Sunday, June 1, 2014


              Can you believe the blog is turning Four years old this month? So much has happened to me in such a short span of time! I can safely say that this blog changed my life.. For the better of course :) 

          Without you, my dear readers, I would not get the opportunities that I have been blessed with, these past four years. So as a thank you, I will be doing a GC giveaway from a restaurant that I'm sure you'll love.. Yomenya Goemon! 

          Though the actual anniversary is still on June 28, I'm doing this ahead because I'm leaving for the United States this week.. And I don't know how much I'll be able to blog.. So there is a chance that I will be on hiatus for the next month. I'm working now to try to finish as many posts as I can, so that I have enough material to spread out throughout June. 

     Nonetheless, let's get back to business. Here are some of the delicious dishes you can get from Yomenya Goemon!

Japanese Style Fried Chicken & Meat sauce Spaghetti (P450)

Japanese Style Yakitori & Soy-Butter Spaghetti (P450)

Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon

All Meat Pizza (P450)

Steamed Hamburg (P260)


Seen enough?? 

The winner will get P2,000 worth of GCs from

Yomenya Goemon! 

What are you waiting for? 

Join Now! 





Kindly send me an email or a private message so I may discuss with you on how to claim your prize. Again, CONGRATULATIONS!


  1. Oh em gee! I love Yomenya Goemon! I've been thinking about going back there because I loved their seafood pasta and their margherita pizza. I'm so gonna join! I pray that I'd win this time!

  2. hoping to see affordable and budget friendly resto's
    iwant to try all of their pasta and pizza!!! oh im craving!!!!
    MaeAnne Banzuela

  3. If it's possible I want to see reviews on some unknown restaurants especially when you are traveling in far flung places.

    On Yomenya Goemon, I'd like to try the carbonara with yolk and bacon and the steamed hamburg.

    Oh yeah, advance happy anniversary!

    Marjorie Gavan

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  5. I know you love meat so I think you are the perfect person to write about vegetarian dishes in restaurants that even meat lovers would enjoy.

    The Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon looks really interesting so I would probably try that if I win the gc.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Astra C. Alegre

  6. Posts on Food Trucks! :D I also want to know if this kind of food venture is okay. Considering the different markets in different locations.
    I would love to try the All Meat Pizza or any of their pizzas!

    Khrishia Ronquillo-Sedenio

  7. More food that really mouth watering and explore some resto in south especially in cavite :)
    i love the spatetti hehhe spaghetti rather :) more power sir

    John rey h rodriguez

  8. hi rich! matgalnae was awesome so i'm kinda looking forward to more cheap eat-all-you-can discoveries here! more value for money posts! :)

    it's been quite sometime since king and i last ate here. seeing pictures of the Japanese Style Yakitori & Soy-Butter Spaghetti and Steamed Hamburg, well, it looks like we'll know what to order next time :)

    hope i win haha!

    Joanna Marie Eduardo

  9. I want to see your own recipe kuya richie and write it in your blog... Just to make a change...

    And the dish I was looking forward to is the steamed hamburg, i want to try because it look delicious, a burger with sabaw...awesome!

    Russell Ariel F. Taripe..

  10. More food trips! Happy 4th!

    Pam Resurreccion

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  12. soooo loveeey Japanese Themed Restos...

    :D:D:D Enjoy The US Sir Richie.. Have fun po :D

  13. More Japanese restaurants! Try to eat ox' brains from Persian cuisine.

    Have yet to try Japanese inspired spaghetti~ :( For someone who loves Japanese cuisine, it's a missing link. I want to try the Carbonara with Yolk and Bacon!!!

    Czarmaine Baligod

  14. I want to see more hole in the wall and undiscovered cheap eats in the metro. as a poor student, that is a big help for me.

    On Yomenya Goemon, I'd like to try the steamed hamburg.

    Oh yeah, advance happy anniversary!

    stacy liong

  15. well just looking forward on future reviews of family friendly restos, comfortable, good affordable menus:)
    i would love to try the freshly made japanese pizza on yomenya goeman (any flavor)....happy 4th God bless you more...

    Maricel P. Villanueva

  16. There's nothing i could ask for cause you never fail to satisfy our curiosities about food. It's like you have tried all the restos i know. Just continue to surprise us with new, interesting, and value-worthy places that will come out in the future :)
    Im looking forward to trying Japanese Style Fried Chicken & Meat sauce Spaghetti from Yomenya Goemon. Spaghetti lover here!
    Advance happy 4th anniversary! Yey!

    leahlyn macatangay

  17. Cheaper places to eat please!

    Also, it would be better that names and email addresses are hidden (or maybe part of the comment form instead) as almost all Philippines blogs with giveaways like these are gold mines for data miners.

