Wednesday, June 12, 2013


                It's been a long time since I last ate a can of sardines. I'm not really a huge fan of it, but I don't mind eating it either. It's just that whenever we're at the canned goods aisle, the Spam section has always gave the most effort it calling my attention. (And it just won't stop staring at me.)

              But a few days ago, we received a package from Mega Fishing Corporation. It was a package containing six cans of their product, Mega Creations! (Thank you Mega!) And so Rina and I thought instead of eating it with steamed rice, why not create something out of it for a change? Plus, it's fish so it's a break from me and Rina's usual meat intake hehehe. (Disclaimer: we buy fish for Rain though) . It's a good opportunity to experiment in the kitchen!

               So one hot afternoon, we raided my mom's kitchen, made a mess, while we created two snacks using Mega Creations!

Presenting our very simple creation!

Recipe 1: Sardines in French Baguette

              This one is actually for Rina. As you know, tomato is my kryptonite. So I'm staying away from this (nothing personal, Mega! My tummy has issues with hyper-acidity hehehe)


- Mega Creations (Spanish Style)
- French baguette
- tomato sauce (sauteed in onions and garlic)
- black olives
- butter
- tomato
- Thyme
- Pizza seasoning

1.)    First, sautee the tomato sauce with some onions and garlic. Add salt and pepper to taste. Set aside. You could use pre-made pizza sauce, but where’s the fun in that? 

1.)    Slice the French baguette.

1.)    Spread some butter and tomato sauce

1.)    Open a can of Mega Creations Spanish Style, slice open the fish so you can remove the little bones.

1.)    Put one side of the fish on top of the tomato. Do the same with the others of course. Sprinkle with seasonings

1.)    Top with black olives. Pop it in the toaster (for those of you that are scared to use an oven).

1.)    Rina added the slice of tomato under the sardines after. So the tomato is still juicy and fresh. But the truth is she just forgot to add it the first time hahaha! But it still works!

That's it!!! Very simple and inexpensive snack or appetizer that everyone can do in a snap! Rina seemed to like it! She finished like half of it!

Recipe # 2: Buttered Sardines spread

This one is more for me. I love anything with butter! So I made a little snack with the simplest ingredients you can find. And yes no tomato hehe.

- Mega Creations Spanish Style (Can also be Mega Creations in Natural Oil)
- bread
- butter
This is super easy!

1.)    Just mash some butter with crushed sardines. 

1.)    Mix together in perfect harmony

1.)    And then spread on a piece of bread, then pop it in the toaster!

Voila! A perfect snack that is very easy to make, requires no chef skills, and does not actually require cooking! Not to mention healthy! (Just the fish part though. The butter, not so much hehe)

          Thanks to Mega Creations for sending us these yummy cans, and for reminding me how good sardines tastes like! It’s amazing how much you can do with sardines!


  1. nice recipe from Sardines! Love it!

  2. A delicious merienda that will cost you less! I would love to try that! :))

  3. Even Rain seems to be reaching out for it...

  4. I just love sardines, especially the Spicy Spanish Style. And the photos above make me drool!



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