Thursday, April 19, 2018


            After reigniting her obsession with Korean Dramas, Rina had dreams of visiting Korea, especially in the winter. After 2018 rolled in, her dreams finally came true when I told we had tickets to Incheon via AirAsia with our names on it! 

      Rina had her own itinerary set, based on the locations of her favorite Korean Drama shows, however she asked me to take care of the more touristy spots in Seoul that I wanted to check out. I didn't hesitate to log on to to gloss over the offers they had, before finally settling on a couple of tours that would make our vacation even more memorable. 

      Based on the advise of my friends that had visited Korea in the past, some of the MUST VISIT SPOTS are Nami Island and Garden of the Morning Calm. 

    Thankfully, there was a tour available that would take us to those gorgeous spots, with a short stop at another popular tourist attraction, the Gangchon Rail Car park.

        In case you don't know what KKday is, I strongly suggest you log on to their website immediately and familiarize yourself with it. Once you do, it's probably going to be your best friend the next time you travel. It basically takes away the hassle of having to book tours that include stops you're not really interested in, giving you more time to spend enjoying your vacation. 

    Apart from that, it helps you do things as simple as renting a pocket mobile device, or bus tickets, and the like, making your trip hassle-free. 

 Check out our video and see how KKday helped make our trip Nami Island, the Gangchon Rail Car Park and the Garden of The Morning calm, one for the ages! 

      The breathtaking view of Nami Island

The Gangchon Rail Car Park was also breathtaking..
 But in a completely different way!
(See video)

And we ended our wonderful family day at the enchanting Garden of the Morning Calm..

     Once again, thank you to KKday for making these tours available for us tourists, not to mention how fantastic their staff in Korea was! 

If you're interested in booking the tour I took check it out here: 

AirAsia services Manila-Incheon route with one flight daily. Visit for more information and possible Seat Sales! 
Also, Download the AirAsia App, available on App Store and Google Play! 

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