Friday, May 22, 2015

The All New Super Coffee Now in the Philippines! (Plus Tons of Giveaways!)

Super Coffee

        I am in no way shape or form a coffee drinker. But there is one coffee I tried and actually liked, It's the Roasted Hazelnut of Super Coffee. I took a sip and I immediately liked the flavor. Nutty and sweet but also not too sweet. It's really very like-able. If not for my weird tummy that reacts to a lot of things, I would have had more than 2 small cups.

Super Coffee booth

        Rina on the other hand who loves coffee, also obviously really loved it. Super Coffee is from Singapore and is now here in the Philippines. You know it's of excellent quality when they use only world-class quality beans from Vietnam, Brazil, and Indonesia.

Super coffee taste test

        Compared to the other brands, you can really say that the taste of Super Coffee has more oomph and tastes more special.

Super Coffee Booth

        Their beans undergo careful roasting process and liquid extraction that makes their beans extremely concentrated, that it's actually up to 48x stronger than regular coffee. Currently, the flavors available in the Philippines are...

Charcoal Roasted 3in1 - Roasted Hazelnut

Charcoal Roasted 3in1 - Brown Sugar

Charcoal Roasted 3in1 - Toffee Caramel

Super Coffee Classics 3in1 - Brown

Super Coffee Classics 3in1 - Original

Super Coffee Palettes 3in1 - Salted Caramel

        With Super Coffee, you will feel like you're having barista drinks right at the comfort of your own home, not to mention for such a small price! Only 6 pesos per sachet!

Super Coffee Smile Caravan


        Super Coffee already has started creating and spreading happiness with their delicious coffee in Eastwood, MRT Ayala station, and in Baguio! Gorgeous dancing Baristas were seen, some with their innovative Super Coffee backpacks serving free hot or cold Super Coffee to tired commuters.  Over 3,000 cups served in Baguio city, and over 5,000 each in Eastwood Citywalk and Ayala MRT Station. It's just one of the many surprises Super Coffee has ins store for everyone, as their way of staying true to their slogan.... "Some pursue happiness, We help create it."

Smile Caravan Digital Promo

        Here's one of the surprises Super Coffee has for you guys! With Super Coffee's Smile Caravan Digital Promo, you get the chance to win one year's supply of Super Coffee with these fun steps!:

1.  Take a photo or video of the Super Coffee Dancing Baristas when you spot them
2.  Follow Super Coffee on Facebook and Instagram, and tag @supercoffeeph when you upload your post.  Don’t forget to add the hashtag #supercoffeeph 
3.  Spread the news toy our friends and get them to like your post. The post with the most number of likes will get the chance to win 1 year FREE supply of Super Coffee 3in1

I Found What A Smile Tastes Like Super Coffee Facebook Promo

Another surprise is another way to win one year FREE supply of Super Coffee 3in1!

super coffee contest mechanics

        This one is easy too! It's just a matter of sharing their Smile Caravan video link! Nothing to lose! And you could have free Super Coffee good for one year!

        And just when you thought the chances of winning was more than enough, Super Coffee is also giving readers of The Pickiest Eater another chance to win a year's worth of Super Coffee! Just follow the rafflecopter below and you're all set!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The best of luck to all!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


It's Rina's Birthday Week, so aside from the ongoing Lemon Squares Giveaway I'm currently hosting, I'm holding yet another giveaway.. 
This time courtesy of our friends at McDonald's Philippines!

     So, I know you guys know that the McRib is back in McDonald's Menu for a limited time, but did you know there's a way for five Pickiest readers to win TEN McRib "Be Our Guest" (BOG) cards to share with you and your friends? (Or not.. depends on you.. I won't judge.. hehe

     Join the McRib Instagram Contest now!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

See What Others Can See With ASUS ZenFone 2!

ASUS Zenfone 2

        You know how ladies normally get all excited when they’re in a mall looking at dresses? Well, my wife for some reason gets all excited when passing by a cellphone shop. She doesn’t necessarily buy every new cellphone model like how fashion changes per season (because that would be crazy), but she just really loves looking and fiddling with cellphones. Any cellphone.

        And there are a lot of cellphones in the market today. So many that people are sometimes having a hard time keeping up. So when people need to change their phones, more often than not, they have to really do their research to make sure their next cellphone can keep up with their lifestyles but at the same time will not cause them an arm and a leg.

