Saturday, May 20, 2017


           Before I start, I want to get this out in the open. Although I'm flattered that people suggested it, I'm not an endorser of McDonald's. I'm just what you would call a "Super Fan". I believe you need to have a certain level of popularity for McDonald's to get you as an endorser, and I don't think i'm anywhere near the required vicinity. 

         Apparently, the video i made for the Spicy Buffalo Chicken McDo turned out to be quite controversial, because as it turns out, customers either hated it or loved it. And those that hated it, seemed to do so with a fiery passion that would make the spiciness of the chicken seem like honey by comparison.  

          Someone sent me a message saying "Maasim and parang ligyan lang ng Hot Sauce (Tabasco)!" (Translation: "It's sour and tastes like they just added Tabasco to it". Umm.. I'm no chef but I think the sauce is made with Vinegar and.. wait for it.. Tabasco. Perhaps from the picture, they were expecting Hickory BBQ or something like that? 

           There were those who ordered and simply said, "I didn't like it, I wouldn't order it again". And there were those who hurled curses at me... over a piece of chicken 😂 (Talk about serious issues 😂).

        Those who enjoyed it, seemed to know what to expect from the flavor profile of Buffalo sauce. The acid and heat agreed with their palate. 

        Then there's me, who is in the middle ground. I enjoyed the chicken, yes. I knew what to expect from the flavor. The only major "cons" for me was the heat (perhaps a couple of notches lower would have been along the lines of what my meager palate can handle), and the sauce is quite heavy, so if you don't eat it right away, the skin loses its crispiness. 

         Nonetheless, it did make me eat more rice than I should have. The acid was balanced well with the butteriness. And as always, the Chicken was juicy and delicious. I do believe it invoked what Buffalo style chicken is to me. 

       However, the next time I went to McDonald's I had a Big Mac and Nuggets. I mean, it's good, but I would stick to the Classics on McDonald's Menu.  

      I'm not sure if it's still on the menu, but I do urge you all to try it for yourself, and I would love to know your feedback! 

         And remember, no need to get angry.. It's just a piece of Chicken! 😂

    Much thanks to Bea, Marcy, and blogger buddies Bettina of (aka #BettNaBett), Jeng Del Rosario of, and Princess Salonga of for joining in on the fun! 

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