Wednesday, August 29, 2012


     During my trip to Cebu a few months back, I did a little bit of research of the new places for me to try. I asked a few friends, and even reached out to the Cebu based blogger, "Babe for Food" for some suggestions. Little did I know, all I need to do was ask my brother's best friend since childhood, Shem, for the best places to eat at. 

      He asked me where I had eaten already, and rattled off some names of places at a rapid pace and their specialty dishes without batting an eyelash. I was just listening to the places and dishes he was saying, but then I heard him say something that made me yell out "STOP!". 

      "Go back to that one again, please?", I asked. "Oh that one's my all time favorite.", Shem explained. "You can't leave Cebu without trying the Biscuits with Gravy of A Cafe." 

       That next morning, Rina, my brother Ryan and I were on our way to pick up Shem for Brunch at A Cafe.

Monday, August 27, 2012



          Whilst my Yabu GC Giveaway was on going, I came across a picture on their facebook page of their Katsu Curry dish. I must express to everyone that joined, especially eventual winner of the GC's, Elinor Semira, how extremely fortunate you all are that I started the giveaway before I saw the picture. Because had I seen it first, there's a very good chance that the P2,000 GC's up for grabs might have downgraded to P1,000.. Possibly even P500.. Or I wouldn't have had a giveaway at all! 

       Seriously though, I promised Rina that I'd be taking her back to try the Seafood Katsu, so during the recent Four day weekend, I thought it would be a good time to go. So one Fine Saturday morning, I took Rina and Baby Rain to the Megamall branch, knowing full well that I'll be getting my katsu on a again a few days later, when their second branch opened in Robinsons Magnolia.

      What can I say? Anytime is Katsu time! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


         I had been to Ma Maison once before, and was more than satisfied with my order, the pork Tonkatsu. unfortunately, Rina was not with me, and I was forced to rely on my trusty Galaxy S2 camera for the pictures. Though it did a noble job, it really can't compare to the photos that Rina has taken in the past.

      Funnily enough, When I started the Bistro Group give away, Rina saw the pictures from my Ma Maison entry and reminded me that i still hadn't taken her to try their famed Japanese Western fusion dishes like I had promised many moons ago. I told her that by the time the winner of the giveaway has been announced, she would have tasted their innovative meals.

     I didnt realize time would pass by so quickly! So if the giveaway ended on Saturday, this was our trip to Ma Maison on the following Monday. 

        Oh and guess what? If you read on, you'll find out if YOU won the coveted P3,000 GC from THE BISTRO GROUP!

Monday, August 20, 2012


       Do you remember when the first T.G.I. Fridays opened in Manila? I do. All of a sudden, when it came to dining out in Makati, T.G.I. Fridays became THE default choice of everyone. The line to get in was ridiculous. You would think that the Filipino people were once again holding a "People Power" rally to overthrow an evil dictatorship at the third floor of Glorietta 2. You'd never think that all these people would wait hours in line for some chicken fingers and burgers. 

      Whether you were with your friends or family, it mattered not. Forget Cindy's. T.G.I.Friday's was the place to be. 

Friday, August 17, 2012


     I rarely stray away from the topic of food... But truth be told, this is actually not too far from "Food".. If, of course, you have an appetite for human hearts and other internal organs. I wanted to share with you some of the work that the company I work for has been doing over the past few months. Something that we're all very proud of, and we hope this movie will make a mark in Philippine Cinema..

      TikTik: The Aswang Chronicles.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


        It was a rainy Sunday afternoon last weekend, when Chaikka, Rina’s sister, dropped by our place to visit Baby Rain. My wife loves being the host, so she immediately asked if we could order somewhere for merienda. Despite the chilly weather, I was having a craving for something cold. Rina said interjected that perhaps Hot Chocolate would be better suited for the climate, but for some strange reason, I was craving for something along the lines of a milkshake.

         Chaikka suggested Milk Tea would be a good substitute, however I’m really not too fond of the stuff. Unfortunately, the words “Milk Tea”, whetted Rina’s appetite and she was adamant that we go get some. Not wanting to drive in the pouring rain, I suggested they check out the Quick Delivery Website to check out if there was a milk tea place in Pasig amongst their roster. 

      Luckily for them, not so much for me, they found “Milky Way Tea” among the list of restaurants.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012


          Something I never really outgrew was my love for Ice Cream. Even at my age right now, whenever I see a stall, or Ice Cream in the menu.. Whether it's a Pie Ala Mode, A Frozen Ice Cream cake, or even just a simple scoop, you can be assured that I'll have my eyes on it. Sundaes, Parfaits, Milkshakes.. You name it, I love it. 

      One of my favorite discoveries during our many trips to Mercato Centrale, is without a shadow of a doubt, "Merry Moo: Artisan Ice Cream". If you think this is just your average-ordinary-run-of-the-mill ice cream maker that features common flavors, such as Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry, you're in for a big surprise. 

       Merry Moo's carousel of flavors actually borders closer to the insane than the mundane. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012


      Last weekend, Rina and I decided to take Baby Rain out for a stroll at Bonifacio High Street. Funnily enough, it was such a beautiful day when we left the house, we didn't even think to bring an umbrella anymore. Since we were with Baby Rain, going down from the car calls for the unloading of a stroller and baggage that would make one think that we're actually heading to Singapore instead of a local strip mall. Because of that, whenever we go to High Street, we find it easier to park at the basement of Serendra (also because it's covered, in case of the heat), and take a leisurely stroll across the street. 
      It was a little bit ridiculous because as soon as we crossed the street to High Street, we heard a thunder clap and within seconds, the rain began to pour. Realizing we were unprepared for the situation, I told Rina I'd take her out for lunch at a restaurant of her choice. 

