Friday, July 12, 2019


              Tokyo Tokyo continues to amaze their customers with new additions to their menu, that always finds a way to hit the right notes. Given that the rainy season is upon us, their latest dish is something that Tokyo Tokyo fans will undoubtedly be seeking out, as they try to find comfort during the #RamenWeather days... The new Beef and Tomato Ramen! 

              The beauty of the Beef and Tomato Ramen begins with the light, yet vibrant tomato infused broth, which is unlike any other ramen I've had before. The light zing of tomato is present, with just a hint of sweetness to balance out the base. 

           it is then topped with the essential components, such as the shredded cabbage, corn, spring onions, and egg, and succulent slices of beef to create a very innovative take on a popular Japanese classic. 

             The Ramen noodles remained firm to the bite, which made it absolutely hard to believe that Tokyo Tokyo is known as a "fast food restaurant". 

       All the components just seemed to work harmoniously together, with the zesty broth proving to be a fantastic base for the savoriness of the beef. It was the combination of the tomato and cabbage that seemed to invoke memories of comfort for me. The ideal dish to enjoy indoors on a rainy day. 

             With all their years of success, you would think that Tokyo Tokyo would rest on their laurels, however they have once again proven that it is on top of their game when it comes to creative ways to keep their legion of fans appetites going! 

            Their customers know that when they asked someone to #TakeMeToTokyoTokyo, its just like saying #TakeMeToDelicious! 

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Tokyo Tokyo amped-up it's menu once again by adding a new item to their already impressive roster of dishes! Their newest addition to their menu is the Beef and Tomato Ramen.. And I couldn't resist trying it for myself! Perfect for the upcoming #RamenWeather! Tokyo Tokyo is known as the #1 Japanese Fastfood chain in the Philippines, and I think this move only solidifies their place on the top! #TokyoTokyo #TokyoTokyoPhilippines #TakeMeToTokyoTokyo #TakeMeToDelicious

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