Monday, November 16, 2020


         Ever since the first time I tried their Bacon a few years back, I've always believed that Mekeni is one of the best under the radar food corporations in the country. And as it turns out, it seems many Filipinos agreed with me as well, because since then, Mekeni has steadily grown in popularity! This would not be possible if they weren't producing quality food and innovative products as well. But they have kept up their excellent work, and the public has taken notice! 

           Seeing that the Pandemic has sadly forced limitations in terms of promotion, Mekeni conceptualized a fun way to reach out to their customers, while successfully promoting a delicious product that offers less guilt, and showing their audience how versatile it can be as well... The Chicken Longanisa!

            This all happened at The Guiltless Cook-Off by Mekeni, a virtual event hosted by none other than Issa Litton, and included esteemed guests such as top Nutritionist Reginna Lat, and Pampanga's "Next Big Thing" Chef Vince Garcia!



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