Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines Day Cakes by Pink Wasabi! ~RinaZ

valentines day gift

        Looks like Richie's really touched to receive this heart-filled Chocolate Mousse Cake. An early V day treat from me to him! 

Fine... it's from Pink Wasabi ;-)

valentines day cake

        I really liked this Chocolate Mousse Cake because the cake on the half bottom layer is very moist, and then the chocolate mousse has that hint of dark chocolate taste, but not too bitter at the same time. I love dark chocolate! If your partner does too, I'm pretty sure he/she will like this.


        This pretty one really caught my attention the first time I saw it online. Rose Meringue Cookies. They just look so fluffy and pretty and light pink! And that dark chocolate ganache sandwiched in the middle was also calling out to me. And I must say, it tastes as good as it looks. The meringue had just the right sweetness, and the dark chocolate ganache was also yum! Be careful though in taking them out of their case as it may crumble easily. good thing the chocolate ganache helped hold them together.

valentines day gift

        But I guess my favorite one... the one I have been wanting to try eversince I saw it online were these delicious and beautifully packed chocolate goodness... Truffle Brownies!!!They're fudge brownies, coated in dark chocolate, and a surprise in the middle

truffle brownies

        Salted caramel centers! I really loved the mixture of sweetness, a bit of bitterness from the dark chocolate, and then a hint of saltiness from the caramel. Goodbye diet!!!

And coming soon!....

Cakes to watch out for! Still on the testing phase as  I was told by Chef Anna :-)

break up cake

The Breakup Cake

        Despite the bitter and clever name, the taste is actually the opposite. If I hadn't known better I would think this cake was caked specifically with Richie in mind (based on ingredients of course). It's a super moist banana cake with creamy peanut butter mouse, topped with a crunchy and savory potato chip feuillantine. I know, right?!? It's got COMFORT written all over it!. So for those who don't have a date for Valentines Day, that's fine! This breakup cake will be a way better companion anyways!

passion fruit cake

        And for fruit lovers, this one. No name yet, but it's passionfruit curd with vanilla sponge cake and coconut jelly on top. Pretty interesting too! Very fruity. Not to mention very pretty!

        So place your orders now at Pink Wasabi! The Valentines Day treats will be available only until February 15! :-) See price list below for more details!

pink wasabi valentines

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