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            Somewhere in Zamboanga lies a small municipality known as "Diplahan". As is the case with virtually any place in the Philippines, Lechon is a staple in their fiestas and celebrations. However, in that municipality of nearly 30,000 people, there are only actually two families that prepare a roasted suckling pig in such a way that it is a cut above from the everyone else in the area.

       Once Character Actor Benjamin "Wee" Abelarde sampled this gloriously succulent version during his stay in Zamboanga last year, he realized everything he thought he knew about Lechon was wrong. He and some partners knew they had to bring the awesomeness of the  Diplahan  Lechon to the metro at all costs. But hat was good about his group, was that they refused to bring a cheap knock off of the real thing. 

        It was the Authentic- Diplahan -Real-Deal-Lechon or nothing. 

       Wee and his group convinced one of the families to partner up with them, and share their lechon making prowess with the Manila team, to bring their prized Roasted Pig to Manila. 

       Though they were very confident with their product, the group at  Diplahan  Lechon were wondering how it would fare when sampled by some of the most (matakaw) ardent Lechon Connoisseurs in Manila.  

      That was the night, after a long hiatus, the Kain-Tulog Gang assembled. 

      Anyone that has tried Zubuchon knows how bland the Lechon you get in Manila can be. Which is why I enjoyed Manila-Based Pepita's Lechon so much.. because it attempted to added a variety of flavors to their suckling pig through its rice stuffings that compliment the natural flavor of the pork. 

       The  Diplahan  style Lechon, was very similar to the Cebu Style Lechon that I grew up with (and is partially responsible for the present state of my physique), which is why I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into those bad boys waiting for me. 

       Even from golden hue that the skin gave off, it was evident that you were looking at a perfectly roasted pig. The skin crackled whilst still hanging on to the bits of meat and fat of the body of the pig.

          Unfortunately, the pig was done roasting by the time we arrived, but from the smokey smell emanating from the charcoal pit assured us that something magical happened here. 

     Once we settled in, our gracious hosts let the chopping of the pig commence. With every thud the butchers' knife made on the chopping board, small sprinkling of juices would go airborne. Once the meat was exposed, it was clear how the meat was smeared in an herb based rub, unleashing the natural flavors of the pig.

        Stalks of Lemongrass and stuffed into the lechon, giving the meat a fragrance from within, allowing the herb flavor to seep from the inside and make its way out, guaranteeing it covers more area than just rubbing the exterior. 

        You know, I truthfully can't find anything wrong with this Lechon. I would say that the pig that they used was a little leaner than what I'm used to, but that's actually a good thing. The presence of fat is still actually there, and it melts in your mouth with every bite. 

      This is easily on par with the likes of the more high profile Zubuchon and CNT of Cebu.

Everyone's favorite part of the Lechon.. THE SKIN!! 

              As a serving suggestion, our hosts at Diplahan Lechon offered a side of Egg plant and Kangkong..

    As well as Okra and Green Beans

           And just like in Cebu, "Mang Tomas" sauce is shunned. Instead, should you be looking for a dip to go with your lechon, Daplihan Lechon offers a Vinegar "Sawsawan" that many attest go with the meat perfectly. Every order of Lechon comes with one bottle. 

        True to form, I like my lechon plain, so I could enjoy the natural flavors of the meat. 

           Just for fun, our hosts took the skin that was already "Kunat" and threw it in the deep fryer for us. This was the result. It was basically chicharon made on the spot for us. 

             My dear friend from the blogger world, Yedylicious, who claims she is not a huge fan of crunchy things, could not get enough of this! 

            We all have our own preferred Lechon suppliers for our home or office or what not. Whoever your supplier is, I'm telling you right now.. Dump 'em and give Diplahan Lechon a try. 

            Weewee explained to me that, regardless of the cholesterol that the fat and skin might have, from his experience, the part of the Lechon that he worries about giving him "High Blood" the most are the BONES. 

          Why? Because there was a time that he was looking forward to eating this lechon at a party, and when he got there, all that was left was the bones. When he found that out, his blood pressure shot straight up hehehe.  


  Chilling with the Dude4Food and the WeeMan himself!


The San Miguels give Diplahan a thumbs up!

         Whenever there are Lechons being roasted.. You know the Kain-Tulog Gang will be ready at a moment's notice. 

          Thank you Wee, Luisa and the entire team behind Diplahan Lechon for bringing the awesomeness of Zamboanga lechon to Manila! Try to catch them at Mezza Norte! 


10 - 12 kilos - Php 6,500.00
15 - 18 kilos - Php 7,500.00
20 kilos and above - 8,500.00

To order, please call: 

Carol - 0917-826-8010 or
Wee - 0917-826-8017 

And YES, They Deliver!

Diplahan Lechon on Facebook: 


  1. Intriguing...

    I have always loved lechon, and I do think lechon should be our national dish. :P (sorry adobo..)

  2. I didn't know WeeWee's name was BENJAMIN!!!

  3. nice delicious photos here of lechon baboy :) here's another related lechon but liempo lechon blog



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