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        I have a confession to make…

         I like watching Koreanovelas. Specifically the romatic-comedy ones. I think they write great plots and I get so kilig with those kilig moments. Kilig to the point that I have to cover my mouth with a pillow to scream. (I know). 

Family dinner scene from Golden Bride

From Full House. Rain eating kimchi rice straight from from a huge bowl

       Anyway, whenever I watch these koreanovelas, there are a loooot of dining scenes. And for me, how they eat is so appetizing. Like what they’re eating is really really good! They never fail to get my tummy rumbling! Especially how they eat steaming white sticky rice with that long spoon. Oh my golly! Really has a effect on my tummy!

Bulgoggi Brothers in Mall of Asia

              So when I went to Bulgoggi Brothers, I was so into the long-spoon-and-rice scenario that I ate 3 cups of rice!!! (No judging please hehe) Well, technically it was 2 and a half because I only finished half of my third bowl. But really, aside from the fact that I was having fun envisioning myself in Korea eating a lovely meal with steaming hot rice using a long spoon, the real reason which made me ate so much was their new Barbecue Specials Menu!

A very appetizing meal that they cook in front of you!


Colorful and healthy things to nibble on while waiting for the stars of the feast!

The Stars of the Night:

             First we got to try their Spicy Boneless Chicken. It’s served in a stylish food warmer plate which gives it a wow factor already. The chicken is a boneless chicken leg quarter that is marinated in sweet garlic soy sauce. 

           As soon as you taste it, you’ll find that it actually packs a little heat which makes it appetizing and addicting! Then pair it with a cup of steaming sticky white rice!

            The L.A. Style Short Ribs (P495) are a sight to behold! Its strips of bone-in beef short ribs marinated in their special bulgoggi sauce! The bones are just a bit bothersome for me because I inhale my food hahaha! 

            But at the same time I think that’s what makes this meat so tasty is because it’s close to the bones. Perfect to pair it with a cup of steaming sticky white rice!

           The Boneless Beef (P450) is a very tasty boneless beef dish. It’s flavored with a fruity bulgogi sauce. No wonder it’s so tasty! 

           The balance of the flavors of the marinade was mixed just perfectly. If you’re like me who’s fond of salty, you’ll love this! It’s a delight to eat with a cup of steaming sticky white rice!

          The Korean Pork Belly (P245 solo, P395 for sharing) is the most awe-striking for me (and for Mr. Pickiest Eater). And it’s obvious why. It’s like BACON! And it’s as good as BACON! ‘Nuff said! It’s marinated in their signature citrus-bulgoggi sauce which adds a bit more oomph! Oh, and perfect to pair up with a cup of steaming sticky white rice!

            Meaty no likey? No worries! Their barbecue special has a Seafood Special (P745) included! It consists of fillets of Salmon, and Apahap, served with lemon-butter sauce (I can predict that your mouth is watering already!) My personal favorite is the Apahap (Sea Bass). I was really delighted to taste the hint of sweetness that it had! Really nice to eat with cup of steaming sticky white rice!

             I want to add also that besides the perfect marriage of all these barbecue specials with a cup of steaming sticky white rice, I also ended up licking my share of sauces. It went well with everything! It added a bit more kick! I just kept on dipping my food in those tasty spicy salt, salt, and spicy bean paste! 

So what have we learned so far? 
1.) That Bulgoggi Brothers has a kick-ass new Barbecue Special! 
2.) I watch Korean novelas

My BFF for the night!

3.) And last but not the least, that it’s totally NOT my fault if I ate 3 cups of rice for dinner! (I mean 2 and a half!)

Of course, we ended our meal with yummy korean ice cream! 

I had my favorite fishy ice cream as always. Melona! The one with Red Bean.

Other must-haves from Bulgoggi Brothers:

Fresh and healthy shakes

Refreshing Grape Shake

Iced Tea
And this cool shot drink with a cool pitcher that separates the ice from the drink to avoid diluting

Good food, fun group :-)

Bulgogi Brothers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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