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         I know I say I'm a Picky Eater, but I actually maintain the fact that I'm more of a "Simple Eater". I'm ok not dining on highfalutin dishes, but give me a delicious burger and fries, and I'm good to go.  During my visit to the United States, one of our "go to" places before heading home after a long day, was Denny's.

          Since it's open 24 hours, and has a nice selection of American favorites, my family and I were pretty much solved. A restaurant serving Burgers, Pancakes, Breakfast food, Skillets and other Diner classics, was like heaven for me.

          Denny's has been one of the restaurant chains that I have been hoping would open in the Philippines for quite some time now, and it was in the year of 2016 that I finally got my wish! 

         October 7, 2016 marks the day Denny's officially opens its first branch in the Philippines!


               My Denny's experience here is pretty different from that of the States. Since it's sparkling new, the Philippine branch has a more upscale feel when compared to the casual, laid back ambiance of the Denny's in the U.S.

         This could be attributed to the fact that in the U.S., Denny's isn't high brow in anyway. Think of it as the American equivalent of Max's.. A chain restaurant that offers a wide selection of dishes to choose from, and you're quite certain that you'll get a delicious (albeit admittedly greasy) meal. 

        Apart from the classic American comfort food that they're famous for, Denny's Philippines also developed a Filipino menu that consists of dishes such as Lucban Longanisa, Chicken and Pork Adobo, Crispy Bangus Belly, and Ribeye Bistek Tagalog. 

      Sorry, but this is Denny's. I wanted the American food hehe. 


         Let me stop you right there. If your question to me is "What should I order when I visit Denny's?", then I'll answer you right now,  The Grand Slamwich (P395). I'm actually quite baffled I never ordered this when I was in the United States, because it's really quite excellent. The magic begins with Two Scrambled Eggs, Crumbled Sausage, Bacon, Shaved Ham, American Cheese, tucked between a Potato Bread. What sets this apart from other sandwiches, is how the bread is grilled with a Maple Spice Spread, giving it a lightly sweet finish. If you like your meals with a hint of sweetness, this is the way to go. If you find it a bit cloying, the waitress suggests it be eaten with a bit of Tabasco for contrast, but as Bruno Mars once said, "Slamwich, you're amazing just the way you are".

       The Slamwich is served with Hash Browns however you can request for French Fries if that's your preference. 

      Do not be deceived. This may look like a run of the mill Ham and Cheese Omelette (P375), but it's done the way that it should be.A fluffy omelette is filled with Diced Ham and Melted Cheese, that is seasoned so perfectly that the flavors.. The smokiness of the ham and Sharpness of the cheese, just work together in ways that would send other omelettes to therapy.   

              Denny's Pancakes are nothing short of excellent. We began with the Choco Overload Peanut Butter Pancake Plate (P395), and was blown away completely. Two Buttermilk Pancakes are speckled with with Chocolate and White Chocolate Chips, then topped with a luscious Hot Fudge, and Drizzled with a creamy Peanut Butter sauce.

         The Pancake Plate is also served with Two Eggs, Plus two strips of Bacon and Hash Browns.

         My favorite among the pancakes, was the Cream Cheese Cinnamon Pancake Plate (P395). Two Buttermilk Pancakes drizzled with Cinnamon sauce and Cream Cheese icing. Despite how it sounds, the pancakes never become overly sweet, even when Maple Syrup is poured on to it.

     The Pancake Plate is also served with Two Eggs, Two Strips of Bacon and Hash browns. 


      The Sausage and Pepper Skillet (P395) was a little different from the Skillets I remember in the States. This was made with a combination of Beddar with Cheddar Sausage, and English Bangers, mixed with Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Potatoes. The glaring difference was this was doused with a rich Brown Gravy, which quite delicious.  

       We tried the rather unique Skillet Wrap (P325), which was made with Seasoned Nacho Meat, Rice, and freshly made Pico De Gallo, wrapped in a soft flour Tortilla. The tortilla is then placed on a bed of Pepper Jack Cheese Sauce, and topped with a perfectly cooked Sunny Side Up Egg. 

       Another awesome dish they brought out, was the Chicken and Sausage Quesadilla (P395). Made with Roasted Seasoned Chicken strips, Crumbled Sausage, Fire Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions, Melted American Cheese and and Freshly Made Pico De Gallo tucked between a Flour Tortilla, and served with Ranch Dressing.


        I must warn you now, Denny's Spicy Sriracha Burger (P495) packs quite the spicy punch. It's incredibly delicious, but if you can't handle the heat, you might want to think first before ordering this. A Sriracha Seasoned Hand Pressed Beef Patty is topped with Cheddar Cheese, Bacon, Pickled Jalapenos, and doused with a Creamy Sriracha Sauce, nestled inside a beautifully toasted Brioche Bun, and served with a side of French Fries. 

         Though I know it's supposed to be considered as "Lighter fare", the Chicken Philly Melt (P375) is quite a filling sandwich. made with Roasted Seasoned Chicken strips, Sauteed Mushrooms, Roasted Bell Peppers and Onions, then topped with a blend of shredded Italian Cheeses and Pepper Jack Queso, then laid out between a toasted Hoagie Roll which was grilled with Garlic and Herbs. 


        For dessert, we had the Caramel Apple Pie Crisp (P295), which essentially an Apple Pie without the crust. Warm Apple Pie filling is topped with Premium Vanilla Ice Cream, and Caramel Sauce, then sprinkled with Powdered Sugar and crisps. 

    A delicious blend of sweetness from the caramel, creaminess from the ice cream, and the innate tartness  of the apples. 

      Denny's has arrived here in the Philippines with a BANG, bringing in their American Diner goodness, and some Filipino Favorites, showing that they understand the Pinoys Palate. Prices are definitely not diner-esque but that's what happens when you dine at an International Food Chain when living in a Third World Country.

       I'm looking forward to going back and trying more of what their Menu has to offer! 

Denny's Philippines
BGC Uptown Parade
Bonifacio Global City, 

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  1. Now I know what to order! My officemates and I will be having our team breakfast here today, yay!



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