Monday, January 27, 2014


        If you ask me who my favorite Filipino Chef is, one of them would definitely be Chef Ed Bugia. Not only is he super cool and down to earth but his creations in his kitchen are just absolutely brilliant! It's like he creates dishes without really thinking too much of it if you know what I mean. Just whatever he feels like eating or putting together. And based on his creations that I have tasted (like Pi: Breakfast and Pies, and BRGR Project), everything works!!! 

        Just like his latest menu at Pino RestoBar. Richie was able to try Pino before, but it was a first for me. And as expected, everything was generously done! Just read the names of the food. And I guarantee you'll agree with me already! Why? Most of it starts with the word BAGNET!

Pino Bagnet Menu bagnet spring rolls

        Spring Roll lovers will definitely appreciate Pino's Bagnet Spring Rolls (P235). It's stuffed with bagnet, Chinese chorizo, salted eggs, (I love salted eggs!), and as if that's not enough, there's also some vermicelli noodles! This could already be a complete meal in itself!

Pino Bagnet Menu isol popcorn

        The Isol Popcorn (P205) is a classy version of the Filipino favorite Pwet ng Manok (Chicken ass). But what elevates this is the soy-miso-inasal glaze! Yes it tastes as delicious as it sounds!   

Pino Bagnet Menu bagnet ribs lechon paksiw

        Do you love paksiw? Hows about a good searving of Pino's Bagnet Ribs Lechon Paksiw (P245)? Pork ribs are fried and then stewed in vinigared liver sauce and chicken liver. Also comes with half a soft boiled egg and white rice topped with dilis! So Pinoy!

Pino Bagnet Menu bagnet bicol express

        Everything was really good but the Bagnet Bicol Express (P295) was one of the favorites of the night.  Winged beans cooked in coconut milk and alamang (anchovies). And then the bagnet rests happily on top of it! 

Pino Bagnet Menu pochero

        Pochero is one of my favorite soupy Filipino viand ever! And Chef Edward made a really delicious one! The Pino Pochero (P385) is consists of super soft beef and pork stew, crushed tomatoes, and then joined with chinese chorizo, sweet potato, pechay, and saba.  The menu says it's good for sharing. I dunno. I think I would happily NOT share this bowl with anyone haha!

Pino Bagnet Menu steamed lapu lapu

        This fish really dressed up for us that evening! This Steamed Lapu Lapu (P495) is steamed in leaks and lemongrass, and then dressed up in chunks of pineapple aioli, salted egg, bell pepper, pickle relish, cheddar cheese, scallions, and finally, garlic chips! So colorful!

Pino Bagnet Menu nilasing na tahong

        A peer-pressured seashell arrived shortly. The Nilasing na Tahong (P245) is really tasty! The soup is really addicting!We kept slurping it all throughout dinner. These spicy mussels are cooked in beer and lime soda. It's not really spicy. Just a tad. 

        They also have a dessert which is the Bibingka Galapong with Tsokolate Shot (P195) which we weren't able to try, but will definitely on our list on our next visit! With these delicious menu plus affordable prices, Pino definitely deserves a 2nd, 3rd, even 100th visit!

Pino Resto Bar is located in 38 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati
(02) 550-1781

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  1. That picture of the Bagnet Bicol Express is enough reason for me to visit Pino! This entry is making me extremely hungry!

  2. Awesome entry richie!!! I am super craving for anything deep fried and that bagnet bicol express just lingers in my thoughts! lol :)



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