I'm always on the lookout for some awesome places to eat, 
so I would love to hear your suggestions!

Feel free to drop me an email at!

If you want me to add your site to my blog links,
just email me your blog and link up my site too! 
( .. duh.. hehe)

If you want to"Like" my page on Facebook, just go to       

If you would like to follow me on Twitter, just look for @TheRealRichieZ !

If you still have Friendster... Well.. Then.. That's actually quite sad. hehe..

If you would like to invite me to an event, or to try out your restaurant,  Please note that this blog is a two person operation..
My wife does the Photography, and I do the eating.
 (It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it!)
I normally don't accept invitations if I'm not allowed to bring her :)
(If you've seen how I handle a camera on my own, you'll understand why)


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