Sunday, January 22, 2017



Congratulations @regdominguez! 

I hope you enjoy your Legendary Steak Day!


       This will probably be one of the last Giveaways I'll be doing for awhile... I MIGHT do one more that I previously committed to, then i'm done. 

     I had initially wanted to do a giveaway once a month for 2017, as something fun for my readers to enjoy and look forward to, but recently, someone called me out on Instagram for not being able to announce the winner right away, as well as not replying to their queries on who won. 

     This helped me realize something.

      There are some people that take these Giveaways VERY seriously. Nothing wrong with that, but with every thing going on in my life (Blogging isn't the only thing I do), I probably won't have the time to dedicate to these giveaways. 

     I tried to do something nice by sharing with my readers a chance to experience some of the great restaurants and hotels in the metro that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy for myself.

       Instead, my honesty was questioned, and it was alluded to that am "uneducated", simply because of my inability to promptly reply to a complete stranger. Classic case of you can't please everyone. 

    I don't begrudge the person for being upset with me, because it's true, I was not able to give a prompt reply. But to be judged so quickly, to the point where an Instagram post was made to call me out? Yeah, with everything I'm going through, this type of stress is something I can do without.

         So I decided to stop doing giveaways. Heck, I might as well give it up, since I don't have time to blog anymore as well anyway.. Which leads to another decision I might need to make soon... But that's a whole new blog post hehe..

      To those that looked forward to these giveaways, I apologize for all my shortcomings. If I overlooked a winner, or wasn't able to reply to you in a manner or speed that suits your liking, I apologize.

    All I ask is to please take into consideration that I am one man running this blog, trying to get through a day job, frantically trying to operate a food business, handling several social media accounts, and struggling to find quality time with his wife and daughter. 

     So maybe.. Just maybe, some messages will be missed.  

Thanks guys.
 I know i don't need to explain this to my true readers because I know you visit my blog for more than just giveaways. 


  1. ouch i will miss the giveaways Sir Richie but I will still be here for the love of food and BACON! alam ko marami pa kayong ibang pasabog for your readers :D

    1. Salamat Istin! i know you've been there since the start!

  2. Hi there Richie, don't quit this blog because of some idiot who think the world evolve around them. Been away from the phils. For some 20 yrs now and your blog has been very uplifting and informative as to all the latest resto and places to go to in the Philippines. So keep on eatin' and rockin'. Those idiots just need to get over it!

    1. Thank you Preshus! That really means a lot to me :)

      no plans on quitting just yet, but i have to admit, my new job has taken a lot of my time.. Once things settle down, i vow to be back on track!



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