        And that’s just what the newest ASUS phone is about. The ASUS Zenfone 2 is pretty much one of the best smart phones you will get today with excellent excellent value for money.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


       Romeo and Juliet. Jack and Rose. Cersei and Jamie (?). Kanye and Kanye. Sorry, I meant, Kanye and Kim. And then there's Richie and Rina.. err.. Richie and Bacon.  

      For the past few weeks, I've been getting tagged on Instagram and Facebook with a picture of a neon light in a restaurant that proudly sports my lifelong motto.. "Long Live Bacon". Everyone that tagged me was very adamant that I had to try the restaurant in which that light calls home, Lazy Bastard. 

     Upon hearing about this place, I immediately did what any normal human being would do - Log on to Google and do a quick search for information on the restaurant. Unfortunately, apart from your usual food directory websites, there weren't very many blogs that have featured Lazy Bastard yet, in fact just one to be exact - a testament to the restaurant being fairly new. 

   So one fine day, I found myself with a few hours to kill in Makati, I contacted my friend Hefty Foodie to ask if he was in the area and if he would like to join me in unveiling one of Makati's best kept secrets... Friends, let me tell you about this Lazy Bastard I know..

Friday, May 8, 2015

An Easy Dessert Recipe for the Summer (Plus, a Chance To Win A Nice Baking Set!)

easy refrigerator cake using inipit

        Imagine you have a whole stash of delicious Inipit Cake Sandwich by Lemon Square at home on a summer day. Your toddler feels like a snack. A cold one to beat the summer heat. What do you do?

Make A Refrigirator Cake from Inipit!

This is a simple experiment turned well by only using simple ingredients!

easy refrigerator cake ingredients


6 or more packs of Inipit Cake Sandwich. I used the custard flavor.
1 can Condensed milk
2 tetra packs of All-Purpose cream
1 large ripe mango (skin peeled and sliced)

Materials needed:
A deep glass bakeware

And the most important thing is make sure you have space in the freezer ;-)


So basically you mix the condensed milk and the all-purpose cream together. Mix it well.

easy refrigerator cake

        Slowly pour the milk mixture over the cakes until it completely covers the cakes, then add slices of mangoes on the top. Place it inside the freezer for a few hours and...

easy refrigerator cake

VOILA! Inipit Refrigirator Cake!!!

father and daughter eating cake

Rain liked it! It’s the perfect easy-to-make dessert for this scorching summer!

father and daughter eating cake

The Contest!

refrigerator cake

        Bloggers and social media users! It’s your turn to create and share recipes using Lemon Square Products! Be as creative as you can and you can win a baking set worth Php5,000 and tons of delicious LEMON SQUARE products! 

inipit cake sandwich


1. Create a dessert using Lemon Square’s soft, yummy, and fluffy Inipit cakes.
2. Document how you created the dessert through photos or video.
3. Share the dessert recipe on your blog.
4. Include the message and hashtag below in your blog post:
    “Sarap maging kid with Inipit”
    Hashtag: #NoLimitWithInipit
Five (5) winners will win a Baking Set worth Php5,000 each and Lemon Square products!

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
    50% - Uniqueness of Recipe
    40% - Dessert Presentation
    10% - Blog Post Story


1. Create a dessert using Lemon Square’s soft, yummy, and fluffy Inipit cakes.
2. Take a photo of your finished product.
3. Share the photo on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.
4. Describe your dessert in the caption, and include the hashtag, #NoLimitWithInipit.
5. Remember to make your accounts public!

Ten (10) winners will win Baking Tools worth Php2,000 each and Lemon Square products!

Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:
    50% - Dessert Presentation
    40% - Photo Quality
    10% - Caption

The contest will run until May 29, 2015 only so better start thinking and making what amazing recipe you can make with LEMON SQUARE! I can’t wait to see your desserts!

There sure is #NoLimitwithInipit!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


            Taal Vista Hotel will always have a special place in my heart, because it was the very first place wherein I ever had a Staycation at as a blogger. After one stay there, I realized how much I wanted to delve into travel as well, which opened up a floodgate of invites for me as a blogger.
         Although my very first stay there was on my own dime, it was rather gracious of Taal's marketing team to invite me back a couple of weeks afterwards, simply because they felt they weren't able to "entertain" Rina and I because there was an on-going event during my stay. I pleaded with them that it was totally unnecessary, but they simply would not have it. 

