Friday, June 25, 2010


    Hello. My Name is RichieZ. And I am the Pickiest Eater In The World.

    You don't believe me? Ask my mom. Ask my Wife. Ask my "Yaya", that used to cook for me when i was growing up. Ask them who's the pickiest eater that they know. I guarantee you that they would - without batting an eyelash, and with the sense of conviction that would make Martin Luther King Jr. tremble in his boots, - tell you that, without a shadow of a doubt, it is me. I don't think there's anyone else in the world that comes close. 

    I could give you a list of things that I don't eat, and I promise you, it'll far outweigh the things that I do. Though I do admit that my "pickyness" stems from plain and simply not liking the taste of such standard foods, there's a medical explanation as well. I'm extremely Hyper Acidic. Having a bum stomach such as mine really handicaps me from eating all out. When i say Hyper Acidic, i mean my tummy nearly instantly reacts to simple things such as Ketchup (which sucks because I love Del Monte's Sweet Blend), Vinegar (Which is fine because the smell makes me vomit), and good luck trying to get me to eat anything spicy. My mouth can handle it, but my stomach can not. 

    What happens when I get an acid attack? Let's just say the results are not pretty. 

    Apart from my "condition", there are so many things that i don't eat, with Vegetables and seafood being the number one culprits.

    I don't usually eat anything green. Off the top of my head, the only vegetable dish i can think of that i actually enjoy is the "Gising Gising" from the restaurant "Recipes". Another funny thing.. I love the taste of "Gata" or "Coconut Milk", but i cant stand Buko Juice, or any other thing "Coconut". Weird, I know.. it'll get weirder as I go along..

    Seafood? I only eat fish. In fact, i actually really love fish. But I don't eat any form of shell fish, squid, or octopus. I don't eat Crab, Lobster, or Shrimp. When eating Yang Chow Fried Rice (Which I love), it's become a normal thing for me to have a pile of the small shrimps on the side of my plate (which i usually give to my wife) There was a time that I came back from Palawan, and I brought my family three huge lobsters for them to feast on. The steamed it up real good with butter sauce, and chowed down to their heart's content. Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, i was happily eating my spam and garlic rice.

    So why would a picky eater such as myself even bother with a Food Blog? 

    The Answer is simple. I may be a Picky Eater, but I do love to eat. What do I eat? I'm a carnivore. Give me liempo over caviar or foi gras any day.

     Maybe i'm NOT a "Picky Eater". Maybe i should have called myself a "Simple Eater" instead. 

    This Blog is meant to chronicle the adventures of me and my partner in crime, the beautiful RinaZ's, as we explore different cuisines, trying to find food that suits our taste.

    I really hope you enjoy the ride. :) 


  1. goodluck with this new adventure!!!! yey! finally, it's happening!!!! :)

  2. thanks flex!! testing pa lang, to'.. there's actually something bigger and better coming along.. you'll see :)



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