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        Get ready to enjoy a beautiful spread of Tex Mex food to unwind after a week of stress from your work every Friday with Oakwood's Tex-Mex Fiesta Grande! From the moment you read this, every Friday until the 26th of September, you can not only feast on the great-tasting Tex-Mex buffet, but you can also enjoy a Friday night of free-flowing Margaritas and non-alcoholic Shirley Temple! Now that's an amazing buffet deal!


        This was my second time at Oakwood's Oakroom restaurant and bar. The first time was when I was invited to try the Saturday Night Dinner 5 months ago.

cactus in hat

        But this time, Oakroom's Buffet was dressed up in hat-wearing-cactus and some other Mexican touches. I was already half-expecting to see a live mariachi band playing hehe.


        As I've mentioned earlier, Margaritas and non-alcoholic Shirley Temple drinks are free-flowing. This is a huge plus for me. Not that I'm an alcoholic. I only like drinking occasionally (and cocktails only. No beer). These drinks really pairs great with the Tex Mex food of Oakwood. I liked their Margarita. (I really love Margarita). The alcohol was just right. In fact I hardly felt woozy at all after having a few sips. (I'm really not an alcoholic I promise! Hahaha! Just wanted to make that clear). Anyway I'll move on to the food...


        The buffet area of Oakwood is not really long, but you can be sure they serve food with good quality. In this side of the buffet (pictured above) are where you can find your Tex-Mex appetizers like wraps and salads.

tortilla wrap

        They had some Chicken Tortilla Wrap which was very fresh and tasty. But ease up on this as you don't want to get yourself too full before tasting the main entrees. 

tex mex salad

        Oakwood served a number of Salads which look really appetizing to me! And I couldn't help but notice how abundant the meat were compared to the veggies. They have SantaFe Chopped Salad, the Pulled Barbecue Chicken Salad, and Pulled Barbecue Pork Salad. If you forced Richie to eat salad, this would probably be one of the salads he would consider eating (next to a salad wherein you use bacon to replace lettuce).

nacho and taco station

Nacho / Taco station, anyone? Pick your tortilla chips, tacos, and dips and things!

tex mex food

Of course they have some tasty Beef chimichanga , and filling Burritos.

tex mex food

        Richie would have loved this Tequilla and Bacon Gambas if he wasn't such a picky eater refusing to eat gambas and if he didn't have a bad case of hyper acidity whenever he ate tomato-based dishes. I feel bad for him 'coz it was good. The one on the right is Corona Beef Strips which I wanted to eat rice with. Tender beef strips in a thick brown savory sauce. My kind of dish!

mexican food

        A Tex-Mex buffet would not be complete without some Jalapeno Poppers and Enchiladas. I wasn't able to try the poppers for fear that it would be too spicy for me, but I did try the enchiladas and they were a complete meal in itself. Flavors were all balanced well. It was not spicy based on my recollection.

baby back ribs

        For the "Tex" part, Richie was thrilled with their Baby Back Ribs. Soft and tender and really packs a lot of flavor! And as always, I enjoyed their corn on the cob! Very buttery!

roast beef

        Richie kept coming back for their Slow Roast Beef Brisket. Aside from it being delicious, he liked the fat-to-meat ratio hehe. I on the other hand enjoyed smothering it in its sauce! I think it was aus jus? 

roasted salmon

The Roasted Salmon Fillet came in last and I was too full to try it. Now I'm sad...


        But my most favorite of all, was probably the most simple of all. This beautiful Ham. I'm a ham-lover. Really. I can eat ham and plain rice for days and I would be okay. Oakwood's ham had the perfect balance of sweet and salty, and they also served it with yummy pineapple sauce. It felt like Christmas to me!


        Moving on to desserts! They served pretty desserts composed of some leche flan, some cheesecakes, all topped with fresh fruits.


        Richie also surprisingly loved their other leche flan (Forgive me I forgot what it's called. It had a bit of liquor. I shall update this when I recall the name)

tres leches

And they also had some delicious Tres Leches.


But the most tantalizing of all for me was the churros with chocolate fountain! So simple but sometimes less is more!

banana cheesecake

And we also loved their Banana Cheese Cake. I think I like this the best, actually.

        So this Friday, you can head on to Oakroom after work starting at from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm for this fun Tex Mex Fiesta Grande! Only PHP 990+++ per person. 

Oakroom Restaurant and Bar
6th floor of Oakwood Premier Joy~Nostalg Center Manila
17 ADB Avenue, 
Ortigas Center, Pasig. 

For reservations, please call 63.2.637.7888 or email

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