      That trip became very memorable for me because I got to meet some amazing people, namely Nikki Tiu of Ask Me Whats, Grace Go of A View From The Leftie, Jo Tan of  JoTan23, and none other than Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet

    I've been back numerous times since then, with each trip seemingly more fun than the next. Earlier this year, Taal Vista Hotel added yet another reason to visit Tagaytay, when it opened it's new Farm to Table Concept restaurant, Taza: The Fresh Table. 

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Photo by Tales from the Tummy Richard Co

        We’ve been blogging for roughly around five years, and I can’t help but notice how much technology has changed since then. When we first started, we would take photos of with our digital cameras, plug the camera to our old laptop, transfer the photos, and upload it to our social media sites and on the blog.

Photo by All Chucked Up Chuckie Dreyfus

        And then we got our work cut out for us when the big smart phones came. Big phones that can take good enough photos, and which you can also use to connect to the internet.

        But more often than not, we have some photos or files that we have saved in our computers at home that we suddenly need at that very moment we’re out of the house. So you’d have to wait until you get home to access that file and send it to whoever. But once again, Globe is making a step to make life easier for everyone. Again!

Saturday, April 25, 2015


        Obviously, food trips play a big part of my life. In fact, it’s one of the things that brought Rina and I closer together. And by this time I’m sure you know the type of food that attracts us the most. Delicious bacon, burgers, and sausages. Fast food. The works! Yes, we know it’s not exactly the healthiest choice of food, but you have to admit, it’s delicious and very satisfying. Healthy food never piques my interest. In fact, I’ve done a pretty good job in staying away from them as much as I can. (Kids, don’t try this at home.)

listerine event

        But last March 27, we attended a food exhibit that was filled with good-looking dishes. But the thing surprising thing is, they’re all healthy!

        This was Listerine’s #StepUpYourFoodTrip event, which proved that Food trips can be tasty and healthy at the same time!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


   This marks my first collaboration with Eugene Constantino, the food blogger more famously known as "Hefty Foodie", whom I feel is perhaps one of.. if not THE BEST Food Photographer out there today. The "collaboration" is actually a result of my DSLR conking out on me, and Eugene selflessly volunteering to provide me pictures for my blog. Thanks so much buddy! You saved my ass!

       I'm not much of a drinker, and I don't like going out at night. I've said time and time again that it usually takes a promise of great food or an epic movie. I was graciously invited to join my fellow bloggers at 71 Gramercy to see the metro's hottest night spot, and I politely declined. Yes, I know people are lining up to get in, and here I am, offered to get a tour of the place, and I say no. 

    The thing is, running the show as the General Manager is the stunning Chef Cecille Chang of Silk Road fame (In my opinion, the best Thai Restaurant in the metro). And if you have met Chef Cecille before, you know that this is a woman that you do not say no to. 

    A couple of days before the event, I got a call from Chef. In her sweet voice, she asked me, "Hi Richie! Are you busy? Can you talk?". "Of course Chef, how may I help you?", I replied. All of a sudden, the sugar coated tone was lost, and she responded with a fiery, "Why aren't you joining us for dinner at 71 Gramercy? I want you and Rina there! It's not the same without you!". 

   Let me just say, when someone like Chef Cecille wants you to go to her restaurant, YOU GO TO HER RESTAURANT. The mere fact that she bothered to call meant a lot to me, so I promptly cancelled my plans for that day, and decided I'd be going to 71 Gramercy. 

    And I'm glad I did. I was expecting it to be a night of drinking, which is why I wasn't really too keen on going in the first place. But then I soon discovered that we would be tasting the menu that 71 Gramercy's Executive Chef, Carlo Miguel has prepared. 

Monday, April 20, 2015


      Before we go any further, I would first like to apologize for the quality of the photos in the post. My trusty old DSLR camera threw a hissy fit and was not very responsive, so I decided to use my Phone's camera instead. Although I have to admit the quality isn't bad, it still is not on par with the photos of my previous posts, especially when it's Rina taking the photos hehe..

       But can you blame me? If your choices were "Use your Phone camera to take pictures of Ippudo's new dishes" or "Don't go to Ippudo at all", I guarantee you that the former will win every single time.

     With that being said, Check out the newest Ramen and appetizers to hit Ippudo Philippines' menu! 


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