Monday, November 16, 2020


         Ever since the first time I tried their Bacon a few years back, I've always believed that Mekeni is one of the best under the radar food corporations in the country. And as it turns out, it seems many Filipinos agreed with me as well, because since then, Mekeni has steadily grown in popularity! This would not be possible if they weren't producing quality food and innovative products as well. But they have kept up their excellent work, and the public has taken notice! 

           Seeing that the Pandemic has sadly forced limitations in terms of promotion, Mekeni conceptualized a fun way to reach out to their customers, while successfully promoting a delicious product that offers less guilt, and showing their audience how versatile it can be as well... The Chicken Longanisa!

            This all happened at The Guiltless Cook-Off by Mekeni, a virtual event hosted by none other than Issa Litton, and included esteemed guests such as top Nutritionist Reginna Lat, and Pampanga's "Next Big Thing" Chef Vince Garcia!


    I have attended a few virtual events during this Pandemic, but the vibe for this event was noticeably different. The energy of the waiting viewers was electric and everyone genuinely was eager to learn more about Mekeni's Chicken Longanisa and how Chef Vince was planning to elevate it to the next level. 

             Spoiler Alert guys.. I've actually tried Mekeni's Chicken Longanisa even before the event, and I was totally blown away with how delicious it was. Gorgeous, plump sausages that you can eat as a traditional "Silog", but versatile enough to make into a fried rice or a biscuit sandwich, which is what I would often do! The talk by Ms. Reginne Lat was very enlightening, because I didn't realize that Mekeni's Chicken Longanisa was a guiltless option when compared to other breakfast food. At my age, infusing meals that are on the more guilt-free side can make a difference in my well being. 

             When Chef Vince Garcia's segment began, I could tell everyone was really excited to see what dish he would whip up. Chef Vince Masterfully demonstrated a concise, step by step demonstration which included ingredients that you could easily purchase at your local grocery. The menagerie of ingredients had the viewers salivating already in anticipation of what he dish he was able to make, using the Mekeni Chicken Longganisa!

      I think everyone was ecstatic to find out that Chef Vince actually made a Gluten-Free Mekeni Chicken Longaniza Casserole! Not only was it made with healthy ingredients, including an assortment of fresh vegetables, but it looked absolutely delicious!

       I had to constantly remind myself not to bite the TV, and simply follow the recipe with my Chicken Longanisa, since it was easy to make at home! 

            With a wide array of products to choose from, there are so many things you can do with Mekeni Products! Their Chicken Nuggets are phenomenal, their Belly Bacon is among my favorite, the Picnic Hotdog is amazing, and their Tocino are stuff of legend! The Squid balls and the Yogurt sausage may be unique but will easily win you over with it's delicious flavor! 

    Like I said, Mekeni has emerged as one of the finest brands in food here in the country, and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us avid customers!

 If you want to see the full Virtual event with Chef Vince's Demo, click on this link:

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