Tuesday, February 18, 2014


           I think I've done a good job of associating the "Pickiest Eater" name with god's gift to the world.. bacon. Not a week goes by that a reader or a fried tags me on Facebook with a bacon related article. And truthfully, I wouldn't have it any other way.

         Chef Sharwin Tee is a chef after my own heart. Like me, the man eats, breathes sleeps, bacon. He loves those glorious strips of meat so much, he named his restaurant after it, with many of his dishes utilizing everyone's favorite meat candy... Bacon. 

          This is my visit to Quirky Bacon.

      Quirky Bacon is located at the very end of Wilson Street. The place isn't exactly huge, but it's quaint and maintains a nice level of comfort, without feeling cramped. It's vibrant colors and laid back atmosphere almost assures that you will definitely feel right at home. Think of it, as eating over at your cousins' house for dinner.

            The specially made reception area sets the tone, for your bacon infused dining experience,as it is in the shape of a gigantic can of "Quirky Bacon Soup".


         Chef Sharwin takes the classic Canadian dish, Poutine, and adds a pinoy spin to it. The result is the delicious Adobo and White Cheese Poutine. This version of Poutine uses crispy Kamote (sweet potato) fries instead of the usual potato, and is drizzled in a rich, adobo infused gravy that added a solid punch of flavor to the dish, that was balanced out by the white cheese "curds". 

         Then we have Chef Sharwin's middle finger salute to the leafy abomination in a bowl that is otherwise known as a "Salad". Since I'm not allowed to replace the lettuce with strips of bacon, why not  adding strips of bacon, dipped into bread crumbs then deep fried instead? Throw in a bit of lettuce, Cherry Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and Cucumbers, then drizzle a bit of vinaigrette for a touch of acid, then you have Quirky Bacon's Bacon Tempura Salad (P310).  

       Chef Sharwin's take on the popular Pinoy Street food, is the  Fishballs with Kariton Sauce (P260). Gorgeous cuts of Fish fillet shaped into little balls, and seasoned with five spice, garlic, muscovado, and siling labuyo. The combination of flavors bounces off beautifully with the sweet spicy dipping sauce. 

         I firmly believe that Elvis was on to something when he thought of eating peanut butter, bananas and bacon sandwich. Chef Sharwin made his own take on it, with the 2-4-7 Grilled Cheese Spread (P 405). This had layers of kesong puti, mozarella, strawberry jam, peanut butter and smoked bacon, offering a perfect harmony of both sweet and savory. 

      Another dish that you shouldn't miss is the  Pork Panalo Roll with Guava Labuyo Glaze (P 440). Chef Sharwin's amazing creation features a juicy pork tenderloin, stuffed with Calumpit Longganisa and wrapped in smoked bacon with sweet guava glaze, that offers a wonderful touch of sweetness and a subtle hint of acid to the meat. And if that wasn't enough, it was served with a side of delicious Bacon Java Rice.

        The crown Jewel of Quirky Bacon's menu has got to be their Steak Platter (P 1,490 Ribeye/P 540 Chuck). A stunning Kitayama Wagyu Grade 6 Ribeye steak , is perfectly grilled to a mouth-watering medium, then topped with Tamarind Miso Butter and caramelized Bistek onions. Watching the Miso Butter slowly melt, and steadily seep itself into the hot meat of the steak slab, was a near religious experience. 

      And it tasted like a little bite of heaven. With it being Kitayama, I was 100% sure it was going to be extremely tender. But the mixture of the creamy butter, and the sweet-saltiness of the Bistek Onions just worked together beautifully. 

      Definitely something you must try at least once. 


  For dessert, Chef Sharwin busted out his Deep-Fried Ensaymada-Nut. (Get it? "Busted a nut"? No? Me neither) This was a classic, pillowy soft Ensymada, topped with Bulacan kesong puti, dropped into a deep fryer and topped with Horlicks ice cream

                    I found it amazing how the exterior was fried to a marvelous golden crisp, while maintaining the cotton-like softness of the ensaymada dough, that simply worked wonderfully with the ice cream. A fantastic way to end an incredible meal.

                  I feel I've found my second home. Congratulations to Chef Sharwin for a brilliant concept. What better dish to use as the foundation of your restaurant, than God's gift to mankind itself... Bacon?

                Sheer Genius! 

Me, Chef Sharwin, and Tales From The Tummy.
(We're not related by the way).

Quirky Bacon Address:
192 Wilson Street, San Juan. 

Quirky Bacon Menu



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