Friday, August 1, 2014


xiao long bao

  For my regular readers, you would know that Chinese food is one of my favorite cuisines (American being the other one). And there’s a list of Chinese restaurants that have really caught my attention, and my tummy. The latest addition to that list is Lugang Cafe. We went past it one time at SM Mega Fashion Hall and I have been hearing good things about it, so we decided to give it a shot.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


pizza thins

        The first time I tried Greenwich Pizza Thins was when we were deep into post production for the movie Kung Fu Divas. We were experiencing some technical delays and our director, Onat Diaz, requested for Greenwich Pizza Thins as his "Comfort food". With all the high profile pizza joints out there, I was actually quite surprised that he would ask for Greenwich pizza of all things. 

     Direk Onat explained to me that he found the crust of other pizza brands a bit too thick. In essence, you lose the beauty of tasting the delicious toppings because you're too busy filling yourself on the dough. After awhile, he said he felt like he was eating a sandwich. I thought that was a very good point, and gave it a shot. And in one simple *CRACK* of the crust, I was sold.

     It was indeed, as Direk Onat said, "Tarush".      

     Then I made Rina try it during a movie marathon night. We couldn't agree on a flavor, so we decided to get two pies.. All Meat for me, and the Signature Special for her, thinking that we can have the leftovers for lunch the next day.  However, it was like we were both in a trance after taking the first bite. When we regained consciousness, My wife and I discovered that we finished a box of pizza EACH! 

      I don't think I've ever loved my life more than I did at that moment, but that was also how we knew that the Greenwich Pizza Thins are no ordinary pizza. It was only apt that the pizza would make a loud *CRACK* after ever bite, because it was deliciously addicting!

Monday, July 28, 2014


            I may not care for their hairstyles or their music (With the "Sistars" being the sole exception, that I watch on mute), but I must say that I quite enjoy Korean Cuisine - Especially when it comes to their Barbecue. Though I had heard of Sariwon numerous times through the foodie grapevine, I had yet to try the dishes that they had to offer. 

         One fine day, I tagged along with some of my blogger friends to visit Sariwon's newest branch in Greenhills, to see how it compared to the other Korean restaurants I've been to in the past. 
        It took only one visit for me to feel silly for not going there a lot earlier. 

Friday, July 25, 2014


         Before Ramen became the rabid food craze it is today, Chinese Noodle Soup was the go-to soup of choice for those looking for a lighter, yet satisfying meal. Chairman Wang's is restaurant in Alabang with a goal: Putting the pride back into noodle soups & reaffirming its place as one of the most popular comfort food(s?) of choice!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Chef Anthony Dong

“My culinary philosophy is to cook from the heart.”
Chef Anthony Dong

        When a chef thinks this way, you know you're in for a delicious treat! This is Chef Anthony Dong. And he is Futian Shangri-la Shenzen's Executive Chef that holds the title of Honorary Deputy Professor of Food and Beverage Management at Far East University Tainan, and a gold medalist in the National Innovative Cooking Competition in Shenzen. Long story short, he's big in Shenzen! That's why Makati Shangri-La is very proud to have him here as their guest chef for one week to cook his heart out featuring Huaiyang Cuisine at Shang Palace for Filipinos to try!

huaiyang menu

        Just to give a quick background, Huaiyang cuisine is considered to be one of The Four Great Traditions in the culinary heritage of China (Others are Cantonese cuisine, Shandong cuisine and Sichuan cuisine.) That's why it was such a pleasure that we were able to try it.

Jiangnan appetizer

        Starting with this Appetizer Combination in Jiangnan style which includes Marinated Chicken and Sliced Abalone with Wasabi ( top left) I loved this one. Very fresh and had a mix of different textures. Next is the Deep-Fried Fish with Five Spices (top right) which is also one of my favorites! Love the sweet sauce it was covered in! The Marinated Minced Spinach with Green Mustard (bottom center) was too hot for my liking. Once I popped the WHOLE THING into my mouth (nig mistake), I felt flames run up my nose hehe. But then again it depends on your heat tolerance because some of our seat mates loved it! The Marinated Cuttlefish and Japanese Bean Curd (Lower far right) was okay as well. I thought at first that it was squid. Chewy!

snail dish

        And last but not the least is the least is this very cute looking snail! The Stewed Snail with Garlic and Chili Sauce which Chef Anthony creatively presented as a cute little snail! His creativity is really evident in these appetizers don't you think? Tip! I ate the snail chunks with the remaining sauce of the Marinated Chicken and Sliced Abalone with Wasabi. And it was good!

