Thursday, July 18, 2019

8 Comfort Foods to Warm the Belly on a Rainy Day!

What better way to chase the rainy day blues away than to indulge in food—from hot soups, hearty porridge to classic desserts—that warms both the belly and the soul. For this wet season, we rounded up 8 comfort foods that are best enjoyed on a cold, rainy day with the ease of cashless payments using GCash Scan to Pay.

  1. Champorado
Relive happy memories of your childhood with champorado, a classic Filipino breakfast fare delightfully paired with dilis or fried tuyo (dried fish). This favorite dish is made from chocolate tablea and glutinous rice, and optionally topped with condensed milk for extra sweetness.

Where to Eat:
Enjoy a warm bowl of champorado made of Belgian dark and white chocolate at Early Bird Breakfast Club. They filed the Yin & Yang Champorado as an after-meal affair, but it can be the star of your breakfast fare, anytime.

  1. Hot Chocolate  
A nice cup of rich, piping hot chocolate is a perfect pick-me-up on a lazy, gloomy day when you just want to snuggle in bed with soft music and a good book. The classic Filipino chocolate (tsokolate) is whipped up from tablea (chocolate tablets) using the wooden batirol.

Where to Eat: A cup of hot chocolate at Mary Grace is extra rich and thick. Make the dining experience extra special by pairing it with their grilled cheese roll.

3.       Ramen
There’s always a good excuse to slurp a steamy bowl of ramen but the rainy days are the best of them all. With so many ramen joints opening shop in the country, you’ll never really run out of choices for a good serving of this Japanese staple.

        Where to Eat: For an affordable Michelin-starred ramen, try Tsuta Ramen, which offers three kinds of soup bases: shio (salt), miso (soybean paste) and shoyu (soy sauce).

4.       Congee
      A hearty breakfast staple, congee soothes the soul any day, especially the rainy ones. Rice is the integral part of the dish, and the variety of toppings that go with it give it character and a unique flavor.
       Where to Eat: King Chef Seafood Restaurant's Live Suahe Congee is a must try. The sweetness of the fresh river shrimp gives the humble bowl of steaming congee a distinct tang.

5.       Hot Pot
A hotpot on a chilly, rainy day is always a good idea. This steaming smorgasbord of a meal, cooked in a simmering pot, is composed of leafy vegetables, thinly-sliced meat, tofu, seafood, wontons and dumplings. It’s nutritious that you can indulge without the guilt after.

Where to Eat: If you want a hotpot buffet style, try Four Seasons Hot Pot, which serves a wide range of fresh and healthy ingredients carefully handpicked by the chefs daily.

6.       Noodles
"Eat noodles for long life," says any mom to guests at birthday parties. But we say, eat noodles to warm the heart and soul on a wet, gloomy day. Whether it’s boiled, braised or fried, noodles tie together a myriad of flavors.

Where to Eat: North Park has a wide selection of noodles. Their famed Birthday Noodles are available daily, and you don't need to have someone celebrating their birthday to feast on it.

7.       Sinigang
Turn any rainy day sour, literally and in a good kind of way, with a steaming bowl of sinigang. Its sour and savory taste make it a favorite Filipino comfort food, which traditionally consists of pork, beef, fish or shrimp, and an assortment of vegetables cooked in tamarind-based soup.

Where to eat: Abe’s Sinigang sa Ube offers a unique twist to this classic Pinoy dish, using purple yam as a thickening agent for the broth.

8.       Buffet
If you’re one whose appetite goes overdrive when it’s pouring hard outside, indulge in a buffet where you can satisfy all your cravings in one go.

Where to eat: Vikings offers all the comfort food you crave. It boasts of several food stations that include a salad, an appetizer and an overflowing dessert station, Asian, Mediterranean and Western stations.

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