Saturday, December 5, 2020


           Christmas isn't complete without a delicious ham as one of the centerpieces of your Noche Buena Feast. I personally don't know where the tradition started, but all I can say is that I am thankful that it has become a staple in my family's Christmas dinner. 

        Mekeni Food Corp has become known as a food company that truly understands the needs and tastes of the Filipino people. Knowing that not everyone can afford a succulent ham as part of their holiday spread, Mekeni has come up with some ham products that appeals to different budgets, giving Filipinos of from all walks of life the opportunity to experience the joy that their ham brings, while making sure you stay within your budget. 

    Here are a few of the variants that you can get from Mekeni!

        I was able to try three types of ham from the product line of Mekeni. All of them had their own distinct characteristics and corresponding price points. Regardless of which one you chose, you were assured you'd get a delicious ham product. 

              The first Ham that I tried was the Pear Shaped Ham (P260 for 800 Grams). No frills, juicy and delicious, The Pair Shaped Ham is the most affordable of the lot, but you wouldn't know it by simply tasting it. I topped it with Caramelized Pineapple Rings and cherries for more flair, and it was spectacular. 

                   The Piña Ham (P330 for 1KG) of Mekeni was a revelation. Already adorned with Crushed Pineapples on top, the seamless use of Sweet meets Salty notes shows an superb understanding of the Filipino palate. Whether it's with rice or bread, the comforting flavors for this ham dish will undoubtedly get you into a festive mood!

          The Deli Ham (P500 for 1KG) was truly a delight to the senses. After opening it up, the fragrance of the pineapple sauce it was soaked in was unmistakeable, with a a delicate sweetness cohesively imbued into the meat. Every juicy bite simply demanded another, and truly brought out the holiday spirit to our meal. 

            The most high end ham in Mekeni's lineup of Hams, is the All Seasons Premium Ham (P580 for 1KG). I have yet to try it, but will definitely post about it when I do! Given my experience with the first three hams, I have no doubt its going to be amazing as well! 

       Once again, I can't help but admire the way Mekeni finds ways to make sure that all Filipinos have a chance to celebrate the holidays the way they deserve.. With a delicious meal shared with their loved ones, with the ham that best fits their budget as the star of the show! 

Happy Holidays to everyone.. or should I say.. #MerryMekeniChristmas! 

These ham products and other food items from Mekeni are available in Mekeni Home2Home Delivery service, your nearest Mekeni Food Outlets, Wet Markets, and other selected online platforms.


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