Tuesday, March 27, 2018


         You know what's strange? I've never heard of Reyal Lechon Manok before. And honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if you told me that you hadn't either. But i'm telling you this, if you haven't heard of it, you're missing a whole lot, because this is probably one of THE BEST Lechon Manoks you'll find out there now. 

       I'm actually a Lechon Manok Fan, with it being one of my go-to foods when I was living alone. What made Reyal stand out from the rest is the sauce that it comes with, that adds a whole new dimension of flavor to the chicken meat. 

      Instead of the usual Liver Sauce of Toyo-Mansi, Reyal gives you a luscious Honey Chili Oil to slather over your chicken, along with toasted Garlic bits. The play of the sweetness of the honey melding with the heat from the chilis creates magic in your taste buds, with every bite you take of the chicken.  

         Apparently, Reyal Lechon Manok has undergone a re-branding of some sorts, but since I had never heard of them before, I really can't appreciate the change hehe.. But what I can do is appreciate how delicious their Lechon Manok is. 

        In my opinion, Reyal is among the very best you'll find out in the market today, and I strongly suggest you find a branch near you and try it for yourselves! 

         In the case of Reyal, totoong "Mas Masarap Pag May Sauce!".

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  1. Reyal is a product of chooks and uling roasters. I think they are San Miguel's. Here is another useful link | https://franchiselembestlechon.weebly.com

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