Wednesday, September 19, 2018


     I'm constantly looking for Home Based Food Businesses to try and help promote, and i'm always left awestruck with the creativity and skill level that these hard working entrepreneurs have. I've rounded up another batch of some Home Based businesses i've discovered for the past few months that have blown me away with the quality of their products!

        Before we go any further, let me just reiterate that I am not actually selling any of these products, nor do I have a relationship with any of the purveyors. I deliberately did not include the prices because it is subject to change, so if you have any inquiries regarding price and delivery, I encourage you to message the entrepreneur directly through the social media account that I provided.    

Here are some of the Home based businesses I discovered, in no particular order:


          I'll be honest.. I was a little skeptical about Daddy' Mikk's Chili Crunch. Think about it.. All it really looks like is toasted garlic chips, right? 

       And then I actually tried it. WOW. 

      It has the distinct flavor of garlic, packed with a bit of heat that tickles your palate. But the true beauty of Daddy Mikk's Garlic Chips is how it seems to go with absolutely anything you pair it with. Sprinkle it over a bit of pasta. Mash it up into your rice before eating it with your desired ulam.. Either way, it's incredibly versatile and a must for any pantry. 

   If you look at the first photo, I brought a jar to my office and it was devoured immediately, as evidenced by my friend (and culprit) Dian holding it up for the world to see 😂


         Gourmet Tuyo has been quite popular as of late, and one of the  best brands I've tried is GCooks. The tuyo itself is tasty, and the oil that it is bathed in infuses it with even more flavor. The Hot and Spicy version packs the right amount of heat, and is absoutely perfect with a pile of steaming hot rice. 


       Gavrie's Grace of Cakes is a home based baker that provides a medley of pastries to choose from, with their Cheesecake Sampler, which includes their Blueberry, Matcha, S'Mores, Dark Chocolate, Ube Macapuno, Peach Mango, Neopolitan, Alcapone, and my fave, Banana Choco Chip. 

      Light without being too sweet, Gavrie's Grace of Cakes has a whole lot more items to choose from, so best to check out their Social Media Channels for what other pastries they have to offer.  


     I'm honestly not a fan of Vinegar, but Rina said I would be remiss if I didn't include Adela's Pick "Lami 'Ka" Spiced Vinegar in this list. 

          Rina tried this with some of her favorite Cebu Chicharon, and if you think she liked her chicharon before, you should have seen her devour the pork rinds with reckless abandon, as she furiously dipped it into the Lami 'Ka Spicy Vinegar dip. 


       Cheesecakes seems to be a popular item for Home Based businesses, and that gets zero complaints from me. Nikita's Pastries happens to be among the best I've tried. The Blueberry Cheesecake Cups are amazing, as are the Oreo Cheesecake Cups. If you're capable of eating just one of these in one sitting, you my friend are a stronger man than I. 


      Here are just a few of the amazing Home Based businesses that I have discovered over the past few months! I plan to make this an ongoing series, hoping to help all those inspiring entrepreneurs out there. Please do support these local businesses.. I promise you, with regards to quality, you will not be disappointed! 


  1. This is amazing, sir Richie! Galing!

    1. Whats amazing is the creativity and courage of Small Business owners such as yourself, my friend! You guys are an inspiration! Support local!



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