Thursday, April 29, 2021


Summer has made a blazing return to the Philippines! And in our country, one of the most popular ways to beat the scorching heat is with some of our famous Halo Halo! However, with all its components, making Halo Halo can be a little tedious for some.. But with Buenas new Halo Halo Fruit Mix & Beans, cooling down has never been easier! 

And what’s even more awesome is that, there are so much more Buenas products you can use to take your Halo Halo to a whole new level! 

Buenas has made making your own Halo Halo  as simple as opening a jar, by preparing a ready to eat Halo Halo fruit mix, which incidentally also includes beans that add depth to the flavor of the iced treat. 

         The vibrant gelatins, the perfectly sweet shredded fruits ensures great flavor to your Halo Halo base, while the beans gives it a wonderful balance of taste and added texture.

SImply prepare easy to find ingredients such as Evaporated Milk, Crushed Ice and Ice cream, and you should be ready to make some magic!

If you’re like me, and you like your Halo Halo with a little extra Ube, you’ll be elated to know that Buenas also has Ube Spread that works perfectly as a topping to your Halo Halo!

Add an extra dollop and it brings a blend of sweet earthiness to your already flavorful Halo Halo!

Whether you prefer more Nata de Coco, Kaong, or Ube, you’ll be able to find some Buenas products to make the Ultimate Halo Halo treat! It can also be used to make an amazing fruit salad.. The possibilities are endless!

Buenas Halo HaloFruit Mix and Beans truly is a godsend to us Pinoys that can’t get enough of our national dessert!

Buenas products are available in all major supermarkets, and you can also purchase them online through Lazada, Shopee and Grabmart.

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