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        Nowadays, movie theaters look so much nicer than the icky movie houses I remember when I was younger. I vividly remember usually feeling my shoes step on something sticky in the dark on the floor, and hoping it's nothing more than a spilled drink! And along with the theater changes, theater snacks has also evolved in some movie houses. It's not only just popcorn that you can buy to bring with you inside the movie house because you will often see a lot of snack bars lined up outside selling so much more! A very good example would be MunchTown in Greenhills just outside of the new Atmos surround sound theater!

        Munchtown serves a wide variety of tempting snacks that you can nibble on while watching your favorite new flick! From burgers, to sliders, to pizzas, burritos, and fries! And the first time I tried Munchtown was when I went with some blogger friends to check out their newest line of hotdogs! It was hard to decline because if you know me well, you would know that I'm a big fan of hotdogs and sausages! (Always was even as a kid!) 

        So without further adieu, let us present to you this beautiful parade of hotdogs from none other than Chef Robby Goco at Munchtown!


Naked Dog

        Simple, with the basic toppings on the side (Russian dressing, ketchup, pickle relish, and onions). This way you can control what you want on your dog. But I would throw it all in there! (Richie will leave out the ketchup)


Chili Dog 

        I've always loved the messiness of chili con carne in hotdog sandwiches. It really appeals to me! Munchtown's Chili con carne is home made, with a blanket of  gooey cheese! I love gooey!


New York Classic Dog

        Munchtown's version of a New York hotdog! Simple yet satisfying! Just onions, mustard, and a whole bunch of sauerkraut. 


Reuben Dog

        Fan of Reuben sandwiches? This one's for you!  Enjoy a sandwich of corned beef with Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and it won't be a Reuben hotdog sandwich without the sauerkraut!


Chicago Dog

        From New York, we move to Chicago! I haven't been but I would often see it in movies during baseball games, where a hotdog vendor walks around with a portable cart and throws hotdogs to his customers. Warning! It's quite spicy (I guess that's obvious based on the photo haha). I wasn't able to stand it. But for sure a lot of spicy lovers will really enjoy this! Plus, it's one of the prettiest! It has tomatoes, pickle relish, onions, banana peppers, mustard, sliced pickle spear, and then dusted with a bit of celery salt.



        Looking for something that has more greens? Then you can order the BLT Dog. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, and dog! Look at that bacon!


Deputy Dog

        This is one of Munchtown's specialties. Of course, coz who doesn't like pulled pork? Not my husband that's for sure! Aside from the hotdog, it's stuffed with pulled pork, some cheddar cheese, and again a blanket of amazing cheddar cheese.


Surf Dog

        Surf Dog is Munchtown's Hawaiian style hotdog. It's got some sweet pineapple, plus some bell peppers too to add more kick!


Le Poodle

        Is the dog made out of poodle? Of course not haha! Nothing but good ol' caramelized onions, brie, and then topped with chunks of dill pickles!

pizza dog

Pizza Dog

        This was one of my favorites. I love pizza, I love hotdogs, and now they're all together inside their delicious bun with some rich mozzarella cheese! Definitely can't go wrong with this one!

hotdog sandwich

Everything But The Kitchen Sink (E.B.T.K.S.)

        The name says it all. Almost everything you can think of that would go great with a hotdog is here! Starting with excellent meat sauce, caramelized onions, melted cheese, and slices of jalapeños. 

taco dog

Taco Dog

        Think you've seen everything? Bet you haven't seen a taco dog, 'coz I havent. Munchtown goes the extra mile by creating a Mexican style hotdog by using tortillas instead of buns!

angus burger

Black Angus Cheeseburger 

        In the midst of the hotdog, a burger patty got though. This is Munchtown's Black Angus Cheeseburger. A perfect balance of meat and cheese with crunchy veggies. Just the kind of burger that I personally like. The patty is juicy and very flavorful! And let's not forget that gooey cheddar cheese!

And because your hotdog needs a buddy... here are some rich fries to go with it!

blue cheese fries

Blue Cheese Fries with Chicken Liver 

        As exciting as their hotdogs are, Munchtown made sure that they also offer extra special fries. Like this Blue Cheese Fries with Chicken Liver. I'm not too fond of liver, but I'm so sure my sister Raquel will go nuts over this mix of flavors and textures!


Poutine with Smoked Pulled Pork

        Now this one's more my style. Poutine! With Smoked Pulled Pork! It's actually already a meal in itself. 


        And for some sweet drink endings, you can order Munchtown's exciting milkshakes! Because I was too full to even breathe, I wasn't able to try any of these. But fo your reference, the flavors are Oreo Overload, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter

        So the next time you go watch a movie and want to have hearty options on what to munch on in the theater while watching a movie, give Munchtown a try! They can deliver your food to you inside the theater! 

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