Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Isn't she loveeelyy.. Isn't she wonndeerrrful....

                 My love of McDonald's is stuff of legend. It's also probably what made me fat. Yes, I've watched "Super Size Me". The only thing it did was make me hungry. If I was Superman, a McDonald's Burger would be my Kryptonite. Any of them. Except the Burger McDo. It's my weakness. I just can't resist it. A standard order for me would be a Cheeseburger Deluxe, 6 pcs Chicken Nuggets, Large Fries, and an Apple Pie. The Burger can vary, depending on my mood, but it often revolves around  the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Fillet-O-Fish, or the Mc Chicken. Maybe every now and then I'd try the occasional Big Mac, but that's not very often. 

                   No matter what burger I try though, There is one constant. As in, I cannot eat a McDonald's burger without it. And that's the BBQ sauce from the Chicken Nuggets. Whether its a Double Cheese Burger, a McChicken, or a Fillet o Fish, it's gonna get drowned in BBQ Sauce. Rina would laugh at me because one time when we had some McDonald's delivered, I forgot to order the sauce, and I had a frown on my face throughout the whole meal. The next time we ordered delivery, I ordered 5 extra BBQ sauces, and kept it in the ref, so I never have to eat a McDonald's burger without BBQ Sauce ever again. I actually just saw an extra BBQ sauce packet in my office drawer, and I don't have the slightest clue how long it's been there. 

                  Trust me when I say this: McDonald's Burgers are good, but they're even better with BBQ Sauce.

                Another thing I  do that's a bit out of the ordinary, but not really all that odd, is grab a handful of fries and chuck in into the burger. To me it gives it a nice crunch with every bite. I mean, since I stuff the fries into my mouth after every bite of the burger anyway, why not make a short cut, right? 

                 Given the fact that there aren't that many burgers to choose from, I often look for ways to jazz things up a bit. So, One day after ordering a Quarter Pounder with the usual suspects, I decided to try this.



                Gently remove the top bun of  your burger (whatever it may be) and pour BBQ sauce unto the burger patty. (I Always ask for my quarter pounder "plain", meaning patty, bun and cheese only.. no ketchup, pickles, etc. - They can actually do this) This also works well with the Double Cheeseburger, because of the amount of cheese slathered all over the meat.


                    Grab a handful of French Fries, and lay some down on the burger patty. The more you put, the messier it'll get, and in my case, the bigger chances of getting sauce on your shirt (and your wife upset at you.. seriously dude, I'm speaking from experience).


                        Place Three Chicken Nuggets onto the fries nestled on the Burger patty. Since the Quarter Pounder has the widest patty, it makes it ideal for this concoction.


                  Dab the remaining BBQ Sauce on the top of the McNuggets or the top bun if desired. Waste not, want not. This will also help ensure that every bite you take is engulfed in BBQ sauce.


              Place bun back on top. Pour out remaining fries unto your plate. No need to press the top bun down anymore. (Remember, sauce on shirt is a no-no.)

Enter: O Fortuna music here.



             Isn't it beautiful? BBQ sauce, Chicken Nuggets, no veggies.. All you need is bacon and  it has the makings of the perfect burger! Have one of these babies and you'll be ready to hibernate for the winter. Truth be told though, I don't eat this very often. I mean, when I eat at Mcdonald's, I do eat the BBQ sauce and fries in the burger, but I eat the nuggets separately. (does it make a difference?

             Try it if you dare, but if you burst an artery, no pointing the finger at me :)

          Next time I want to show you how I abuse a Sausage McMuffin hehe..


  1. win!!

    another thing i do is fry up a slice or two of bacon, add it to double quarter pounder and add some barbecue sauce. oh yes, we are friends indeed.

  2. amazing.. step by step talaga.. :D I'll definitely try this later tonight.. :D

  3. That sounds absolutely beautiful, Krys..

    haha KC! Lemme know whatcha think!!

  4. the kids and I always have that here Rich, Burger King version nga lang! It's cheeseburger with onion rings! Their mayo tastes awesome and the BBQ sauce is just like the one at Mcdo's!

  5. Nag mana kay Ninong/tito richie! hehe

  6. I also place some fries in my burger before eating it. will try it with nuggets naman haha! and same, I like Mcdo's burgers a lot except for the Burger Mcdo. Aha! Kaya pala you said you wanted the Mcdo GCs in exchange for the Cathy Valencia GCs! haha! :D

  7. The only similar thing we do is putting fries in my burgers. Matry nga yang chicken nuggets next time. :)

  8. I always get the same thing -- quarter pounder, fries and nuggets, PLUS apple pie.. XD I don't stack them though 'cause I don't think I can bite on such a tall burger.. :))

  9. I looooove Mcdonald's Barbecue Sauce. Love it love it love it. <3
    Do they charge extra for each sauce packet?

    1. yes they do, but only around P10 each so no biggie... totally worth it :)

  10. Reminds me of Epic Meal Time. I'm not allowed to eat at fast food joints anymore for health reasons, but your creation is damn tempting! (I'm particularly intrigued about the BBQ sawwwws). Perhaps when I get my sodium and cholesterol levels down a few notches, I will recreate this. :)

    Once I tried stuffing crunchy bacon strips, cream cheese, and pickled jalapeno slices into a {McDonald's double cheeseburger, then drizzled it with their pancake syrup plus lots of black pepper. Sweet, salty, crunchy, spicy, and sticky heaven!

    1. Carmela, You are a woman after my own heart.. hehe.. I would love to try your creation, sans the jalapeno though.. hehehe..

  11. Woah boy...

    Have you ever tried this with other burger outlets, like Burger King? Tapos may onion rings variation pa. :)

    1. I've stuffed a BBQ Bacon cheeseburger of BK with onion rings.. but i havent tried it with the chicken tenders..... yet.. hehe



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