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             When you're out for dinner with a woman as beautiful as Max Collins, you hope that your date will never end. That's exactly how Sef Cadayona felt after our meal at Mario's, so he asked me where I thought he could take his lovely co-star next! 

          Since we were already in the Quezon City, I decided to the lovely couple to one of my favorite restaurants, which was conveniently located a few streets away.. Lola Cafe! 
         Lola Cafe is a charming restaurant located in the Scout Area of Quezon City, they specialized in classic Pinoy dishes. That was, until Chef Jonvic Mangibin took over the the kitchen late last year, and gave the menu his own personal touch. Having worked as a Sous Chef for Rockstar Chef Rob Pengson, Chef Jonvic is now a rising star in the culinary world in his own right, and has amped up the line up of dishes Lola Cafe has to offer, including a special menu for Valentine's day!  

          Sef was really hyped because this would be his second Valentine's day date with Max. Despite the fact they had just had a sumptuous meal at Mario's earlier in the day Sef decided he would find the stomach space, for as long as it meant spending more time with Max!

     Can you blame him? hehe

           To start things light, Chef Jonvic's Valentine's menu begins with the Prawn + Pomelo + Pako Salad. Made with Prawns and shredded pomelo, laying on a bed of wild ferns. 

             The couple seemed to really enjoy it, and Max was sweet enough to offer me a bite, but unfortunately I have an aversion to green food. 

           Next up was the Cauliflower at Kesong Puti Soup, which was absolutely AMAZING. I could easily put this up there as one of the best soup dishes that I've ever had. A thick Cauliflower soup is topped with toasted cashews, chili leaves, crispy malunggay and drizzled with balsamic vinegar, and it tastes incredible.    

            After one bite, the soup truly took Max's Breath away! 
More Pogi Points for Sef!

         Chef Jonvic's next three dishes were also a hit with Sef and Max. The Sinigang sa Pula is made with Manila clams, green mussels, enhanced with a chili bean tamarind paste, and bits of watermelon to give the dish a magnificent balance.  

       Next was the Roasted Half Chicken with Truffled Soy-mansi Jus, which was nothing short of spectacular. The best way to describe it is, imagine a Lechon Manok infused with Truffle, then served with french beans, Wild Mushrooms and steamed rice.

       The other entree you may choose is the Char Grilled Tuna Steak in Caramelized Pineapple and Pepper Sweet and Sour. A beautifully cooked Tuna steak is given an added zing by a Caramelized Pineapples, and a tasty sweet and sour sauce. The dish is served with wilted greens in roasted garlic 
confit, and steamed rice.

      Knowing that I declined Max's salad, Sef was kind enough to offer me a bite of the chicken, which truly was excellent! 

Sef went nuts when they brought out Chef Jonvic's S'mores dish! 
The Marshmallows were torched to perfection, and he couldn't wait to dig in!!

        "But first.. Let me take a picture!", Max said. The lighting wasn't all that great so Max had to take quite a few before she got it right. Sef tried to be patient throughout Max's impromptu pictorial, however there were moments where his hunger was evident in his face. 

            Sef dipped his Graham Cracker into the The S'Mores, revealing the luscious chocolate base hiding within. The chocolate served as a delightful contrast to the richness of the mallows, making us grab for one cracker after another. 

     The gooeyness of the marshmallows was undeniable, and Sef was amazing with how the texture held while being pulled, while maintaining its soft consistency. Now it was Max who couldn't wait to dig into the skillet, demanding Sef stop playing with his food! 

          After a marvelous meal, I decided to give the adorable couple some time for themselves (I actually just stayed for the food), but not before making sure their tummies were satisfied by Lola Cafe's Valentine's Day Menu!

        Lola Cafe has that rustic-feel-at-home vibe that makes for a relaxing date place. You are assured of a dining experience that is nothing short of phenomenal at unbelievably reasonable prices!

 You can catch Sef Cadayona and Max Collins every Sunday in Juan Tamad, after GMA Blockbusters!

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Lola Cafe 

99 Scout Lozano St.
Quezon City

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