bean curd soup

        To warm our tummies, we were served the Braised Bean Curd Ball in Superior Broth. At first I thought the strips were noodles. But they're actually expertly-sliced bean curd in this thick creamy and hearty soup! It was my first time to try something like this.

oatmeal breading

        Next is my favorite. The Deep-Fried Shrimp with Oatmeal. Huge tender shrimp inside with a bit of wasabi mayo, and then coated with crunchy oatmeal, all sitting on a thick slice of cucumber. I'm so happy Richie doesn't eat shrimp so naturally he gave me his share bwahahahahaha! *Evil laugh*.

shrimp oatmeal

Here's a cross-section shot. I could eat 3 of these. No, maybe like 4. Or 5.

pear dish

        This is perhaps the most popular dish that night. The Braised Beef Cheek with Red Wine Pear. But you might be wondering where the braised beef cheek is...

pear dish

        There it is!!! It's inside! Funny that it's only now that I'm wondering how Chef Anthony stuffed the meat inside the pear. Because I had to slice that pear open and I don't recall seeing any opening. Mind-blowing! Hats off again to the Chef! Oh, and plus the meat? Soooo soft! 


        Next is the Braised Bamboo Asparagus in Superior Broth. This is a very light and refreshing dish with hints of sweetness from the goji berries. The bamboo pith added another texture with its spongy-ness. A great dish for vegetarians! 

fried rice

        The Fried Rice with Preserved Meat and Shrimp was really delicious. Very tasty and the crispiness of the dried shrimp added more fun! It's one of the few shrimp dishes that Richie, The Pickiest Eater, ever devoured in his life. Hehehe. 

assorted fruits

        And for our sweet ending, a plate of assorted fruits, and a piece of jelly heart. Simply fresh, simply healthy, simply delicious. 

Chef Anthony Dong

        It's no wonder that Chef Anthony Dong carries a big name in the culinary industry! You can really taste and see how he pours his heart when he creates his dishes! It was a pleasure, Chef Anthony! Thank you!

food bloggers

        The Huaiyang Cuisine started last July 20 and will end on the 30th of July 2014, only at Shang Place. 2nd floor of Makati Shangri-La along Ayala Avenue corner Makati Avenue, Makati. Thank you once again to Mica, Chrystel, and Lesley for having us!

        For more information, like Makati Shangri-La on Facebook , or call (02) 813 8888.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


        Romeo and Juliet. Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Guy and Pip. Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas/Tayor Lautner/John Mayer/Jake Gyllenhaal/Harry Styles. The Pickiest Eater and The World and Pork. Some of the greatest love affairs that the world has ever seen. 

     I love pork. LOVE. I love pork more than Kanye West loves Kanye West. Which is why whenever a restaurant that specializes in Pork dishes pops up, it is immediately on my radar. 

   From the moment I heard about the recently opened restaurant called "Livestock", I kept bugging Rina about making time to visit. Finally the day came in which I could no longer deny myself of the delights of this Porky Paradise.  

    And what I discovered was a close to carnivore's "Heaven on Earth" as you can get! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014


virtual online shopping card

        It’s amazing how convenient and exciting it is that one can now have an amazing shopping experience just by surfing the internet. You don’t have to brave the crazy malls or shops just to hunt for that exact hat or bag that you’ve been wanting to buy. Or braving the mall rush every time there’s a sale. Be it local or international, it’s easier to buy it through the internet with just a few clicks of the mouse. (Thank you Internet inventor guys!) And what’s even more amazing is that they deliver straight to your door step! It can’t be anymore convenient than that!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


cheese collection

        Have you ever seen so many French cheeses in your life? This was my first time to see this much cheese, and also my first time to see it in so many weird forms and colors. But I tried some of it and they were really really delicious!!!!! They're part of the magnifique collection of the Cheese Master himself, Maître Fromagier Gérard Poulard! (One of the jolliest and most down-to-earth masters I have ever met!)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


        It's amazing that a simple coffee product could have so much awards and certifications (see here). And this says a lot about the brand. I don't drink coffee but my wife does and I'm sure she's excited to try this famous coffee from Singapore! It's OWL! And you too can get to try it because we're holding a giveaway right now! Keep reading!

Monday, July 7, 2014


gear4 espresso speakers yellow

Care for a cup of expresso? But it contains booming music instead of coffee!

        It was only recently when I appreciated Bluetooth speakers. We were able to try one during our first wireless portable speaker review (here) and we were in awe on how you can play loud music wirelessly with music from your phone. It was a little bigger than this one, so I thought the sounds of this cute speaker would just be okay.... 

Boy was I wrong! 

GEAR4's Espresso packs quite a punch with it's surprisingly amazing bass!
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