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oakroom restaurant and bar logo

        I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there are a lot of delicious dishes available at the Saturday Night Fever Dinner Buffet at Oakwood Premier Manila's Oakroom Restaurant and Bar. Though admittedly the area is much smaller compared to other hotel buffets, the quality of the food makes it stand tall...  And all for just P1,290+++ per head!

oakwood premier buffet
The whole buffet area

oakroom restaurant and bar

This is the dining area. Not too big but cozy nonetheless.

salad buffet at oakwood premier

They have a wide selection of salads to start with. 

caesar salad at oakwood premier

        The Caesar Salad in particular was my favorite. In fact they have one of the best Caesar Salads I have tasted in the Metro. It tastes exactly the way I want it. A bit salty yet refreshing!

cob salad at oakwood premier

They also have Cob Salad...

waldorf salad at oakwood premier

A Waldorf Salad...

new york style cheesedog salad

        And a fairly interesting N.Y. Style Cheesedog Salad. It was interesting but I was not such a fan of it. But my friend and seatmate Dude For Food really liked it! They also have Pulled Chicken Salad and Pulled Pork Salad. Told ya they have a lot of salads to choose from!

salad dressings oakwood premier

Lots of salad dressings to choose from too!

smoked salmon appetizer

        They have lots of other appetizers. The Smoked Salmon in particular was my favorite! Good smokey salmon sitting pretty on top of a soft bread!

reuben sandwich at oakwood premier

        I also liked the Reuben Sandwich. The dressing is very tasty. But I just wish there was more meat. But overall, it was quite good!

chicken tortilla at oakwood premier

        The Chicken Tortilla was also really good! Its very light yet very flavorful at the same time.

pastrami and smoked turkey

They also serve Pastrami and Smoked Turkey

Let's get down to business and head on to the meaty stuff...

rib eye at oakwood premier

        Hello Rib Eye! Oakroom's Rib Eye had a good amount of seasoning that it's good even without the gravy. But I suggest you add gravy as well because it's even more fantastic! Very soft and juicy!

pork ribs barbecue at oakwood premier

        Richie will definitely love these Pork Ribs Barbecue because of its sweet taste. It falls off the bone too!

grilled corn and mashed potatoes oakwood premier

        Call me "corny" but I really enjoyed the grilled corn on the cob. It has that subtle sweetness that makes you want to nibble some more! And it goes with everything, I might add.

buffalo wings at Oakwood Premier

        They also have some Buffalo Wings which have just the right amount of heat. I enjoyed this as well. Can be very addicting.

grilled steak at oakwood buffet

I found the Grilled Steak a bit tough. But I hope it was just tough the day we went there.

Hopping on to desserts...

dessert buffet at oakwood premier

Oakroom Bar and Restaurant serves some yummy desserts

apple crumble at oakwood buffet
Apple Crumble

And some other delicious and very beautiful cakes!

red velvet at oakwood buffet
Like the Red Velvet...

black and white brownies at oakwood buffet
Black and White Brownies...

mud pie dessert buffet

And Mud Pie. And a lot more!

magnum at dessert buffet

       And then I had to blink my eyes a couple of times to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. See, I love Magnum ice cream bars. And so it was a treat for me to see that it was among the selections from their dessert buffet! Yummmmm!

cronut station

        Then finally, the moment you've all been waiting for... The Croissant Doughnut station by Chef Jerome Cartailler! It's a well-oiled station machine that serves fancy and sweet croissant doughnuts, and also cooks savory ones on the spot per request!

cronut M & Ms

        Look at all these pretty croissant doughnuts! Everything really looks tempting! But because I was so full from all the other food, I wasn't able to taste all the flavors already.

mini cronuts

        I also love the fact that they also make mini Croissant Doughnuts. So you can taste all the flavors and not get too full with one flavor of a big one.

savory cronuts

        Finally, the savory Croissant Doughnuts! The flavors are based on different cuisines around the world.

philly cheese steak cronut

        Take for example, their best seller the Croissant Doughnut Philly which has tender beef, onions, and lots of cheese sauce.

cronut with foi gras

        They also have the Croissant Doughnut de France which has a balsamic glaze and.... wait for it... Foie Gras!!

cronut de pinoy

        And of course, a flavor that is truly Pinoy! Presenting, the Croissant Doughnut de Pinoy has pulled adobo, cheddar, and then topped with crackling.

cronut eggs benedict

        Other flavors are the Croissant Doughnut Benedict that has pouched eggs, smoked ham, then drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

cronut burger

And a Burger Croissant Doughnut

        While these savory croissant doughnuts are good, I personally prefer mine to be more on the sweet side. I guess it's just my mind anticipating that doughnuts in any form should be sweet hehe.

cronut station at oakwood premier

If you're worried that you won't be able to finish one whole, you can ask them to make only half an order.

        The Saturday Night Fever Buffet is available every Saturday from 6PM - 10PM at Oakroom, Restaurant and Bar, located at the 6th floor of Oakwood Premier, 17 ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

        For inquiries or reservation, call 63.2. 719.11.60 (direct line) or 63.2.637.7888 ext 8604 or email


  1. Everything looks exquisite and delicious! This is a must-go restaurant for family dinners and get-togethers with friends! :)

    1. I totally agree! I still haven't been here.. I had work when Rina went.. sniff :(

  2. Wow! Sa Ribeye pa lang and Magnum Bars okay na ako eh. Hahaha! I should try this with my husband.

    1. Definitely! Hope you enjoy as much as Rina did hehe

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