Saturday, September 13, 2014



         A couple of months ago, Rina and I planned to get front row seats to the show of one of my idols, David Blaine. After giving it much thought, we decided that we would pass on the show, in the name of austerity. Though the ticket prices seemed reasonable enough compared to other concerts that have come and gone to the country, I believe we both felt a little guilty splurging that much while leaving Baby Rain left out. Afterwards, I told Rina to try to look for some activities that he three of us could do together. 

        Last week, we found out about the "Disney Live!" Show, where three fairy tales, namely Snow White, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast are brought to life on stage. Taking a gamble that Rain would be old enough to appreciate the show, we snapped up tickets immediately. We ended up gettting a great deal, because altogether, our three tickets cost just a little over half of what we would have shelled out for one ticket to see David Blaine, and we sat in the fifth row!

      When the show began, Rain, seemed shocked to see her favorite characters, like Mickey, Donald, Snow White, Cinderella and Belle up close and personal, rarely saying a word, but would clutch at me or her mommy during the scary scenes. It was actually a wonderful production, reminiscent of the shows you would catch at the theme parks, such as "Lion King" and "Golden Mickeys" in Hong Kong, to a much smaller scale of course. 

     We left the Arena in high spirits, but Rain was still relatively quiet. Rina would ask her every now and then, "Rain, did you have fun?", and Rain wouldn't reply. During the car ride home, Rain fell asleep in her car seat, and we discussed if she was ready to watch shows like that. We were adamant that she was old enough to understand it, but she taking in the fact that the characters that she would watch on the big screen being a few feet away from her was a bit much for her to process. 

    It was only during the drive home when I realized that this was the same day that David Blaine's show was scheduled via a friend's Mandatory Facebook Status declaration of excitement. If we decided on pursuing his show, we wouldn't have been able to take Rain out today, so I told myself that we made the right decision. But I still couldn't but think that, given Rain's lukewarm response, maybe we were better off watching the legendary street magician's show after all. 

      After we pulled into the garage at home, Rina got down and unbuckled our sleeping little princess for her car seat. Then, as she felt Rina's hands on her, Rain's eyes slowly opened and she had a big smile on her face. 

    With the unmistakable look of pure joy in her eyes, she beamed at her mother and was finally ready to answer her mother's question. In a fit of excitement that only a child can create, she happily to her mom, "Had fun!". 

      And that was the sort of magic that not even even Mr. David Blaine himself could ever conjure.   

This was during intermission.. See what I mean about her looking "Shocked".


  1. even in her "shocked" expression she's still soooooo adorable! you guys are such amazing parents, Richie and Rina! :)

  2. Thank you Fran! We'll make sure to bring her when we see you in December!

  3. Such a touching and wonderful story of your adorable daughter!

  4. Way to go sir and ma'am!!!! Great Job! Rain is soooo cutey patoooey!!!



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