    M a r g r e t h e D e c e n a
    s l e e p y t u l o g @ y a h o o . c o m

  18. More eat all u can buffets :3

    I want to try their Japanese Style Fried Chicken & Meat sauce Spaghetti :)
    advance Happy anniversary!

    wayne rivero

  19. The Steamed Hamburg and the Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza both look good!!

    Theresa Cruz-Escaros

  20. Restos from our own especially on provinces too

    I like to try carbonara with yolk and bacon and the steamed hamburg.

    Kany Vic Perez

  21. It would be fun if you would do a review of resto/canteen near universities like the one around university belt and the one around intramuros area

    And what dish are you looking forward to trying from Yomenya Goemon?
    Anything about Japanese Pasta looks tasty

    Mark ong

  22. Eventhough I cannot pronounce and completely remember the name of this resto (can remember just Goemon), my officemates already know it when I say Japanese pasta! This is where we usually have friday lunch outs. We all love their carbonara with yolk and bacon and pizza!

  23. I would also like to see more reviews from banchetto food stalls as these are becoming a hit.

    Aileen Salita

  24. It would be fun if you do a review on Pres O'Tea Beverage Lounge! It is more than a milk tea lounge as they serve different food choices too! They are located at Mendiola and Congressional Avenue!
    I would like to try Carbonara with Yolk & Baconbecause I love pasta and Bacon! :)

    Ma. Eddielli R. Bungay

  25. Hi! I would like you to post blogs regarding a must try budget friendly or affordable restos.

    if ever i win this giveaway, this will be my first time to try Yomenya Goemon and i will try all their best seller foods.

    i hope to win this giveaway. Thanks from big fan of yours. ^_^

  26. Would like to see more Cubao X/Kapitolyo resto reviews. :) Looking forward to try their tomato-based pasta dishes as I'm a sucker for anything with tomatoes *drools*

    Chezka Guevarra

  27. I want to see more foodtrucks please! I would like to try everythng in Yomenya :)

    Jean Danica Padilla

  28. Foodtrucks and bacon more!

    All meat PIZZA

    Zyra Anne Perez

  29. Food quickies like Sandwiches that can be eaten on the go maybe/

    carbonara with yolk and bacon and the steamed hamburg.

    Victoria Jose

  30. This is awesome! I hope I win!

  31. I would love to see filipino dishes and buffets! :)

    And I really wanted to try the pizza!! Coz Im a pizza addict! haha!

    Happy 4th blogverssary, Godbless you and your family!! More powers!

    Aegeane Mikka Brioso

  32. I know pickiest eater loves fried food how about some healthy food, we all have to take care of our body.

    I love to try their different pasta creation.

    Robert Jonathan Chan

  33. The Carbonara with yolk & Bacon looks really yum! A must try. Please blog restos for bugdet friendly students.
    Say Yap

  34. I want to see the Pickiest Eater giving us exercise and fitness advice. LOL! Just joking! Just more of the bacon discoveries please. :)

    I am looking forward to try carbonara with yolk and bacon.

    Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay

  35. What would you like to see more of from my blog? A certain resto, etc? Most hottest bars in the metro, affordable food in manila area. :)

    And what dish are you looking forward to trying from Yomenya Goemon? PROSCIUTTO AND ARUGULA PIZZA

    Also leave your name and email address please :) Emh-el Leonor

  36. I would love to see Italian Resto feature in your blog and I would love to try the Japanese Style Yakitori & Soy-Butter Spaghetti and the All Meat Pizza from Yomenya Goemon if given the chance to win the GC will definitely dine in with my family.

    Clint Odeza

  37. I'd like to see you post more French cuisine finds and reviews.

    I will try out the different Japanese Pizza offerings at Yomenya Goemon

    Emiliana Sison

  38. More Buffet Store REviews please! :)
    I would love to try the Steamed Hamburg!
    Phoebe Ruth Roberto

  39. I want to see affordable pinoy resto,

    I like to try pizza.

    Conrado barrientos

  40. Affordable meals, Home made goodies or treats.


    Abby Matic

  41. I'd like to see you post about more vegetarian restaurants. :)
    I'm looking forward to trying the Shrimp and Mushroom Gratin.
    - Roch Santos,

  42. Baby Rain pictures or maybe even videos haha :D

    Their pastas!! Mukhang Instagrammable :D

    Kristine Concepcion,

  43. More reviews of eat all u can restaurants.
    Wanted to try their Pizza.

    Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales

  44. if it's possible, a child-friendly resto !!!
    Want to try all the pizza !!!

