Wednesday, January 16, 2013


              I don't know if you know this, but the photography of this blog is handled by my wife, Rina. I'm a total moron when it comes to photography.. And I'm not exaggerating. Some people have a keen eye for detail, is aware of what apertures to use (knows how to spell "aperture".. I had to use spell check), and knows where to bounce the flash off the wall in order to "fill in" the light of a photograph. I am not one of those people. Anything to do with photography, I leave up to Rina. All I need to do is eat and and write. Sweet deal, huh? 

        When we were going to leave for New York last September, Rina told me that our existing bag, the clunky freebie that came with the camera when we bought it, was too cumbersome and heavy to bring around the Big Apple. She suggested that we look into getting a bag for the trip. 

      The first place that came to my mind was Crumpler at The Fort. As we looked around, Rina found the bag that she felt had the ideal size for our trip.. "The 5 Million Dollar Home." 

      Since we agreed that we would save our money for the trip, we decided not to get this beauty of a bag just yet, and perhaps come back to it another day. Rina settled for a cheaper bag, but she was insistent that Crumpler's 5 Million Dollar home was a good investment. 

      When my friends at Crumpler contacted me to ask if I was interested in doing a product review for one of their bags, I was more than happy to do so, because it finally allowed me to get an up close and personal glimpse of the 5 Million Dollar Home that Rina has coveted so badly. 

     And guess what? She wasn't disappointed. 

         First off, the bag looks small, but bad ass. Which is ironic because those are the exact two terms I use to describe myself. It's a "Cute" bag but looks "angas" (Bad ass) at the same time. The exterior is made with a water resistant material, so you know the equipment will be protected from the elements.  

       The inside of the bag is lined with a soft padding, which cushions your equipment and keeps it secure, ensuring that it won't get rattled around during transit. 

      Two "flaps" creates three compartments in the bag, which snugly fits Rina's Camera, Flash, and macro lens. If you bring around these basic essentials, you should be good to go. Anything more, than it will not fit. 

               The top flap reveals a mesh pocket that can easily fit small chargers and extra batteries, making it easily accessible, and eliminating the need to rummage through the inside of your bag for some stuff.

       The frontal portion also contains a secret compartment, that can firmly store other small items, such as cords and penlight batteries. 

            Holding the bag securely together are two rather large strips of velcro, and two sturdy plastic snaps.

         I would say that the best thing about this bag, is that its extremely lightweight. Being the man in our blogger team, I'm the designated bearer of the camera bag. There is a significant difference in weight between the old bag we used, and the Crumpler Five Million Dollar Home. It's really easy to bring around, and more importantly, for me it looks pretty Bad Ass! 

        If you are simple Photography Hobbyist like Rina and I, and only require one extra flash and a Macro Lens for your camera, then I highly recommend you take a serious look at Crumpler's Five Million Dollar Home. 

For more information on Crumpler Bags, Check out:

Twitter: @CrumplerPH


  1. I've been needing a travel bag for quite some time now... should check these out. Never one to shop but the hand-me-downs I have are such a pain when traveling. :P

    1. I know exactly what you mean :) Happy Hunting, Mary!

  2. I have the same bag, except in chocolate brown and orange. :) I love it and it's served me well thus far, but I think I'm starting to outgrow it. Like you said, it's great for a second lens and a bounce flash, but that's pretty much it. I'll probably invest in a larger bag for longer trips so I can accomodate the couple other lenses I have my eye on. This one will definitely remain my go-to bag though for restaurant meals since the size is perfect. :)

    1. I totally agree with you JB! luckily for us we don't have/need more equipment (yet) so the 5 million dollar works for us!


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