Friday, February 26, 2016

An Evening of Food, Music, and Fireworks with Friends at SM By The Bay

SM Moa Pyro Olympics

        It’s February once again.. And who said Valentine’s day can only be celebrated on the 14th? Why not do something romantic for your partner, like plan a out where to dine at, paired with unique yet fun activities without having to leave Metro Manila? At SM By The Bay, love is definitely in the air for the entire month of February!

Manila Bay sunset

  At SM By The Bay, you are given an impeccable selection of restaurants to choose from, ranging from Japanese, to Chinese, to even good old fashioned Pinoy food! Not very many places in Metro Manila can offer a plethora of food choices this extensive, paired with a breathtaking view of Manila Bay.


  However, SM By The Bay is more than just a row of world class restaurants. In this 1.5km entertainment complex, you’ll have everything you need for a whole day of fun! There are lots of fun rides including the famous MOA Eye, which is among the top five tallest Ferris wheels in the Philippines. If you’re a hopeless romantic like me, I see it as a place where someone to propose to his special someone. Imagine this: Taking a ride with your loved one, and having a capsule all to yourselves. As you reach the pinnacle of the wheel, and see the splendor of the universe around you, fireworks begins to explode across the seaside. 

Banzai SM MOA

Wait, did I mention fireworks? Yes, fireworks! This Love month, every Saturday starting last Feb 14 until March 19, you can watch the biggest musical and lights show along Manila Bay! It’s the 7th Annual International Pyromusical Competition!

    So before the show started, we had to have dinner firs because we were starving. There’s a lot of great restaurants lined up by the Bay. And not just any restaurant. But buffet restaurants!

Banzai SM MOA

We all voted on going on a delicious authentic Japanese buffet at Banzai.  

Banzai SM MOA

Hungry and ready to raid BANZAI!

Banzai SM MOA

At Banzai, you can enjoy their Mongolian station, ramen station, and more.

Banzai SM MOA

I particularly enjoyed the Tempura station.

Banzai SM MOA

And these ribs! My oh my...

Banzai SM MOA

Not to mention the delectable desserts! (Read more about Banzai at our previous post here.)

Banzai SM MOA

        We wanted to eat some more but we didn’t want to miss the fireworks. So, with a satisfied tummy, we walked towards the best seats in the house to watch the Pyromusical competition just in the nick of time!

SM Pyro Olympics

The place was filled with happy people, all excited for the show!

SM Pyro Olympics

And by night time this is how it looked like by the VIP area

SM Pyro Olympics

        The evening began with a beautiful opening exhibition by the Philippines’ own Platinum Fireworks. I love how this photo makes the sky looks like we’re actually out in the universe!

SM Pyro Olympics

        It was beautiful from start to end but I have to admit my favorite part was the slow song with the lights-only fireworks falling down ever so gently. 

SM Pyro Olympics

        ...and then suddenly, sparks come out od their trail, making the planes look like comets. Just beautiful!

        After the opening exhibition, Jinky Vidal serenaded the crowd with lively tunes as well as romantic love songs that really set the mood!

SM Pyro Olympics

        For the second half of the Pyromusical competition, the Luso Pirotecnia of Portugal lit up the skies with their disco-themed exhibition. They really had everyone dancing to the beat, reminiscing the older days of disco with songs like September by Earth, Wind, and Fire, Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry,... 

Fireworks letters

...and my favorite part was YMCA where they actually programmed the fireworks to form into the letters Y,M,C, and A. Mind-blowing!

Heart fireworks SM Pyro Olympics

They also had the night skies filled with hearts! Perfect for Valentines Day! How’s that for romance?

FireworksSM Pyro Olympics

        It was our first time to see this spectacle for myself. And I can say that it really isn’t your usual New Year fireworks. Since it’s a fireworks competition, one can imagine how extravagant the fireworks are. It’s truly a spectacular experience to share with the whole barkada!

SM Pyro Olympics

        As soon as Portugal’s exhibition was done, we couldn’t help but clap and cheer not just for the spectacular show but for how fun the evening turned out for my wife, my friends and I. It’s really an ideal place to enjoy with your friends, special someone, and the whole family! So if you have plans in celebrating this Love month in some place fun and special with delicious food and spectacular fireworks, go to SM By The Bay Premier Lifestyle and Leisure Hub this Saturday to watch the next country contestant spark up the sky !

        The SM By The Bay complex is open everyday, even Holidays, from 6am until 2am, and the restaurants are open from 11am – 1 am.

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