    Maria allysa pascual buenconsejo

  45. more reviews about child friendly resto's, hotels and eat-all-you can restaurants!

    Want to try their pastas...
    Lally Ruth Gonzales

  46. I've been hearing a lot from Yomenya Goemon being a very good food place but I really have not had time to visit the place so winning this would be the best way to try this out! :)

    The first thing I would probably try here are the Japanese pizzas, most especially the Porcini Pizza with Bacon and Three mushrooms, which really looked very tasty and good from the picture and the name.

    Jerome Jaspe

  47. I am such a huge fan of Yomenya Goemon. My goal is to try every single dish of theirs. If I win this GC, the next dish I'd LOVE to try is the Hokkaido Cheese Cream Soup Spaghetti with Scallop, Corn, Bacon and Potato. I think it's going to be comfort in a cup - with cheese and bacon in the mix, what could possibly go wrong?

    Happy blog anniversary!

    Steph Ng

    PS. It would be great to possibly get more posts about healthy eats in the metro. I'd love to know your perspective on them :D

  48. My bf and I love Yomenya Goemon. Whenever we are in Greenbelt, we eat there!!! I specially love their spicy spaghetti. :)

    Regarding this blog, I would like you guys to feature where to buy the best Filipino Foods such as empanadas, taho and turon.

    Yours truly,

  49. I hope you can feature more resto from the south, like Tagaytay, Laguna & Batangas...
    I'm excited to try the Steam Hamburg!
    Clarinda Santiago

  50. I hope you could feature japanese restaurants :) and also eat all you can restaurants

    I want to try the Yomenya Goemon's All Meat Pizza :)

    Arra Odeza

  51. I wish I would win this time! Waaaah

    Marvi Guerreo

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  53. Wish you could feature more affordable but delish buffet restos and other cheap eats! The baby in my tummy wants to taste the carbonara with yolk and bacon <3

    Mary joyce bautista

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  55. Would like to see food fare from food courts :) if that's okay, for a change :)

    I would definitely want to try the Japanese Spaghetti... actually, everything on this page :)

    Aileen Barcarse,

  56. Street Foods? or exotic foods :))

    I would love to try the All Meat Pizza

    Kimberly Camille Tiu

  57. Maybe a feature on weekend markets from time to time? :)

    Anything with bacon on the menu screams "I LOVE YOU!" to me. :D

    Faith Cura

  58. I'd like to see you blog more about the food joints hidden around the metro with outstanding offerings.

    I'm looking forward to trying their Steamed Hamburg.

    Name: Marizza Domingo

    Thank you! :)

  59. can you please blog about seafood restaurants around metro manila? I love seafoods but I can't find a best restaurant that offers sea foods. thank you :)

    I want to try the Mediterranean Tomato Cream Soup Spaghetti with Fresh Seafood!! It looks really delicious!!

    Name: Avhie Del Rosario
    email address:

  60. Restos in Ortigas because my office is there and want to try something new and Foodtrips near the roadtrip stops like in Subic

    i want to try Yomenya Goemon's Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon to add to my own recipe of carbonara.

    Name: Ning Pascual

  61. Hoping you could review resto that is near bulacan please.
    I would love try the Mediterranean Tomato Cream Soup Spaghetti with Fresh Seafood!! yummy.
    sherry ann gole cruz

  62. I want to see reviews on restaurants along Maginhawa St.!! :D
    I would love to try their Devil pizza and the Souffle Cheesecake with Strawberry Ice Cream

    Samuel I. Cabbuag

  63. hoping to see resto's from the nearby provinces.
    I want to try try the devil pizza.
    Allan Reyes

  64. More buffet/eat-all-you can afffordable and budget friendly resto's. Different restaurants in SM Mega Fashion Hall.

    I would like to try their pizza and pastas!

    Maria Corazon Letada

  65. I'd like to see more posts about your recommended eating places for people on a budget.
    I want to try YOMENYA GOEMON's Steamed Hamburg.
    Anna Adona

  66. I want you to feature TENDER BOBS again. :)


  67. Would love to see Eat All You Can Resto posts and would love to try all YOMENYA GOEMON dishes!

    Lovely Joy Merced

  68. It would you like to see more of budget friendly eat-all-you can resaturants on your blog.

    I'm looking forward to try the Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon from Yomenya Goemon.

    Emilie Udasco



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