Tuesday, December 24, 2019

PAYAMAYA’S DIGITAL AGUINALDO: Let your Loved ones know you care this Christmas!

I remember when I was a kid, my aunt would give me a thick wad of Twenty Peso bills for Christmas. I remember loving the feeling of having so much money in my wallet, even if you added it all up together and it was just around P300. The amount was actually not really the point.. To me, the point was getting money instead of a gift made me feel even more grown up. Like I was being told that I am responsible enough to make purchases for myself. That’s when I started understanding the concept of the “Aguinaldo” for the Holiday Season.

Now that I am an uncle and Godfather to many kids, it’s  my turn to give out Aguinaldos to my nephews and nieces.. But the difference I noticed is that – since they’re already bringing gadgets such as cellphones, portable gaming consoles and tablets, they don’t like the cumbersome feeling of fat bills in their pockets. 

It’s a good thing that PayMaya solves that problem by allowing its users to send digital aguinaldo to their loved ones.. through its Send Money feature!

Giving someone money during the holiday season is a great way to show that you care. Perhaps the annoying thing about the effort, is having to go to the bank and withdraw the crispiest bills possible, not to mention get nice “Ampao” envelopes, then label them one by one with the names of the recipients.

PayMaya eliminates all that hassle and makes giving Aguinaldo to your loved ones really simple! Even better, they’re also giving you a P10 cashback each time you send a minimum of P200 per day.

Here’s all you need to do: 

First, Open the PayMaya app, then Go to Send Money

Simply key in the PayMaya mobile number of the recipient along with the amount for your Aguinaldo, Then hit send!

As a safety precaution, you will receive an SMS confirming your transaction and another SMS informing you of your P10 cashback!

That’s right! You can get up to P100 cashback, P10 per day! And when you send an accumulate amount of P10,000, you earn P100 on top of your initial cashback.

With PayMaya’s new Digital Aguinaldo feature, you can skip the trip to the bank, and send money to your nieces and nephews the modern way! If that doesn’t get me the title of “Cool Tito”, I don’t know what will! 

            You too can enjoy a convenient and rewarding way to send Aguinaldo to your loved ones with PayMaya. Just sign up on the app and make sure to use my code: RICHARDPAYMAYA, to instantly get P50 on your account.

Visit paymaya.com/deals to check the latest promos your can avail of!

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