Wednesday, June 26, 2019


          Diamond Hotel Philippines is always looking for ways to dazzle their guests, especially through its food. This June, they launched a special buffet spread at their flagship restaurant Corniche, that puts the wonder of Filipino Cuisine front and center, through its "Philippine Culinary Heritage Food Festival."

            Helmed by Chef Christopher Carangian, culinary heritage advocate and the Punong Heneral of Culinary Generals of the Philippines, this food festival works on the belief that every Filipino dish has a riveting story to tell, as the recipe was passed from one family to another, until it eventually landed on to your plate today. 

             Here is a quick glimpse of the phenomenal dishes you'll find at The Philippine Culinary Heritage Food Festival. 

        In my humble opinion, the "Wak Na Toy Sa Makremang Kalabasa" was almost like a Filipino version of Sheperd's Pie. Buried below a mountain of mashed sweet potato and melted cheese, was a vibrant menudo dish that I couldn't get enough of. 

The Warik Warik  is an aromatic dish made from Pork Belly of Black Pig. 

      The Ciento Quinse is a unique stew made of Jackfruit, Coconut Cream and Seafood. History tells us that the name was derived from the 115 chilis used in creating this mouthwatering concoction. 

        The Zapote Inihaw came from some of the favorite BBQ places that Chef Chris encountered in the South, which he felt was a wonderful representation of the Filipino Palate. 

            The Barakong Bibe was another brilliant dish. A whole duck was rub in local coffee grounds, and roasted to a gorgeous crisp, with the sweet, smokey notes of the grounds embedding itself within the meat of the duck.  

           The star of every Filipino feast is of course, the Lechon. The "Nilitson na Baboy ni Pigafetta" was Chef's Chris's way of honoring the iconic dish. 

        The skin had the crunch I look for in my lechon, and the meat was packed with juicy flavor. I was enthralled with every bite I took! 

Chef Chris even made sure to add to the already stellar lineup of Ice Cream that Diamond is known for, with his Criollo Cacao and Ubi Kinampay. 

       Kudos to Diamond Hotel for giving Chef Christopher Carangian a stage for him to weave his wonderous gastronomic tales through his dishes! The Filipino Food Festival ends on June 30, and this is a buffet spread you most definitely wont want to miss!

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