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Photo by Tales from the Tummy Richard Co

        We’ve been blogging for roughly around five years, and I can’t help but notice how much technology has changed since then. When we first started, we would take photos of with our digital cameras, plug the camera to our old laptop, transfer the photos, and upload it to our social media sites and on the blog.

Photo by All Chucked Up Chuckie Dreyfus

        And then we got our work cut out for us when the big smart phones came. Big phones that can take good enough photos, and which you can also use to connect to the internet.

        But more often than not, we have some photos or files that we have saved in our computers at home that we suddenly need at that very moment we’re out of the house. So you’d have to wait until you get home to access that file and send it to whoever. But once again, Globe is making a step to make life easier for everyone. Again!

Presenting Globe Cloud!

Globe Cloud App

        Globe Cloud is like a floating hard drive in the cloud that you can access anywhere you are using your smart phone or tablet or a laptop. Exclusive to Globe and Touch Mobile users. For super non-techie readers, imagine a secure file cabinet where you save your videos or photos or other files that you can easily access using your phone even when you’re not at home.

        Aside from photos and videos, you can also save other important files (or important to you files) such as text messages, play lists, notes, reports, etc. Just about anything is simple to save on your Globe Cloud just by dragging the files from your computer to your Globe Cloud folder, or syncing your phone to your Globe Cloud.

        This will really make it easy for me to save photos I took using my phone to Globe Cloud, so I can also easily access the photo using my laptop for when I need to edit it, watermark it, and post it on the blog site per se. And vice versa for when I want to use a nice photo taken using my camera and post it to my Facebook or Twitter account because the shot is nicer.

        This also means I can post some fun summer photos I have on my file to post all things summer on my social media accounts. I’m so happy I can finally send Rina a photo of me in my favorite leopard print speedo anytime (Rina didn’t seem to share my elation)!

Globe Cloud Summer Selfie Contest

        So to stir things up more, Globe will hold a fun online promo for the launching of the Globe Cloud! All you need to fo is share your #SummerSelfie shots to your Facebook and Twitter through your Globe Cloud. 

        And what if you win? Oh, no thing much. Just an ALL-EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO EL NIDO RESORTS FOR 3!!!!!!! No biggie. Of course I’m being sarcastic. IT’S A BIG DEAL!!! :-) 

Globe Cloud Summer Selfie

Okay so let’s get to it! How can you win this fantastic trip to El Nido? Here are the steps:

        First, download the Globe Cloud App from April 25-May 20, 2015. It’s free! And available on Apple App Store and Android. You can download it here 

selfie with dslr
My wife taking a #summerselfie using a DSLR like a pro!
Photo taken by our friend Spanky Enriquez

Then upload your best #SummerSelfie into your Globe Cloud account.

        Then using your Globe Cloud account, the last thing to do is SHARE your #SummerSelfie photo to your Facebook and / or Twitter using the hashtags  #GlobeCloud and #SummerSelfie. 

        And that’s it! You can win a trip for you and 2 other friends/retalives to Miniloc Island, El Nido Resorts, Palawan! And yes this includes air fare from MANILA to El Nido, as well as transfers, and of course accommodations and meals!  

        And as if that’s not enough, you can also get the chance to be featured in advertising materials of Globe Cloud!

Want to learn more? Follow Globe Cloud’s official Facebook page!

 ~ ~ ~ UPDATE!!! ~ ~ ~

THE #SummerSelfie HAS A WINNER!


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