Friday, November 19, 2010


In a cozy corner of Eastwood

           Somewhere in the new building of Eastwood, lies La Creperie, a small cafe that specializes in - wait for it - crepes. I'm not really a big fan of Crepes. I don't hate it, but i'd prefer to have a pie or a hot fudge sundae instead. As we passed by this place during one of Schatzi's day's out, she asked to go there for Dessert, so I was glad to oblige. 

        From the outside, you can imagine that you're in a cafe on the sidewalk of the streets of Paris. (Of course, I've never actually been to Paris, so like I said, "imagine" it) It had a certain charm to it that would raise your curiosity and grab your attention.

Was a bit lost. Couldnt find BBQ Ribs on the menu.

            Inside its beautiful and classy, without being pretentious. it's a dainty little place wherein you could see yourself relaxing the the whole afternoon with a good book. (Or a laptop hehe)

       The service of Le Creperie was impeccable. The waiter was one of the most cordial service staff member's I have ever come across, and what impressed me more was the knowledge of his products. From the various flavors of teas they had, down to the numerous types of crepes, he could rattle off the ingredients in a moment's notice. The kicker to me was, when we sat ourselves outside, (Because we had Schatzi with us) said waiter opened the door and said "Sir, Please come in.". I smiled and said, "Thank you, but we have a dog with us." "Dogs are welcome here, sir!" He said ecstatically. Lo and behold, as I peeped in, there was another couple with a tiny dog (A Yorkie, I think) cuddled by her owner's lap. (More on them, later)

Crepe Making 101

             Rina and I were a bit stuffed from lunch, so we decided not to go with any of the Savory crepes, although some looked rather tasty. We got a glimpse of how they made the ham and mushroom crepe, and I assure you, it smelled amazing. It was really trippy watching them make it.. and just like that, there was suddenly room in my stomach for some crepe.


For Dark Chocolate lovers

             Rina ordered the Banana Hazelnut Au Chocolat  (P175), even though it's not in menu. It's actually supposed to be Mango, but since I can't eat mango, Rina asked for them to switch to Banana, and the waiter graciously obliged. I found it to be a bit lacking on the hazelnut part. An extra dose spoonfuls of Nuttella would've been a big help. If you like dark chocolate (I'm not a big fan), the chocolate crepe would be right up your alley. I also think they should have toasted the Hazel nuts in honey or something.. not just sprinkle it all over the crepe, raw.

The house specialty
       I ordered the La Christine (P145), because it was supposedly their house specialty. The crepe was beautifully cooked, with the right amount of burn marks to it, that didn't let it lose its creaminess. The strawberry jam they used as the filling was delicious, although Rina found it to be a bit too sweet. I was eating it with whipped cream, so I didn't agree, but when the cream started getting scarce, I realized there was some truth in what she was saying. I found the texture of the strawberries a bit weird. They tasted all right, but it felt dry and sort of like plastic. Too bad because other wise, it was pretty good.
The calm before the storm

            Schatzi was having a good time chilling out, until the little Yorkie from the next table popped his head out, and made his way to Rina. He hopped unto Rina's lap and made himself comfy. Schatzi is really playful, and loves the company of other dogs, but he was on the ground and the Yorkie was on the couch.. and worst of all.. with Rina, the woman he loves most in the whole wide world, so he went ballistic! 
The little Yorkie looking down, scared $h|tless of Schatzi

            Rina found the Yorkie to be so adorable, (I gotta admit, she was a cutie) that she couldn't resist but take a picture with her, much to the protest of little seloso Schatzi. His barking got so bad, we had to move to the outside section so we don't disturb the other guests of the restaurant. Even when we were outside, he wouldn't stop barking.

This is my motto in life, except it ends with "And eat like there no tomorrow".

             I'm not yet convinced that crepes make a viable dessert, but with their excellent service and charming ambiance, I consider my La Creperie experience a very good one. When I go back, I will try the other "meaty" crepes, because let's face it.. it's more ME.

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