was then working for opened a new office at The Fort Strip. The office itself was quite stunning, and my friends from there were excited for the move. However, the common problem they all had was where to eat. 

      Don't get me wrong.. The Fort Strip has numerous choices to dine at, and most of them offer some very delicious fare. Early Bird Breakfast Club is one suggestion that comes to mind. Burger Avenue is another. Racks is also another good choice. I joked to my boss that I would like to apply for a transfer, with the restaurants nearby as the sole basis. But the problem is, as tasty as the choices undoubtedly are, you can imagine that eating in restaurants around The Fort Strip would eventually take its toll on one's wallet.

   Thankfully, earlier this year, a new restaurant opened that not offers not only comforting Filipino classics at great prices. I was excited to check out what my friends had been raving about when I visited Salo!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


        If you're ever in the vicinity of Banawe in Quezon City and you're craving for some good and affordable dim sum in a bright and very presentable place, King Chef Seafood Restaurant would be your best bet. We recently went there with a couple of our other blogger friends to try their long list of over a hundred type of dimsums!  

        And the best part is, they have Morning, Afternoon, and Late Night Tea Time where they offer a huge discounted price on their dimsum! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014


                When I was young, whenever people would ask me what my favorite food was, I was quick to answer, "Italian". Funnily enough, my claim was largely influenced by my favorite cartoon character, "Garfield", and his love for Lasagna. Truth be told, the only three Italian dishes I knew were Spaghetti, Pizza and Lasagna. I had yet to understand the gastronomic wonders of a creamy Risotto. Never had I experienced that immeasurable joy you get in every bite of crispy Porchetta.    

           As I got older and my aversion to tomato based dishes became stronger, I slowly strayed away from my "first love". Lasagna would be something I would have during family dinners, and I pretty much considered Pizza and Spaghetti as American fare than Italian. 

          It took a stroll down to Linguini Fini, the newly opened restaurant at SM Mega Fashion Hall to reawaken my senses to the awesomeness that is Italian cuisine. 
          And you know what they say.. First love never dies.
          Especially when it's covered in cheese.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


         It was in 2013 that I declared that The Pickiest Eater blog would be expanding, and would now be featuring hotels around the country, including those located within the metro. Since then, I have had the good fortune of experiencing the accommodations and services of some of the finest establishments the Philippines has to offer.  

       With all the negativity you hear about our country, its always nice to see how we have hotel chains situated here that we can be proud of, especially with tourists. It's probably a given that their airport experience will not be all that pleasant, but at the very least, once they've checked in to their hotel, it's comforting to know that they will get the genuine, welcoming warmth that the Philippines is known for. 

       This year, I have been fortunate enough to travel to three different countries - Korea, Hong Kong, and The United States. All beautiful countries, no doubt, but when it comes to hospitality, there's nothing like the genuine warmth of the Filipino. 

      Which is why I always enjoy staying in different hotels, whether it's for a vacation or a "Staycation".

       Recently, Rina and I went on a Staycation at a hotel located at the bustling Ortigas Business District. I honestly wasn't really expecting much from Oakwood Premier Joy-Nostalg Center Manila. Truth be told, I didn't even know Oakwood had moved to Ortigas til Rina went there earlier this year

      Well, I was in for a rude awakening because I discovered that Oakwood is actually one of the finest hotels in the metro. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


beer pouring

        It seems like only yesterday when Richie and I cheered and celebrated this famous worldwide beer festival with a big mug of...iced tea. (True story. What can we do? We're not really beer drinkers. But that doesn't mean we can't join the fun, right? Hehehe)

And just like that, it's Oktoberfest once again!

        And if you're looking to celebrate an authentic German beer festival here in the Metro, head on to Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila on October 17-18 and join the German Club Manila as they cerebrate the 76th Oktoberfest! Party with the world famous original Hofbräuhaus band from Munich! And yodel along with Lizzie, an internationally acclaimed female yodeller! (Yodelehi--hooooo!)

Monday, September 29, 2014


       I'd like to know how Chef Him Uy de Baron's mind works. His understanding of the intricacies of various flavors is nothing short of otherworldly. His masterful use of ingredients that I often had never heard of before (well, mostly the vegetables at least), makes every visit to his restaurant, Nomama, a new gastronomic adventure.
      Nomama has made itself for it's artisanal Ramen dishes, but believe me, Chef Him's culinary skills go far beyond delicious hot bowls of noodle soup. 

       And since they opened a new branch in Capitol Commons a few months back which is so much nearer to me, I dropped by with some of my food blogger friends to get a firsthand taste of the new Nomama experience!

Friday, September 26, 2014


         Imagine you're at a snazzy Italian restaurant in a Five Star Hotel, expecting to eat a fancy four course meal prepared by an illustrious chef. As you share a conversation with your companion, while waiting for your appetizer to be served, a detective walks in and introduces himself to the entire room. 

    Why is he here, you wonder? Something must be definitely amiss. Save for the man who obviously had too much to drink and is now "napping" at the Poker Table at the center of the room without a care in the world, this restaurant or should I say.. "Casino", nothing seems to be out of the ordinary.  

      After surveying the room while asking the guests a few questions, the detective reveals the truth. 

     The man sprawled across the porker table counter isn't drunk. He's dead. 

And so began the first act of Casino Fatale: Edsa Shangri-la's Murder Mystery Dinner.

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