Monday, June 22, 2015


      I don't know about you, but one of my most awaited food festivals has happened at F1 Hotel Manila for the past 3 years.. The LuzViMinda 3 Pistang Pinoy! For the past three years, F1 Hotel has gathered the biggest names of the culinary world, representing their respective regions, to come up with amazing gastronomic concoctions that exemplifies the beauty of their hometown's food and culture. These world-class, but proudly Pinoy Chefs, take you on a mouthwatering trip around the country, one dish at a time, letting you experience the wonderful flavors that the Philippines has to offer, one dish at a time!

    This year, the triumvirate included Celebrity Chef Bruce Lim from Luzon, Chef Tatung Sarthou of the Visayas, and Chef Sider Tadtad of Mindanao! 

Here's a glimpse of some of the amazing dishes 
you'll find at LuzViMinda3 at F1 Hotel!

     Chef Bruce Lim wowed us with his fusion of Western Favorites and Pinoy Classics, such as..

The Dinuguan Pie, a spin off the British Staple, Shepherds' Pie

Deliciously creamy Lengua Maja Blanca Pastel 

And the Aligue Ravioli was a favorite among everyone!

            Not to be outdone, Chef Tatung represented the Visayas masterfully with his amazing dishes, such as..

        The Humba with delicious trimmings of fat..

and his Poki-Poki Gratin was as amazing as I remembered it to be! 

       And his take on Arroz Valenciana never fails to impress!

      Chef Sidar Tadtad demonstrated his mastery of cooking his ethnic dishes the indigenous way, including the..

Tuna Sisig, served in a Bamboo...

Freshly grilled Squid..

And the delicious Chicken in Pineapple!

Some of the amazing desserts included the Leche Flan Tart

And the Crepes, which featured Pandan and Ube Flavors!

   LuzViMinda 3: Pistang Pinoy will run until June 25, 2015, every Lunch and Dinner at F1 Hotel's F All Day Dining Cafe! The Buffet costs P1,399++ per person, and add P100 for unlimited drinks!

Here are some scenes from our fantastic F1 Hotel Staycation:

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F1 Hotel Manla
32nd Street 
Bonifacio Global City


  1. who is that sexy girl w the red swimsuit?

    1. There was a sexy girl in a red swimsuit??? I didn't notice!

      hehe.. that's my friend, Janice Hung :)

      She has a tv show on Net25!



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