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     I've always enjoyed dining at the various restaurants at Makati Shangri-la, however there was one that had eluded me since it opened.. Sage Bespoke Grill. For one reason or another, I would always miss out on the food events they would hold. 

     Luck would finally be on my side, when Sage launched their new Sunday Brunch, featuring an all new menu by Chef Eric Weidmann!

           The first stop my brother visited, was the Classic Caesar Salad station. Unlike his kuya, my little bro has no problem eating vegetables, and really enjoyed the freshness of the crisp lettuce, and the homemade salad dressing, tossed in the center of a parmigiano-reggiano wheel. 

            My idea of a salad was stock piling on some meats and Cheese (Hey it's cold, so close enough). The Charcuterie station of Sage is nothing short of spectacular. The selection may not be as extensive as other buffets, however the quality of the meats are exquisite. There is also a Hand Cut Beef Tartare station, where they prepare it right in front of you. 

   The meats are perfectly paired with their assorted breads, which is baked in house. There is also a garde manger area, which features an assortment of salads and other hors d'œuvres and canapés


     Here are some of the hits from the Seafood Bar



 Crab Claws

Boston Lobster


       Another intriguing aspect of Sage's Sunday Brunch is the infusion of Churrasco type meats, which are still smoking hot on spits, and served to you table side. The Selection of proteins include.. 

Grilled Prawns

Iberico Pork Belly, which I kid you not, virtually melts in your mouth

Some of the juiciest Lamb Chops you'll ever have in your life time..

Mouthwatering Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cutlets 

The Angus Beef Skewers were excellent as well!


      Once you settle in at your table and make your way to the buffet, the staff of Sage gets to work, and makes sure that your side dishes, best paired with the steaks,  are ready for you when you are seated.

      My favorites among the side dishes were the incredibly creamy Scalloped Potatoes, and the Mini Chicken and Truffle Pot Pie with the remarkably buttery puff pastry crust. 

Other sides they had were Creamed Spinach & Sauteed Forest Mushrooms

      My brother's favorite was the Scallop and Clam Risotto. The Creamy Risotto was peppered with minced Leeks, and doused in a champagne sauce. Perched on top of the bed of rice, was a juicy, plump scalloped, seared to perfection.  


   For me, it's in Sage's steaks where I got my money's worth. Waiting for me was this huge slab of Striploin Steak, which is cooked immaculately, just waiting to be sliced.  

    As amazing as the Striploin was, It was the massive Tomahawk Steak that I had locked my sights on, even before entering the Makati Shangri-la premises. The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare, with a gorgeous char on the outside, and perfect pink center. If you want it seared a little bit more, they will gladly do so at your preferred doneness. 

      I was so focused into it, the carver had to remind me that the steak was for umm.. other guests too. (Kill Joy)

         As you could see, with all the options I had in front of me, I had more than I could handle for my Sunday Brunch.. And I haven't even told you about dessert yet!!


           There are no Dessert stations, but instead, platters of pastries and other sweet dishes are brought to your table. From rich Chocolate Cakes, to Banana Puddings and an incredible "Floating Island", this sweet ending knocks it out of the park.

       If that isn't enough to satiate your sweet tooth, you may opt for the Crepes Flambée with Suzette Caramel and Oranges

           This delectable dessert is masterfully flambeed table side, by none other than Sage's restaurant manager, Mr. Simone Cordedda!

        Even though I didn't attend the Media Launch, I was very fortunate to bump into Sage's Chef de Cuisine, Eric Weidmann who was roaming the stations ensuring the high standard of quality that the Shangri-la name adheres to. 

     Sage's Sunday Brunch Buffet costs P2,650++ per person, but when you consider the quality of steaks and other seafood you have to choose from, the price doesn't seem too daunting. 

     Thank you to our gracious hosts, Aencille, Mr. Simone and Chef Eric for the phenomenal meal that I truly enjoyed!

Sage Bespoke Grill
2nd Floor, Makati Shangri-la Hotel
Ayala Avenue Makati City

For Table Reservations Visit:

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