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       I believe I've been going to F1 Hotel frequently for the three years, and I've seen some pretty amazing Chefs from around the country take the reins in their kitchen. Each time I've visited, I can safely say that I've always been impressed with the various dishes that I've tried.  

      With all due respect to the previous Chefs who undoubtedly did an excellent job, I can safely say the current line up of Chefs of F1 Hotel, led by Executive Chef Decker Giocko is by far my favorite. Even during his days at Cake Club, I've seen Chef Decker as a kindred spirit.. in leyman's terms, "ka-vibes ko siya" especially when it comes to our taste in food. 

    With 2016 coming to a close, I was invited to F1 Hotel once again to try out their Holiday spread, and I was blown away by the various entrees that Chef Decker and his team whipped up as part of their Christmas and New Year Buffet... and I was not about to say no to that!

       The Yuletide Spread of F All Day Dning at F1 Hotel Manila will be available for Lunch and Dinner of December 24, 25, 31 and January 1. I'm going to show you some of the highlights of this mouthwatering buffet, that will surely make your tummy feel the Christmas spirit! 


          An assortment of innovative Sushis, such as the Philidelphia Roll, and The Texas Roll


      I always make sure to make space for The Shrimp Tempura when dining at F! 

         A new addition that you can enjoy during the Holiday Spread is the Homemade Ramen section! This allows you to customize your Ramen to your liking, using the ingredients and broths that serves your palate best.   

          A delicious entree was Spiced Pumpkin Spaghetti. Al dente noodles as based in a creamy sauce, spiked with mashed Pumpkin, that offers a gentle hint of heat with every bite you take. 

            The Turkish Chicken Pizza is also a very colorful, not to mention delicious creation. Chef Decker uses a Squid Ink Dough base for his pizza crust, and tops it with a medley of minced vegetables, and wonderfully seasoned chunks of roasted chicken.


           The Baked Salmon was done masterfully, with the meat incredibly moist and tender, and seasoned just right, allowing the natural flavor of the fish to stand out. 

                A popular hit among my friends was Black Pepper Crab.. I'm pretty sure Rina would have annihilated a platter of this had she been with me during this lunch hehe.. 

        Another sure fire win in Rina's book would have been the Prawns Thermidor. Plump prawns are baked, and coated with a blanket of cheese. 


          The grilled Station offers a modest selection of cuts of Meats and sausages to choose from, not to mention you may get seafood from the Cold Bar and have it fired up to your liking!

          You may choose your Ribeye Steak.. or in my case, Steaks. and they will slap it on the grill to be done at the temperature of your choosing. 


        A very unique entree, was the Pianggang Paella. I initially assumed that it was Squid Ink Paella, but Chef Decker explained to me that the rice was actually blackened with burnt coconut husk ash. The flavor of the Burnt husk helps accentuate the flavor of the rice, giving it a swirl of smokiness and just a touch of sweetness at the same time. 

        The Smoked Chicken with Garlic Aioli was absolutely AMAZING. From the seasoning, to the gorgeous tone of the skin, even the bed of roasted potatoes that it lays on, everything about this was a winner, and the Garlic Aioli was a nice touch of creaminess that worked well with the meat.  

            My favorite dish of the day was the Sugar Crusted Char Siu Pork Belly with Hoisin and Plum Sauce. I'm a fan of sweet meets savory, and this was the perfect embodiment of that. 

             The Pork Belly Slab was cut into more manageable pieces, although I must admit, I was not averse to the thought of biting into the slab itself. The sugary crust gave the meat an added dimension of texture, with the light sweetness spreading itself out into the remarkably soft meat.  

      F1's Hotel Manila's Pastry Chef, Dante Abalos has made sure that the Dessert station doesn't get lost in the shuffle, whipping up some of the most tantalizing pastries you can dream of! 

          If you're looking for a place to have a  Christmas or New Year’s lunch and/or dinner with your family, then you most definitely have to add F1 Hotel's Yuletide buffet a look! Available on December 24, 25, 31 and January 1, 2017 for only P1,999 net per person.

         Visit F1 Hotel Manila's Facebook Page for Room Promos this Holiday Season! 

F1 Hotel Manila
32nd St.
Bonifacio Global City

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