Tuesday, February 14, 2012


       So the winners have finally be drawn! Congratulations to all Five people that won, including the four people who won the four Gift Certificates from Box O' Rice, and the Grand Prize winner that snagged the Gift Certificates  worth P5,000 from Cathy Valencia Skin and Body Center.

Watch this Video to see the draw for yourself! 

      Once again, thank you to everyone who participated, and a special shout out to Cris Villarosa of Box O' Rice for the consolation prizes, and Jo Chanco of Voice Of The South for the Grand Prize!

    Thank you to www.myfoodtrip.com for their support, as well as everyone who helped spread the word about the Giveaway! 

     Now that I'm done with my first "Giveaway", I can plan the next! Hopefully the next one will be even better!

     The winners of the Box O' Rice GC's are as follows

1) Golda Ajero    - GC's for Two (2) Regular Meals & Two (2) Junior Meals 
2) Warren Alulod - GC's for Two (2) Regular Meals & Two (2) Junior Meals 
3) Jagger Camungay - GC's for Two (2) Regular Meals & Two (2) Junior Meals

4) Mary Jay Javier -  GC's for Two (2) Regular Meals & Two (2) Junior Meals  

Please remember that this can be availed at Box O' Rice Katipunan Branch!


Ms. Golda Ajero has generously decided to give her awarded GC's back for a re-draw! 

Thank you Ms. Golda! 

So the new winner in her place is.. Aiza Rachelle Albaracin! 



And the Grand Prize Winner of GC's worth P5,000 from Cathy Valencia Skin & Body Center is.....


       Congratulations everyone!

        I'll be emailing you within the next two days to coordinate the distribution of your prizes! Till the next Giveaway!!


  1. Congrats to the winners!!!

    wow, that's a really big hat!!! haha

    your wife, Rina, is lovely. And I love her shirt!!!! ( Sir Richie, di ba kayo magbebenta ng "pickiest eater" shirt???) Just asking hehe

    1. That was my top hat! the one that i used in the picture of the contest! hehe.. Hinanap pa talaga ni Rina yan sa Divisoria!

      Galing ng shirt, no? hehe Im planning to print a few more.. that was given to me lang as a gift :)

  2. sir thanks so much! funny i was aiming for the food GCs haha!

    1. haha you wanna swap with someone?

      Hehe congratulations!

  3. I just started reading your blog today and you're hilarious! It's great that you have the talent to tell people about your love for food. Keep it up!

    P.S. Ever heard of Epic Meal Time? (Wait, stupid question. Of course you know about them - you love bacon!) Anyway, you remind me of them so much and your entry about the tombstone burger at Zark's had me rolling on the floor laughing.. well not really but you get my point. Anyway, my P.S. is longer than my actual comment lol just wanted to let you know what I think about your blog. Have a nice day! ☺

    1. Thank you so much Anonymous... I have no intention of stopping!

      Of course I've heard of them! They're pretty awesome :D hehe

      Your comments are very much appreciate and it sincerely warms my heart to hear it!

      Have a wonderful day too :)

  4. Wooohooo!!! Congratulations to the winners :D !!! Glad your giveaway went well :)

    BTW, where did you get the giant hat :D ?

    1. Thanks for the support bro!

      My awesome wife scoured every store in divisoria to find me a Top Hat for her Mad Hatter Baby shower last year :)



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