    She immediately chose Stock Market Cafe. I asked if she would reconsider because we had already been there, but she was quick to point out that I went there with my Giant Joel and the lovely Donna.. My workmates.. without her. She let the guilt sink in me a little bit before she went all wife on me and said, "Where ever you want is fine."

    Two minutes later, we were standing in front of Stock Market Cafe, asking the hostess for a table for two.  

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Where'd my breakfast go?? It was here just a minute ago!!

        For someone who doesn't eat breakfast on a regular basis, I sure do have a fondness for breakfast food. Though I had been to Flapjacks already and did a post on it in the past, I really don't count it because the photos were taken during my pre-blogger days with Rina's iPhone, hence the terrible quality. 

      During The Bistro Group's "Triple Treats Promo" that I participated in, I was given three amazing dishes to choose from that I could get at half price.. Fish and Co.'s Best Fish and Chips in Town, Ma Maison's Jumbo Burger Steak, and Flapjack's Original Hashbrown Burger. 

     Once I received the SMS from The Bistro Group, I knew That I had to try Flapjack's burger that caught my attention the moment I saw it when their first branch opened in Greenbelt years ago. 

Sunday, August 5, 2012


     There are many special women in my life.. all of them members of my family (and yes, I consider my Yaya as "Family"). Naturally, the first two females that come to mind would be my darling wife, Rina, and my beautiful baby girl, Rain. Prior to Baby Rain coming in to my life, being a part of my niece Cara's growing up served as my "training" to becoming a dad. 

      I learned a lot from helping raise Cara.. Especially about how to deal with an adolescent girl. Though she wasn't by any means a bad girl, I couldn't help but become a protective (often accused as "overly") uncle. And I'd like to think some how she learned a lot from me too. 

    Cara. My "Little Star", as I used to call her, now lives in the United States where she's completing her college education. She's back to the country for her summer vacation, as well as to being her On Job Training at a prestigious law firm. 

    Since she's not going to be here for a very long time, I asked if she could join us for lunch, so she could spend more time with Baby Rain before she left. Since she the most convenient place for her to meet us was High Street, I decided that the best place to have a family style lunch would be at Italianni's. 


          First off, I needed to say thank you to the wonderful people at Manang's Chicken, particularly their President and CEO, Jill Borja, for their generous contribution to my Second Year Anniversary! It was amazing to see how everyone went insane for GC's for "Ang Bagong Fried Chicken Ng Pinoy"! 

      Secondly, I want to thank each and every one of you that participated in the Manang's Chicken GC Giveaway! 

     Without further ado, The winner of The Pickiest Eater In The World's Giveaway #5 is...            



I'll be getting in touch with you within the next few days to coordinate how you can receive the GC's.. Either via meet up or mail. 

You can still join my awesome BISTRO GROUP GC GIVEAWAY
where you can win P3,000 worth of Gift Certificates that you can use in ten amazing restaurants!

Friday, August 3, 2012


      Have you ever tried ordering from Quick Delivery yet? Funnily enough, even though I have a collection of their menu books, I had never gotten around to ordering from them yet. Which is weird because the roster of restaurants under the Quick Delivery banner is quite impressive. I’m usually stuck with the usual suspects when it comes to delivery.. McDonald’s, KFC, Shakey’s and Pizza Hut.

            Last Sunday afternoon,  I had tried ordering from Nipa Hut via Quick Delivery. The customer service attendant that received my call was very efficient and helpful. And after basically taking my entire order, you can imagine how embarrassed she was when she had to tell me that Nipa Hut is actually closed on Sundays, despite the fact it says in the Quick Delivery Online Menu that they’re open, but with delivery hours from 11Am to 3pm. She was very apologetic and was more than willing to find me a restaurant which was open on Sunday, but Rina and I decided to just find something to eat at home.

 Last Friday night, Just before I went on my way home from work, (This was around 9:30 in the evening, in the pouring rain), I realized I hadn’t had dinner yet. Being the sweet and sensitive husband I am, I knew it was a tad bit too late to have my wife Rina prepare me something to eat, so from the car, I decided to give Nipa Hut and Quick Delivery a try once again.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


You bet your butt I do

    Part of my being a "Picky Eater" is my aversion to seafood. With the sole exception of fish (which I actually love), I make it a point to stay away from creatures from the sea. There are a few incarnations of seafood dishes that I eat, but on the whole, it would be safe to say that i'm a carnivore, through and through. 

    I don't eat Squid (except Calamares from some restaurants), nor do I eat shrimp or prawns (except for tempura and more recently, the blackened shrimp of Village Tavern, mainly because you could pour the sauce on a rubber slipper and I would still probably eat it). And to date, there are only two crab dishes that I would be willing to eat willingly.. The Crab Wonton from P.F. Changs (which doesn't taste like crab) and the Crab Cakes of Village Tavern

     I don't eat clams, oysters, Mussels (yes, that includes baked tahong dripping with cheese), scallops and even lobsters. So as you can imagine, I'm no fun at Dampa and other seafood restaurants (I imagine it would be like taking a vegetarian to a place like Zark's Burgers or Brazil Brazil). 

    But there is one Seafood Restaurant that I can never say no to, because they have one dish that is a member of the "One of the Best Things Ever" Club. 

   True to it's name, Fish and Co. really does have "The Best Fish and Chips In Town".  


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