Monday, December 24, 2012


         I'm fairly simple when looking for a burger. In fact, I've noticed that I seem to always look for the same thing. Give me a nice, meaty patty (Or even two?), BACON (Of course), Onion Rings (Caramelized or fried, as long as its not raw), and BBQ Sauce instead of Ketchup. 

       Which is why I got the eerie feeling that Wendy's created their new BBQNator, with ME specifically in mind. 

        Miss Marizu of Wendy's gave us a quick introduction on the newest member of their Menu.. The BBQNATOR! I'm a fan of any burger that has bacon in it, so when Wendy's introduced the BACONATOR, a double patty burger with Not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not seven, but SIX strips of bacon in it, I immediately took a liking to it.

        But as imposing as that burger was, I always felt like something was missing from it. BBQ Sauce.

        I'm addicted to McDonald's BBQ Sauce. And I may have mentioned this before.. I don't eat any burger from McDonald's without it (Except for the Big and Tasty). I've contemplated trying a Baconator with McDonald's BBQ Sauce, before Wendy's came up with this. 

               I think it was also rather brilliant for Wendy's to include the Onion Rings that are inside the BBQNATOR into their menu. You can get it as a combo meal for P315. If you want it ala carte, It'll cost P255.

              The BBQNATOR essentially takes the Baconator, and pimps it up to another level. First off, they added crunchy Onion Rings made with Spanish Onions, that have a slightly sweet taste to it. What truly takes this burger to another level is when they added the Hickory BBQ Sauce to it. The sauce gave the BBQNATOR a tangy, lightly sweet flavor, that worked beautifully with the meat and cheese.

           BBQNATOR also comes in a smaller, "Son Of The BBQNATOR" variant which costs P156 ala care, and P198 for the combo meal. 

          Oh and I don't know about you guys, but I think Wendy's makes the best Iced tea, so it's best to enjoy the BBQNATOR with a tall glass of their Iced Tea with lots and lots of Ice! 

              I had a wonderful time at Wendy's Greenbelt with the other bloggers, and I even got to see The Tummy Traveler, and finally her husband, Chuckie

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  1. too bad I wasn't able to join on this event due to work. :(
    I would have loved to try it (minus the onion rings though lol).

    1. I actually ran to greenbelt.. then ran back to my office right after! hehe

  2. Have a happy Christmas Richie, Rina and Rain! God bless you all!

  3. hello!!! kaano ano ni BBQnator si BACONator?? kapatid? pamangkin? uncle? hihihi =D



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