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           The City of Dreams Complex had their grand opening in February of 2015, which took the leisure gaming and entertainment tourism scene to a whole new level. I've been around the complex a few times since then, visiting Dreamscape with my family, and having lunch at The Cafe at Hyatt Hotel a few times, and I can say the food was undoubtedly world class, and I was left spellbound with the dazzling interiors and exquisite service.

         So we already knew that their food and banquet was excellent, however it was only a few weeks ago that Rina, Rain and I were invited to enjoy a wonderful weekend at Hyatt City of Dreams, to get a taste of the world renowned service that has made Hyatt such a prestigious name in hospitality. 

     This is our experience In A Hyatt World.

         The City of Dream complex truly lives up to it's name. It is perhaps the most breathtaking wonder of architecture in the country today. More than just a casino haven and entertainment complex, City of Dreams also houses three luxury hotels - Crown Towers, Nobu and Hyatt.

          Everywhere you turn, is Instagram-worthy. 

      Hyatt City of Dream's close proximity to the airport makes it an ideal hotel choice for travelers, especially with the New NAIA Expressway nearing full completion! Pretty soon, travel to to and fro the airport will be cut down to roughly around give minutes! 

        Airport hotels don't get much classier than this! 

          We were billeted in the Club Deluxe Room, which also came with access to the Club Lounge Floor. The room was outfitted with a Flat Screen TV, high speed internet, and a bed that you will never, EVER want to leave. 

       Yes, it's THAT comfortable. 

        The room is rather spacious, and is equipped with a Rain fall shower head, and a bath tub.  

       I've visited Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas and checked out the pool, and that's the same fun vibe that Hyatt's pool area imbibes. We were fortunate to be able to visit at a time where the pool wasn't so crowded, which offered us a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

          Rain couldn't wait to jump into the pool!

    As gorgeous as it is during the daytime, the view is even more spectacular at night.


    Here are some of the highlights of our dinner

The Roasted Wagyu Leg, known as "The Beast". 

You can customize your own Noodle Soups

The Roasting Section of the Chinese Spread is excellent

        The Italian section, especially with the delicious Oven Baked Pizzas, are delicious!


              Any good Breakfast Buffet worth their salt has bacon. And the Hyatt's Bacon is excellent. 

        The freshly carved Honey Glazed Ham is also a winner.

The Frankfurters were also juicy and flavorful

Not to be outdone, the Filipino cuisine was able represented by dishes such as Tocino..

And Danggit, which is perfect when crumbled over Garlic Rice! 


             On the Seventh Floor of Tower Two is the Club Lounge, an exclusive, relaxing space that only guests billeted in the assigned "Club Floors" may avail. 

      Guests can enjoy a host of exclusive, complimentary services including personalised, seated check-in and check-out; breakfast; drinks and light snacks all day; and canapés and pre-dinner drinks from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

          We decided to have all our meals at The Cafe, however we would drop by The Club Lounge for some Snacks and Refreshments. 

          The Double Chocolate Chip Cookies were Amazing! I was thisclose to hiding the jar under my shirt and stealthily making my way out of the lounge. unfortunately, after those meals at The Cafe, my shirt was tight enough as it is, so I had to nix that plan. 

     Given the amenities and perks that come with the Club Rooms I feel it would be the ideal room of choice for travelers in the country for business and even leisure.  

         Our stay at Hyatt City of dreams was made even more enjoyable by the presence of members of our extended family, Bloggers, The Mommist and her boys, and The Hefty Foodie. 

       From its world class facilities, impeccable service, and well appointed rooms that proudly carry the high standard of quality that Hyatt has become known for, Hyatt City of Dreams Manila should without a doubt be among your first choices to stay at, whether you're looking for an awesome staycation, or a tourist planning a trip to the Philippines. 

Hyatt City of Dreams Manila
Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, 
Entertainment City, Parañaque, Manila
Tel. No. (+632) 691.12.34 

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