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  If you’re new to my blog, the term “Pickiest Eater” might give you the impression that I am cautious about what I eat, when in fact, funnily enough, it’s the exact opposite. I am the pickiest eater because there are a lot of things I don’t like to eat. And some may frown upon this but most of these things that I dislike are leafy stuff. 

       Just by looking at my logo, you know that I am a carnivore. And I particularly have a strong relationship with bacon that no one can ever destroy (sniff...). I like meat and deep fried stuff and the like. Food that could most likely have a long staycation in your arteries hehe..  

       Yep! Like it or not, that’s me! I love delicious but-admittedly sinful- food! And like I always say... You only live once! All I know is that when I reach the age that I should be slowing down, I will kick myself in the butt for not trying, say, Zark’s Tombstone. (Disclaimer to haters: I’m not saying you should do the same. This is just me! To each his own, right?)

       This is also the reason why my wife and I enjoy travelling to different countries. And though we don’t get to travel much, we make sure that when we do, we would try lots of delicious mouth watering comfort food from different places. The kind of food that my idol Adam Richman would feature in Man Vs. Food (Sniff... I miss that show!)

Like the Altar of Bacon from Sea Breeze Cafe in Boracay Regency

And the famous lechon of Zubuchon in Cebu 

And this very crispy and tasty Crispy Pata from Davao’s Yellow Fin

And this grilled-to-perfection BBQ Chicken Wings from Makansutra Gluttons Bay in Singapore

Also this collection of barbecued meat from Hill Country in New York was like a dream come true in a plate (or in this case, paper as a plate)

Image source

       I promised my wife that someday I would take her and our daughter Rain to Los Angeles. One of our dreams in life is to be able to dine in Hell’s Kitchen! We know there’s a big chance we won’t be able to actually eat anything there if the contestants screw up in the kitchen but it would be such an amazing experience to watch Gordon Ramsay in action and yell “YOU DONKEY!”. 

       To give us even more edge with our crazy food trips, it’s always safe to have my BPI Edge MasterCard with me at all times. Because you’ll never know when you’ll need emergency funds for eating, especially in a foreign country. You got to have something that will be accepted in stores worldwide!

  If only there was a chance to go to L.A. sooner! Oh wait... Thanks to BPI, there is!!!

       BPI Edge cardholders can win a 5-Day Trip to Los Angeles USA for two! (Oh my this is perfect!) And the winners won’t be there to just go sight-seeing and have food trips. Winners will be there to attend the 56th GRAMMY Awards! This amazing grand prize already covers airfare and hotel accommodations, plus a $600 pocket money, a shopping spree at the famous Rodeo Drive, some tours, a professional makeover (Rina has been wanting a professional makeover!), passes to the music industry gala and the GRAMMY AFTER PARTY!!! Sounds like winning the lottery! And these are all compliments of MASTERCARD

       This promo runs from October 2 to November 30, 2013. People who are cardholders of BPI Edge or Mini Edge with good credit standing, should have a Facebook and Instagram account (who doesn't?) and must register to this promo through the BPI Edge microsite: , or through the BPI Edge Facebook Application.

       It’s so easy to join too! First make sure you register on the said microsite or Facebook application. Enter the following details:
1. Cardholder’s name (name stated on the credit card)
2. Last 4 digits of the credit card
3. Mobile number
4. Email address

       Registration shall be done only once per Instagram/Facebook account. Don’t need to worry as all these details of course will be kept confidential.

       Then you can move on to joining. Just like the BPI Edge Facebook Fanpage and follow BPI Edge on Instagram. Once you've successfully registered to the contest through their microsite or facebook application, you now need to earn your points. How?  By simply taking a picture of the marketing materials of “reasons for living with an edge” (standee, posters, topper boards, and online banner ads)  Make a post of your unique “reason for living with an edge” through the BPI Edge microsite (, and through the BPI Edge Facebook Application.  You may also submit your uploaded reasons on Instagram by going to their microsite or Facebook Application and choosing "Your #LivingWithAnEdge photos from Instagram". In all your posts, tag @BPIEDGE and hashtag #LivingWithAnEdge. One post = One point. Each post per day should be  unique. No duplicate posts please. It won’t be counted. Check more of the terms and conditions from the microsite.

       You can also create and share your OWN reasons for living with an Edge. There is a template that you can download and edit from the microsite or Facebook application.

       Simple isn't it? This has got to be one of the BIGGEST promo yet! It’s the GRAMMYS for crying out loud! I for one would do anything to join this kind of promotion! Anything legal, that is! This is definitely one chance you would not want to pass on!

L.A., baby!!!!

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