Saturday, April 25, 2015


        Obviously, food trips play a big part of my life. In fact, it’s one of the things that brought Rina and I closer together. And by this time I’m sure you know the type of food that attracts us the most. Delicious bacon, burgers, and sausages. Fast food. The works! Yes, we know it’s not exactly the healthiest choice of food, but you have to admit, it’s delicious and very satisfying. Healthy food never piques my interest. In fact, I’ve done a pretty good job in staying away from them as much as I can. (Kids, don’t try this at home.)

listerine event

        But last March 27, we attended a food exhibit that was filled with good-looking dishes. But the thing surprising thing is, they’re all healthy!

        This was Listerine’s #StepUpYourFoodTrip event, which proved that Food trips can be tasty and healthy at the same time!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


   This marks my first collaboration with Eugene Constantino, the food blogger more famously known as "Hefty Foodie", whom I feel is perhaps one of.. if not THE BEST Food Photographer out there today. The "collaboration" is actually a result of my DSLR conking out on me, and Eugene selflessly volunteering to provide me pictures for my blog. Thanks so much buddy! You saved my ass!

       I'm not much of a drinker, and I don't like going out at night. I've said time and time again that it usually takes a promise of great food or an epic movie. I was graciously invited to join my fellow bloggers at 71 Gramercy to see the metro's hottest night spot, and I politely declined. Yes, I know people are lining up to get in, and here I am, offered to get a tour of the place, and I say no. 

    The thing is, running the show as the General Manager is the stunning Chef Cecille Chang of Silk Road fame (In my opinion, the best Thai Restaurant in the metro). And if you have met Chef Cecille before, you know that this is a woman that you do not say no to. 

    A couple of days before the event, I got a call from Chef. In her sweet voice, she asked me, "Hi Richie! Are you busy? Can you talk?". "Of course Chef, how may I help you?", I replied. All of a sudden, the sugar coated tone was lost, and she responded with a fiery, "Why aren't you joining us for dinner at 71 Gramercy? I want you and Rina there! It's not the same without you!". 

   Let me just say, when someone like Chef Cecille wants you to go to her restaurant, YOU GO TO HER RESTAURANT. The mere fact that she bothered to call meant a lot to me, so I promptly cancelled my plans for that day, and decided I'd be going to 71 Gramercy. 

    And I'm glad I did. I was expecting it to be a night of drinking, which is why I wasn't really too keen on going in the first place. But then I soon discovered that we would be tasting the menu that 71 Gramercy's Executive Chef, Carlo Miguel has prepared. 

Monday, April 20, 2015


      Before we go any further, I would first like to apologize for the quality of the photos in the post. My trusty old DSLR camera threw a hissy fit and was not very responsive, so I decided to use my Phone's camera instead. Although I have to admit the quality isn't bad, it still is not on par with the photos of my previous posts, especially when it's Rina taking the photos hehe..

       But can you blame me? If your choices were "Use your Phone camera to take pictures of Ippudo's new dishes" or "Don't go to Ippudo at all", I guarantee you that the former will win every single time.

     With that being said, Check out the newest Ramen and appetizers to hit Ippudo Philippines' menu! 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Uniqueness of Bon Chon and its Latest Flavor: CRUNCHY GARLIC!

When you think of Chicken, what’s the first image that comes into your mind? 

        Let me guess… A juicy thigh and wing, coated in a beautiful golden breading, with a side of hot gravy, and mouthwatering sides, such as mashed potatoes, biscuits, and coleslaw? Admittedly, that seems to be the norm when it comes to fried chicken. 

        But what would happen if you found a Chicken so delicious, it would forever change your perception of how that traditional comfort food to be. 

        Bon Chon offers a delicious alternative to the classic Chicken, frying it twice and glazing it in a dazzling array of sauces that will constantly keep your taste buds craving for more. 

        Wary about change? Bon Chon Chicken shows you that change can be delicious! 

bonchon thigh chicken

   A key to Bon Chon’s success is how they are constantly innovating their menu, unafraid to try interesting fusions of flavors which keeps their adoring fans excited for the next variant to come out. Not to mention, I always get a kick out of making people try Bon Chon for the first time. The euphoric look on their face once they hit that first crunch is always a sight to see! 
        Aside from their famous original American-Korean fusion of Soy Garlic, Bon Chon also has a Sweet and Spicy flavor, and my personal favorite, Honey Citrus.

