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        Obviously, food trips play a big part of my life. In fact, it’s one of the things that brought Rina and I closer together. And by this time I’m sure you know the type of food that attracts us the most. Delicious bacon, burgers, and sausages. Fast food. The works! Yes, we know it’s not exactly the healthiest choice of food, but you have to admit, it’s delicious and very satisfying. Healthy food never piques my interest. In fact, I’ve done a pretty good job in staying away from them as much as I can. (Kids, don’t try this at home.)

listerine event

        But last March 27, we attended a food exhibit that was filled with good-looking dishes. But the thing surprising thing is, they’re all healthy!

        This was Listerine’s #StepUpYourFoodTrip event, which proved that Food trips can be tasty and healthy at the same time!

listerine event

        Listerine’s #StepUpYourFoodTrip took me out of my comfort zone (meaning no greasy, oily stuff) and showed me that there are actually some nutritious alternatives that do not sacrifice the taste of the dish.

Helathy sandwiches

        There were healthy sandwiches and rolls. The Tuna Waldorf Canape, Sushi Caesar Salad, and Chicken Panizza Roll were prepared by Fitness Gourmet Ph, and the HBLT (Ham Bacon Lettuce and Tomato) was prepared by The Sandwich Guy.

Malunggay chips

This crispy nachos are actually Malunggay Chips wth Tomato Salsa from Faburitto.

V Kitchen Vegan food

        Next up is one of our favorites. V Kitchen! Who would have thought that the photo on the top is not chicken but Vegan Korean Soy Garlic..... Cauliflower! Once you bite into it, you will feel the texture is not chicken at all. But it’s not weird or anything. They also have Vegan Cheese Sticks made from activated cashew nuts, milk, olive oil, almond, pink Himalayan salt, thyme, and GF bread crumbs. And then they have the Unbelievably Good Meatless Burger (373 calories) made from organic portobello mushrooms, garlicnaise, caramelized onions, roasted bell peppers, cheese, and lettuce! 

Heidi of V Kitchen

Shhhh! It’s not meat!;-)
Rain with Tita Heidi of V.Kitchen!

V Kitchen Manila

        You can order from them 5-day meal for Vegan and Vegetarians for breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Follow them on Instagram / Facebook at VKitchen.Manila!

healthy pasta

        Over at Pam’s Choices, they serve Soy Chicken Pasta, Macaroni and Cheese, and Chicken Pesto. The Soy Chicken Pasta reminded us of Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan, but without the spiciness. It was quite good!

Adobo Glazed Pulled Pork

        From Lunchbox Diet, Rina tried the Adobo Glazed Pulled Pork with Jalapeno Corn Loaf and Red Onion Conviture. (Wow that’s a mouthful!). 187 Calories. I’m not even sure what a conviture is but Rina enjoyed it. She loved the Jalapeno corn loaf part the best! It wasn’t spicy at all. It was a combination of sweet and savory.

Yummy Diet Pizza

From Yummy Diet were pizza with arugula

Jamba juice

And for juices, of course there’s always Jamba Juice, the crowd favorite

The Daily Jusa Goldpress Juicing and Gandiva Cafe

There’s The Daily Jusa, Goldpress Juicing, and Gandiva Cafe.

Dole juice

Dole also served some slushy juices that really quenched my thirst on that hot day.

chef angelo listerine

        Aside from the food booths, Chef Carlo Miguel graced the event and shared very helpful  tips on healthy ways to prepare and cook healthy meals. Chef Carlo’s story was rather inspiring, as he was at a near obese state, and he managed to turn his life around by having a healthier outlook in life, and changing his diet and fitness regimen.

gargling with listerine

        After taste-testing the food, we went for a quick Listerine gargle on one of the provided sinks. I have to admit that I used to think that brushing after meals is enough. (Call me lazy). And that mouth wash is only for sheer fresh breath. I was wrong. 

listerine fresh burst

        First of all, this Listerine formulation helps remove that slimy layer surrounding your mouth. That slimy feeling is called biofilm. And that houses bacteria. Ok, that can’t be good.

listerine bottles

        This Listerine Total Care has a unique formulation that includes 4 essential oils that has been scientifically proven to destroy that biofilm layer. Technically, this means that gargling with Listerine can really #stepitup by helping clean 100% of your mouth.   

  • Not only that, Listerine Total Care has got 6 benefits in 1! 
  • reduces plaque
  • protects healthy gums
  • strengthens teeth against cavities
  • prevent tartar to keep teeth naturally white 
  • kills germs
  • and provides up to 24 hours fresh breath

        Thanks to Listerine, I learned that the proper way to clean our teeth and mouth is to brush, floss, and then rinse with Listerine. 

with Listerine model

        Attending the Step Up Your Food Trip with Listerine event helped us realize that our habit of fast food trip, although it may be satisfying, might not necessarily mean that it’s good for our health. The same way that JUST brushing our teeth may not be enough. 

gargeling with listerine

        Now I’m not saying I’m totally quitting bacon and stuff, but maybe once in a while I’ll can also break my habit by having a good serving of these healthy but delicious dishes. But stepping up by gargling with Listerine? That one I can definitely do for sure! 

listerine models

        From now on, we’re ready to #stepitupwithlisterine and have a #healthymouthwithlisterine!

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