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       I felt like I was in a classy underground wine cellar. But I wasn't underground. I was at the 2nd floor of the Commercenter Building at Bonifacio Global City. However, because of the dimmed settings with brick walls and black ceiling, you may as well believe you're in a cozy underground restaurant. 

       All of this, the mood, the ambiance and the atmosphere, is all part of the amazing dining experience that is Relik Tapas Bar and Lounge. Now it was time to check out their new lunch specials!

       I love the interiors! It's that type of place that you'd take your girlfriends to for an intimate get-together, or take your guy friends to where you can "drink some beer and hammer up some dry wall" (Friends term for doing something very manly hehehe)

       But there's much more to Relik than having cool interiors. And that of course is their extensive menu. Beautiful comfort food mostly plated on big wooden chopping boards that add a touch of "rustic-ness" to the whole experience. I was more than eager to try their new menu...

       We started with Relik's Pinchos. A whole plate of an almost overwhelming selection of tapas. From shrimp with mango salsa, chorizo pamplona and aioli, confit tuna with olives and capsicum, bacon and egg, and... Wait for it... Chorizig and aligue cream! Gasp! (Killing me softly...)

       As some of you may already know, Richie has a love affair with oil-based pastas. While I like creamy ones. That's why I'm pretty sure that Richie will like the Chorizo Pasta. Oil-based? Check! Meat? Two types of Spanish Chorizzo (which he loves by the way). Check! Yep. Pretty good too!

       This is such an effortless dish to eat. Don't you just love boneless chicken? Then it's blanketed in honey tomato sauce and served with chorizo rice and veggies on the side.

       This colorful Buttered Fish with Braised Tomato and Olive was visually just okay but I was proven wrong right after I took my first bite. I love the hint of the saltiness of the fish with the acidity of the braised tomato.

       This one's for the cheese and pork lovers! I see a lot of hands raising. Just looking at it can make a stomach rumble. If it weren't for the tomato chunks on the cheese, Richie would easily inhale this Cheesy Pork Belly. No problem he just has to pick out the tomato as it's not that many. It's sous vide port and then cheese with tomatoes on top, all baked in perfect harmony.

And below are other specials of Relik Tapas!

       Feel like eating rice? Then this Mixed Paella (P820) is your best bet! It's a mix of meat and seafood. Chorizzo and shrimps and bell peppers. It's simply filling! One Paellera serves 6 to 8. But you need to order this in advance because it needs 20-30 minutes preparation)

       This was a popular dish when we were there. Everyone just couldn't get enough of this Tinta Negra Calamari (P250). Calamari that swam in a bowl of squid ink batter, and deep fried in perfection. Eat it with the garlic mayo dip and you get a good "pica pica"

       Cheese lovers, you'll surely get a kick out of this Baked Australian Brie (P530)! This beautifully baked soft and creamy brie is wrapped in jamon and drizzled with honey. The honey gives the brie an extra touch of sweetness and fragrance. The cube thingy on the other hand are deep fried Manchego Cheese (P300). The manchego cubes (A type of Spanish hard cheese made from sheep's milk) are coated in panko, cayenne, and honey.

       Such a beauty! You can have this whole Conchinillo for P4,500. Of course you will need to order this in advance. Although I've recently had better lechons, this one is not so bad as well! Crunchy skin and flavorful meat. What's not to love? You'll be crazy if you don't like lechon at all! Richie will unfriend you in Facebook hahaha I'm kidding!

       So anyway a great way to end your Relik lunch is to end it with Spanish Chorizzo. You'll find delight in its Caramel dip!

Chef Benjo Tuason
       Once again, great work Chef Benjo Tuason! He's also the man behind the kitchen of URBN Bar & Kitchen and Shawarma Guys

       If you work around the area of BGC you'll definitely want to give Relik a try! 

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Relik is located at:
2nd floor, Commercenter Building, 31st Ave cor. 4th St. Bonifacio Global City,
1200 Taguig
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