        Not stopping there, Bon Chon added yet another flavor to their menu!  

Meet their newest flavor, the Crunchy Garlic

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


       Guess what? We spoke, and McDonald's listened! The McRib is now back on the Menu, and this time it's available NATIONWIDE!

Saturday, April 11, 2015


        Although I maintain that I'm normally not a fan of Japanese food, that notion gets thrown out the window every time I visit Osaka Ohsho. Though the dishes are undoubtedly imbued with the amazing flair that makes Japanese food so popular, it also has a bit of a Western touch that makes its dishes friendly to even the Pickiest of Eaters. 

       Another nice thing about Osaka Ohsho is how they constantly keep their menu fresh with new dishes bring out the best of Japanese food, such as Teppanyaki. 

    Of course, Osaka Ohsho gives their own little spin to the classic Japanese way of cooking, and reveals the new items to their Teppanyaki Festival! 

Friday, April 10, 2015


      Flashback to 2011: Rina and I heard about a small place in Quezon City that served up massive burgers, including one made with breakfast sausage patties. That was pretty much all I needed to hear to schedule a visit, but what made it more serendipitous, was that I immediately found a great deal on Groupon for it!  

      Cut to Present day: The QC branch is no longer there, but thankfully, there's one just a few minutes a way from my house. I actually found out about this place late in 2014, during my company's Christmas Party, which was held at the same building where Size Matters is located at. Although it was a party with food all around, I abstained from eating a single bite, because afterwards, me and a couple of office mates decided to head down here for a late night bite. 

    After all these years, Size Matters proved that when it comes to burgers.. Well.. You know what's next!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


        One restaurant that is very close to my heart, is Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen. I was a couple of years into food blogging when I discovered Mama Lou's at Soderno in Molito. I can't tell you what else I ate there on that fateful night without reading my post again, but all I can say is that Mama Lou's Panzarotti's is something I will never forget. 

   On the strength of those deliciously cheesy hot pockets, Rina and I made a rare trip to BF homes in Paranaque for a taste of what other dishes Mama Lou's had to offer. 

    After that we were hooked. Since then, I've had the pleasure of watching this humble little Italian bistro emerge into a Filipino-run restaurant chain to watch. 

     Although the excellent quality of their food is undeniable, the Mama Lou's experience is so much more than that. Past the delicious pasta, mouthwatering risotto and scrumptious pizzas, you will discover that the most precious dish from Mama Lou's kitchen, is Love.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


            I've always said that I consider Alabang as "Out of town" for me. Which is funny because, if I leave at off peak hours, I can get there in about less than an hour. However, it isn't just the distance that makes Alabang feel like a whole new world.. It's also the environment of Filinvest Business Park. For me, its reminiscent to Bonifacio Global City, where it's clearly bustling, with new establishments sprouting left and right, but a high standard of cleanliness is maintained, making it conducive for brisk afternoon walks (usually to other restaurants hehe).

      I have had the fortunate opportunity to experience three rather excellent hotels in Alabang, namely Bellevue, Crimson and Acacia Hotel. However, there was one more hotel in the Alabang area that Rina and had yet to have the pleasure of staying at-, and that was the Vivere Hotel.

    All that changed during the final leg of Sugar & Spice's Birthday weekend, where the Queen of the South once again graciously tagged my family along for a Staycation at Vivere Hotel!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


      I had heard the rumblings on the web for quite some time now of McDonald's coming up with a burger so epic, it's going to make their Big Mac look like something  from "Buena Bonita Burgers". And just how I couldn't wait to share the news of the McRib and the McGriddles coming to the Philippines, I am proud to announce that indeed, the rumors are true. 

    McDonald's has taken three popular burgers in their menu, and creating one ultimate MEGA burger..

    BEHOLD, Mcdonald's newest burger, The Mc Land, Sea and Air is now available in the Philippines!!!


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